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Biology Quiz – Questions and Answers, Online Test, Practice Quizzes

Biology Quiz

Biology Quiz is the best way to test your recent knowledge regarding various topics of this subject. If you want to brush up your desired skills and wish to explore yourself through science of life then you must attempt these Biology Quiz Questions and Answers. Enhancing your knowledge and raising your interest is a must in this all important subject which holds a large domain in present scenario.

The Biology Online Quiz provides you a framework to grab more knowledge of this broad subject by attempting more questions in less time. With the help of Biology Trivia questions, students can have review of every topic of subject whether they are looking for any competitive exam or preparing for their academics.

Biology Quiz Class 9-12 Questions & Answers

Students can scroll down this page and can intensify their quizzing experience by attempting the most frequently appeared questions. The following set contains questions that were asked in recent examinations of class 9 to 12 that are provided below.

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Biology Quiz

Biology Questions and Answers

You can check variety of questions here on this page where their answers are easily accessible. These questions are prepared by teaching faculties having higher level of teaching experience in this relevant subject.

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Biology Quiz For Class 9

Q.1: In which of the following the reproductive organs are hidden?

  1. Cryptogamae
  2. Phanerogamae
  3. Gymnosperms
  4. Angiosperms

Answer: 1

Q.2: Which phylum of animals is also called flatworms?

  1. Porifera
  2. Coelenterata
  3. Platyhelminthes
  4. Nematoda

Answer: 3

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Q.3: What is not poisoning among these?

  1. scorpion
  2. centipede
  3. spider
  4. crab

Answer: 4

Q.4: What does a bacteria lack?

  1. endoplasmic reticulum
  2. DNA
  3. cell wall
  4. cytoplasm

Answer: 1

 Q.5: What is the phylum of Octopus?

  1. Arthropoda
  2. Mollusca
  3. Annelida
  4. Cnidarian

Answer: 2

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Biology Quiz For Class 10

Q.1: Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?

  1. Nitrogen dioxide
  2. Sulphur dioxide
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Carbon monoxide

Answer: 3

Q.2: Water harvesting is a method which?

  1. Increase ground water level
  2. Not practiced in modern days
  3. Has no relation with ground water
  4. Decrease ground water level

Answer: 1

Q.3: Floods can be prevented by

  1. Afforestation
  2. Removing top soil
  3. Deforestation
  4. Agriculture

Answer: 2

Q.4: Which of the following is best method from environment point of view?

  1. Reduce
  2. Recycle
  3. Reuse
  4. All of above

Answer: 4

Q.5: Why should we conserve forest and wild life?

  1. To protect biodiversity
  2. To maintain ecosystem
  3. To maintain balance
  4. To continue food chain

Answer: 2

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Biology Quiz For Class 11

Q.1: Food can be preserved when pH of the medium is?

  1. Acidic
  2. Basic
  3. Neutral
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Q.2: Common cold is caused by?

  1. Bacteria
  2. Viruses
  3. Fungi
  4. Plasmodium

Answer: 2

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Q.3: Amino acids are present in the cell wall of?

  1. Bryophytes
  2. Fungi
  3. Bacteria
  4. Gymnosperms

Answer: 3

Q.4: Viruses belong to the group?

  1. Prokaryotes
  2. Eukaryotes
  3. Monera
  4. None of these

Answer: 4

Q.5: Which of the following is caused by bacteria?

  1. Tetanus
  2. Measles
  3. Malaria
  4. Ringworm

Answer: 1

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Biology Quiz For Class 12

Q.1: The term “gene” was first used by?

  1. Johannsen
  2. Mendel
  3. Lamark
  4. Cuvier

Answer: 1

Q.2: The character which appears physically in an animal?

  1. Genotype
  2. Phenotype
  3. Heterotypic
  4. Morphozygus

Answer: 2

Q.3: A citron is?

  1. Structural of gene
  2. Functional unit of RNA
  3. Functional unit gene
  4. Replication unit of gene

Answer: 3

Q.4: Where is the genetic information in body contains?

  1. Structural proteins
  2. Enzymes
  3. DNA
  4. Enzymes and DNA

Answer: 3

Q.5: The carriers of hereditary material are?

  1. Chromosomes
  2. Gene
  3. Gametas
  4. Gametocyte

Answer: 1

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Biology Practice Test Details

  • All educational material and Biology Online Quiz Biology Trivia are provided here will definitely help you to achieve your goal.
  • If you keep practicing the Biology Online Tests, it will be easy for you to score good marks.
  • We suggest you to attempt biology quizzes daily to test your knowledge and give yourself a chance to improve and work on weaker sections.
  • These Biology Quiz Questions and Answers will help you take your biology skills to an advanced level and of you will definitely stand a chance to deal with difficult questions.
  • These practice tests will surely improve your efficiency and help you to crack competitive exams which you are going to face in your near future.

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