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Agra University Date Sheet 2017 Online dbrau.ac.in BA/BSC Exam Schedule

Agra University Date Sheet

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra has published Agra University Date Sheet for UG and PG exams.  DBRAU is going to conduct BA 1st year and BSC 1st year and other exams from 18/03/2017 in 3 shifts. Students, who are perusing in any of these streams and looking for DBRAU Exam Schedule, can check Agra University Date Sheet 2017 by the help of guidelines mentioned below. Candidates can go through this page and check their date sheets by online mode. Keep reading…

Students can also download Agra University exam time table through the official website of university which is given below. We, the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com has well furnished the page by providing Agra University exam dates, so that you’ll be able to do preparation for your examinations properly according to the time table.

Agra University Date Sheet

Agra University BA Date Sheet

DateTime 07:00 AM to 10:00 AMTime 11:00 AM to 02:00 PMTime 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
18/03/2017 BA.lll-Def.strat & studiesBA.lll-Home Science

BA.lll-Village Industries A,B,C,

BA.l-Def.Strat& Studies (NC)BA.l-Def.strat & studies (oc)

BA.l-Village Industries (NC)

BA.l-Village Industries


BA.l – Early Child Care Education

BA.ll-Early Child Care Education-|(NC)BA.lll Def.Strat.St (Nc) BA.lll-Def.Strat.St (OC)


20/03/2017 BA.lll-Def strat & StudiesBA.lll-Home Science-llBA.l-Co-operation (NC)BA.l-Co-operation (OC)

BA.l-Functional Hindi-l (NC & OC)

BA.l Functional English -l(NC & OC)

BA.l-Fashion Design-l (NC & OC)

BA.ll Co-operation-l (NC)BA.ll Co-oPeration-l (OC)

BA.ll Functional Hindi-l (New & Old)

BA.ll- Functional English-l (New & Old)

BA.ll-Fashion Design-l (New & Old)

21/03/2017 BA.lll-Def.Stral &Studies BA.lll-Village Industries BA.lll Office Mangt.& Sec Pract -lBA.l-Oef Strat& Studies (NC)BA.l-Def.Strat & Studies (OC)

BA.l-Villagelndustries (NC)

BA.l-Village Industries(OC)

BA.l-Early Child Care Education

BA.ll-Def.strat.st. (Nc)BA.ll-Def.strat.st. (OC)

BA.ll-EarlyChild care Education -(NC)

22/03/2017 BA.lll Office Mangt.& Sec PractBA.ll-CooPeration

BA.lll-Functional Hindi BA.lll-Functional English



BA.l-Functlonal Hindi ll (NC & OC)

BA.l Functional English-ll (NC & OC)



BA.ll-Cooperatioi-ll (NC & OC)BA.ll-Functional Hindi-ll (New & Old)

BA.ll-Functional English-ll

(New & Old)

23/03/2017 BA.lll-Music(Vocal./lnst Music/Sitar)-lBA.lll-Tabla-lBA.l-Drawing-l(NC & OC)BA.ll-office Management & Sec Practice-lBA.ll-Travel & Tourism Management-I

BA.ll-Music-(Vocal Or Instrumental)-l (NC & OC)

BA.ll – Music (Tabla) -l (NC & OC)

24/03/2017 BA.lll-Tabla-llBA.l-Psychology-ll(NC & OC)BA.l-Community DeveloPment &

Extension-l(NC & OC)

BA.ll Philosophy-l(NC & OC)BA.ll-Offce Management & Sec Practice-ll

BA.ll-Travel & Tourism Management-ll

25/03/2017 BA.lll-Community Development & Extension-lBA.lll-Drawing & Painting -lB.A.l- HomeScience-l (NC & OC)OMR based BA.ll-Philosophy-ll(Nc & OC) 
27/03/2017BA.lll-Cooperation llBA.lll-Functional Hindi -ll

