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Bharathiar University Syllabus 2017 Download (BA/BCA/MBA) UG/PG Syllabus

Bharathiar University Syllabus

Syllabus helps to understand the pattern of exam and course in which you want to get admission. In this order we are providing you Bharathiar University Syllabus of various UG/ PG courses i.e. BA, BCA, MBA, B.Sc, BBA, MCA etc. for the help of students so that they can study in proper manner and get good marks in exams. Students must keep in touch with us for getting latest updates regarding Bharathiar University Syllabus 2017. Candidates can download syllabus PDF through this page to prepare well before exam.

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Bharathiar University Syllabus

Bharathiar University Syllabus of B.A.

Bharathiar University Syllabus of BCA

Bharathiar University UG/PG Syllabus

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To obtain remaining information about Bharathiar University Syllabus, candidates must have a look below section which is framed by team dedicated team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. Bharathiar University conducts Semester based examination twice in a year. Here on this page we are providing you simple steps to download Bharathiar University for your assistance because sometimes it would become complicated to find Syllabus.

Bharathiar University Syllabus

Bharathiar University Syllabus of B.A. History & Tourism (Semester -I) :

Core paper I: History of India up to 647 A.D.
  • Effects of Geography on Indian History
  • Sources of Indian History
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Vedic Civilization.
  • Rise of Magadha
  • Life and teachings of Buddha and Mahaviraa
  • Invasion of Alexander.
  • Rise and Consolidation of the Mauryan Empire
  • Asoka and the spread of Buddhism
  • The Mauryan Administration
  • The Sungs.
  • Kanishka
  • Mahayanism
  • Gaandhara art
  • Rise and Consolidation of the Gupta Empire
  • Administration
  • Social and Economic Life of the People
  • Arts and Culture
  • Decline of the Guptas.
  • Harsha’s career and achievements
  • Social and Economic life of the people.
Core Paper II – History Of India From 647 Ad To 1526 A.D.
  • Arab Conquest of Sindh
  • Ghazni invasions and the conquests of Ghor
  • Kut-bud-din Aibak
  • Iltumish
  • Razia
  • Balban
  • Alauddin Khilji
  • Malik Kafur’s invasion
  • Mohammed-bin Tughlag
  • Firoz Tughlag
  • Timur’s invasion
  • The Lodis
  • Social and Economic life of the people Art and Architecture under the Sultanate.
  • Administration under Delhi Sultanate
  • Decline of the Sultanate
  • Bhakthi movement.


Bharathiar University Syllabus of BCA (Semester I):

  • Introduction to COBOL: COBOL words
  • Literals – Structure of COBOL Program COBOL Coding Sheet
  • Identification Division
  • Environment Division
  • Data Division
  • Editing and Non
  • editing Picture Clauses
  • Level Numbers
  • VALUE And FILLER Clause.
  • Procedure Division
  • Data Movement Verb
  • Arithmetic Verbs : Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Compute
  • Input/Output Statement: Accept, Display Control Verbs: GOTO – GOTO Depending on – Stop Run
  • Corresponding Option
  • Rounded Option
  • On Size Error option
  • Simple Programs Using Above Verbs.
  • Conditional Statements: If Statement – Nested if statement – Sign Condition – Class ConditionCondition Name
  • Compound Condition
  • PERFORM Statements
  • More About Data Division: Renames-Redefines
  • Simple Programs Using the above Verbs.
  • Files in COBOL: Sequential
  • Relative – Indexed Sequential
  • Random files
  • File description and Record description entries
  • Input/Output Verbs: Open, read, write, rewrite, Close, Delete
  • Sort Verb
  • Simple Programs using above Verbs.
  • Table Handling: Occurs Clause
  • Two And Multi-Dimensional Tables
  • Occurs. Indexed By Clause
  • Set Verb
  • Start And Search Verb
  • Random Files-Keys & Their Importance
  • Invalid Key Clause
  • Screen Section – Simple Programs Using Above Verbs.
Digital Fundamentals And Architecture
  • Number System and Binary Codes: Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal
  • Binary addition, Multiplication, Division
  • Floating point representation
  • Complements
  • BCD
  • Excess3
  • Gray Code
  • Arithmetic Circuits: Half adder, Full adder, Parallel binary adder, BCD adder, Half subtractor, Full subtractor, Parallel binary subtractor
  • Digital Logic: the Basic Gates – NOR, NAND, XOR Gates.
  • Combinational Logic Circuits: Boolean algebra
  • Karnaugh map
  • Canonical form 1
  • Construction and properties
  • Implicants
  • Don’t care combinations
  • Product of sum
  • Sum of products
  • simplifications. Sequential circuits: Flip-Flops : RS, D, JK, T
  • Multiplexers
  • Demultiplexers – Decoder – Encoder – Counters.
  • Microprocessor:
  • Architecture
  • Bus Organization
  • Functional diagram and pin out diagram of 8085
  • Addressing modes of 8085
  • Instruction set of 8085
  • I/O Schemes
  • Peripherals and Interfaces.
  • Input – Output Organization: Input – output interface
  • I/O Bus and Interface
  • I/O Bus Versus Memory Bus – Isolated Versus Memory
  • Mapped I/O
  • Example of I/O Interface. Asynchronous data transfer: Strobe Control and Handshaking
  • Priority Interrupt: Daisy-Chaining Priority, Parallel Priority Interrupt.
  • Direct Memory Access: DMA Controller,
  • DMA Transfer. Input – Output Processor: CPU-IOP Communication.
  • Memory Organization: Memory Hierarchy
  • Main Memory
  • Associative memory: Hardware Organization
  • Match Logic
  • Read Operation
  • Write Operation
  • Cache Memory: Associative, Direct, Setassociative
  • Mapping – Writing Into Cache Initialization. Virtual Memory: Address Space and Memory Space, Address Mapping Using Pages, Associative Memory Page Table, Page Replacement.
Computer Oriented Numerical And Statistical Methods
  • The Solution of Numerical Algebraic & Transcendental Equations
  • Bisection method
  • NewtonRaphson method
  • The method of false position.
  • The Solution of Simultaneous Linear Algebraic Equation
  • Gauss Elimination method
  • Gauss Jordon Elimination method
  • Gauss Seidal method of iteration
  • Gauss – Jacobi method
  • Interpolation
  • Newton forward interpolation formula
  • Newton backward interpolation formula
  • LaGrange’s formula
  • Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
  • Taylor method
  • Euler method
  • Range kutta method.
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Mean, Median and mode
  • Relation between mean
  • Median and mode. Dispersion
  • Range
  • Mean deviation & standard deviation.
  • Correlation
  • Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation
  • Rank correlation regression
  • Regression Equations
  • Difference between correlation & Regression

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Note: Students may also download Bharathiar University Syllabus from Official Link. We will update this page soon with latest information about Bharathiar University Syllabus 2017 as it will be declared.

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