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10 Great Success Secrets Lord Krishna Revealed in Gita| Learn For Success

10 Great Success Secrets Lord Krishna Revealed in Gita

People, who believe in religious things and existence of God then they must obtain 10 Great Success Secrets Lord Krishna Revealed in Gita. Shreemadbhagwadgita has is the most popular epic in India which is part of Hindu epic Mahabharata. Bhagavad-Gita is based on discussion between lord Krishna and Arjuna at battlefield. In Bhagavad-Gita, Shree Krishna gives a great message to the people that Man should concern only about act not concern about fruit. Work hard to get your aim without thinking of any other thing. Just focus to do best or give your best to achieve specific goal. Mahatma Gandhi follows the rules of Bhagavad-Gita who became Father of The Nation (India) later.

10 Great Success Secrets Lord Krishna Revealed in Gita

10 Great Success Secrets Lord Krishna Revealed in Gita

1).The body is temporary – soul is permanent:

One should hear their inner voice always to become successful person. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita compares the human body to a piece of cloth that changes time by time. Just as worn out clothes are replaced by the new ones, the soul of a person acquires a new body.

2).Anger Causes Failure:

Sometimes our anger destroys everything because anger covers our power of thinking and understandings. Anger is the fundamental cause of all sorts of failures in a person’s life. It is one of the three main gates of hell, other two being greed and lust. One must try to sidetrack anger while keeping the mind at peace.

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3).Be Peaceful in everything:

One should be calm in their life. Calmness gives the positive energy to the person that helps to achieve desired goals. Meditation can help a person overcome all sorrows but he must eat and sleep well, work daily and find time to enjoy recreational activities, too.

4).Wisdom becomes inaccessible due to selfish attitude:

A selfish person cannot perceive the truth as it is when tackling relationship issues in day to day life due to his nature. Just as a mirror covered by dust does not reflect images of objects, wisdom, too, gets obscured by selfish attitude.

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5).The Supreme Power is always with you:

It is the Supreme Power which acts everything for living being. A hidden power is always with us to make us right and gives us strength to do amazing things.

6).Do Not Escape From ‘Action’:

One should do work hard for achieving specific goals. Running away from duties is not the way success. It is therefore advisable to fulfill all duties with utmost dedication.

7).Self-Control in Actions:

Self confidence and self control on your acts is the main thing for become success. It plays lead role in your life to successful being. Every act of theirs stems from a wish to get rewards.

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8).Overcome Desires – Experience The Stillness of Mind:

A person needs many things in their life he/she can’t get everything in their life. One should overcome on their unrealistic desires to keep away their selves from unnecessary things.

9).Do Not Doubt:

According to Bhagavad Gita, a doubtful man cannot have peace in this world. It is important not to confuse this lesson with inquisitiveness which is an absolute necessity for a person to discover his own self.

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10).Fear not:

It is only the way to escape you from fear to face the fear. One should face any problem strongly. Whether a person is an ordinary citizen, a soldier or a leader, he must not fear of losing his life, position or wealth. It isn’t hard to guess how beautiful life would be if there is no fear at all.

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