BA.lll-Functional English-ll


BA.l-Community Development &Extension-ll(NC & OC)

BA.l-Home Science -ll (NC & OC)

BA.ll-Community Development &Extension-l (NC & OC)
BA.ll-Painting-l (NC & OC)
28/03/2017 BA.lll – Community Development &Extension-ll



BA.l- Office Management & Sec. PracticeBA.l-Travel & Tourism Management-l

BA.l-Music-(Vocal or Inst.)-l(NC & OC)

BA.l- Music (Tabla)-l (NC & OC)

BA.l-Math-l(NC & OC)OMR based

BA.ll-Home Science -l (NC & OC)BA.ll-Math-l (NC & OC)


29/03/2017BA.lll-Math-lllBA.lll-Psychology-lll (ABC)BA.l-Hindi Lit -l (NC & OC)OMR basedB.A.ll -Community DeveloPment &Extension -ll(NC & OC)

B.A.ll-Math-ll (NC & OC)

30/03/2017B.A.lll -Math.-lV ( a to f )B.A.l-Sanskrit-l(NC & OC)B.A.l-Math-ll (NC & OC)

B.A.1-Office Mangt. & Sec Practice -ll

B.A.l-Travel & Tourism Management-ll

B.A.ll-Home Science -ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll -Village Industries -l (NC & OC)

B.A.lll-Math-lll (NC & OC)


31/03/2017B.A.lll- Geography-lB.A.l-Hindi Lit.ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll- Village Industries -ll (A,B,C)(NC & OC)B.A.ll – Psychology -l (NC & OC)
01/04/2017B.A.lll-Hindi Lit.-lB.A.l- Math-lll (NC & OC)B.A.l- Urdu-l (NC & OC)B.A.ll – Psychology -ll (NC & OC)
03/04/2017B.A.lll-Urdu-lB.A.lll-Sanskrit-lB.A.l-Sanskrit-ll(NC & OC)B.A.l-Statistics-l (OC)B.A.ll-Hindi Lit-l (NC & OC)
06/04/2017B.A.lll-Hindi Lit-llB.A.l-English lit.| (NC) OMR based *B.A.ll-Urdu-l (NC & OC)
07/04/2017B.A.lll- Urdu-llB.A.lll-Sanskrit-llB.A.l- Hindi Language-l (NC & OC)B.A.ll-Hindi Lit.-ll (NC & OC)
10/04/2017B.A.lll-Hindi Lit-lll—-B.A.ll-statistics-l (NC & OC)
12/04/2017B.A.lll-Gen English-lB.A.lll-Gen Sanskrit-lB.A.l-Urdu-ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll – Sanskrit -l (NC & OC)
13/04/2017B.A.lll-Urdu-lllB.A.lll- Sanskrit-lllB.A.l-Statistics .ll (OC)B.A.l-Gen.sanskrit.l (NC 7 OC)

B.A.l-General Enelish-l (NC & OC)

B.A.ll – Sanskrit-ll (NC & OC )B.A.ll-Statistics-lll (OC)
15/04/2017B.A.lll-Hindi Language-lB.A.l-Statistics-lll (OC)B.A.l-English Lit -ll (NC & OC)—-
18/04/2017B.A.lll-Gen English.ll (A or B)B.A.lll-Gen Sanskrit-llB.A.l-Hindi Lang-ll (NC & OC) OMR basedB.A.ll- Hindi Language -l (NC & OC)
19/04/2017B.A.lll- Hindi Language-llOMR basedB.A.l-Sociology-l(NC & OC) OMR basedB.A.ll-Gen English-l (NC 7 OC)B.A.ll-General Sanskrit-l (NC & OC)
20/04/2017B.A.lll-Gen. English-lll *OMR basedB.A.l -Gen. English-ll (NC & OC) *OMR basedB.A.lll-Hindi Language -ll (NC  & OC)*OMR based
21/04/2017B.A.lll-Education-lB.A.l- Sociology ll (NC & OC)B.A.lll-General Eng.- ll (NC & OC) *(OMR based)
22/04/2017B.A.lll-Economics-lB.A.1 Education -l
(NC) * OMR basedB.A.l Education -l (OC)B.A.lll – Environmental Studies *

(OMR based) (Regular & Private)

B.A.ll – English Literature -l (NC & OC)
24/04/2017B.A.lll-Education-llB.A.l-Education ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll-Education -l (NC & OC)
25/04/2017B.A.lll – Economics-llB.A.l – PoliticalScience -l (NC)*OMR basedB.A.l- PoliticalScience -l (OC)B.A.ll-English Lit.-ll (NC & OC)
26/04/2017B.A.lll-Education- lll (A)B.A.lll – Statistics-lB.A.l – Physical Education *(Regular & Private) OMR basedB.A.lll- Geography -l (NC & OC)
27/04/2017B.A.lll – Economics*lll (A or B)B.A.l-Political Science-ll (NC & OC)B.A.lll -Geography -ll (NC & OC)
29/04/2017B.A.lll-Sociology-l OMR basedB.A.lll -Statistics-llB.A.l-Economics-l (NC) * OMR basedB.A.ll- Education -ll (NC & OC)
01/05/2017B.A.lll-Geography-llB.A.l History-l (NC) * OMR basedB.A.l History-l (OC)B.A.ll-Sociology-l New & Old) *OMR based
02/05/2017B.A.lll Sociology-llB.A.lll-Statistics-lllB.A.l History-ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll- History-l (NC & OC)
03/05/2017B.A.lll-Pol. Sc-l B.A.l- Philosophy-l (NC & OC)B.A.l- Statistics-l (NC)B.A.ll – Sociology –ll (NC & OC)
04/05/2017B.A.lll-Pol. Sc.-llB.A.l Philosophy-ll (NC & OC)B.A.l Statistics-ll (NC)B.A.ll – History -ll (NC & OC)
05/05/2017B.A.lll Geography-lll (ABC)B.A.l-Geography-l (NC) *OMR basedB.A.l Geography-l (OC)—-
06/05/2017B.A.lll-Pol. Sc.-lllB.A.l-Economics–ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll Pol. Science-l (NC & OC)
08/05/2017B.A.lll- History-lB.A.l- Geography-ll (NC & OC)B.A.ll-Economics-l (NC & OC)
11/05/2017B.A.lll-Philosophy -lB.A.lll-English Lit.-l—-B.A.ll Pol. Science -ll (NC & OC)
12/05/2017B.A.lll-History-ll—-B.A.ll- Economics -ll (NC & OC)
13/05/2017B.A.lll – English Lit.-ll(A or B)

BA.lll Philosophy -ll

15/05/2017B.A.lll- History-lll—-—-
16/05/2017B.A.lll Philosophy-.lll (A,B,C)B.A.lll – English lit.-lll—-—-
17/05/2017B.A.lll-Early Child Care Education – l—-—-
18/05/2017B.A.lll Early Child Care Education – ll—-—-

Download PDF: Agra University Date Sheet

How to Download Agra University Date Sheet

  • First of all you need to go through the official website that of DBRAU that is “www.dbrauaaems.in”.
  • Now hit on “Tap for Notices/Scheme/Circular” link visible on the home page.
  • By hitting that link you will directed to a page where you’ll see lots of links but you have to tap on “Scheme 2016-2017 main Examination of Agra University” link.
  • Now you will get a PDF format, which contains the information about Agra University Date Sheet. You can save it on your desktop or take a print out of Agra University Date Sheet for future use.

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Important Note:

Candidates are suggested to visit the official website to download the Agra University Date Sheet 2017. To get more updates regarding DBRAU examinations you can visit this web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com any time. We provide latest updates on our page. Candidates having any query leave their comment in comment box; we’ll give you solution as soon as we can. Stay in touch with this portal.

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