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BITSAT Previous Year Papers–Sample Test Last 5 Years Question Solutions

BITSAT Previous Year Papers

BITSAT Previous Year PapersAre you worrying about BITSAT Exam? Now be happy because here are Last 5 Years BITSAT Previous Year Papers. By preparing from this BITSAT Sample Paper, you can definitely get good marks in Examination. By qualifying BITSAT Test 2017, you can get Admission to Integrated First Degree Programmes at BITS Pilani Campuses. Scroll down this page to get complete info regarding BITSAT Sample Paper or BITSAT Paper Solution.

Birla institute of technology and science admission test (BITSAT) is conducted every year for the students to continue their studies after 12th or graduation in science/ engineering department. Candidates must prepare well from BITSAT Model Papers that are available below on this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

BITSAT Previous Year Papers

Ques. 1) The sum of the integers from 1 to 100 that are divisible by 2 or 5 is

a)    3000

b)    3050

c)    3500

d)    3650

Answer: B

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Ques. 2) the equation of the lines joining the origin to the points of intersection of the line 3x + y = 12 intercepted between the axis of coordinates are

a)    y = 1/2 x and y = x

b)    y = x and y = − x

c)    y = 3/2 x and y = 6x

d)    None of these

Answer: C

Ques. 3) the point (4, − 3) with respect to the ellipse 4×2+ 5y2 = 1

a)    lies on the curve

b)    lies outside the curve

c)    lies inside the curve

d)    Is the focus

 Answer: B

Ques. 4) the inverse of a symmetric matrix is

a)    skew-symmetric

b)    Symmetric

c)    Diagonal matrix

d)    Unit matrix

Answer: B

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Ques. 5) among the complex numbers, z satisfies the condition |z + 1 − i| ≤ 1. Then the number having the least positive argument is

a)    1 − i

b)    − 1 + i

c)    − i

d)    I

Answer: D

Ques. 6) which of the following is optically active?

a)    stretched polymer sheet

b)    silvered glass

c)    calcite

d)    quartz

Answer: B

Ques. 7) the part of a transistor, which is heavily doped to produce a large number of majority carriers, is

a)    base

b)    emitter

c)    collector

d)    none of these

Answer: B

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Ques. 8) with what aspects of radiation is the equation log λ = log R + B associated?

a)    characteristic X-rays

b)    black body radiation

c)    α-emission

d)    Compton effect

Answer: C

Ques. 9) in a p-n-junction photo cell, the value of the phtoelectromotive force produced by monochromatic light is proportional to

a)    the barrier voltage at the p-n junction

b)     the intensity of the light falling on the cell

c)    the frequency of light falling on the cell

d)    the voltage applied at the p-n junction

Answer: B

Ques. 10) for detecting light intensity, we use

a)    photodiode in reverse bias

b)    photodiode in forward bias

c)    LED in reverse bias

d)    LED in forward bias

Answer: A

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Ques. 11) A semiconductor is cooled from T1 K toT2 K Its resistance

a)    will decrease

b)    will increase

c)    will first decrease and then increase

d)    will not change

Answer: C

Ques. 12) If two meters X and Y require 40 Ma and 50 mA respectively to give full scale deflection, then

a)    X is more sensitive

b)    Y is more sensitive

c)    both X and Y are equally sensitive

d)    it would not be possible to assess the sensitivity on the basis of given data

Answer: A

Ques. 13) Zener diode is used in regulated power supply for providing

a)    reference voltage

b)    load

c)    control of output voltage

d)    control of output current

Answer: A

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Ques. 14) under what conditions ∆H is equal to ∆U, when

a)    The reaction does not involve any gaseous substance.

b)    the reaction does not involve any change in volume of reactant and product (∆V = 0)

c)    there is no change in the number of moles of products and reactants (∆n = 0)

d)    all of these

Answer: D

Ques. 15) the temperature to which a gas must be cooled for liquefaction by applying pressure is known as

a)    Boyles temperature

b)    critical temperature

c)    transition temperature

d)    inversion temperature

Answer: B

Ques. 16) Transition metals and their compounds are used as catalysts because

a)    in the powder form, they have large surface area

b)    of presence of free valence electrons

c)    of presence of unpaired d-electrons

d)    all of these

Answer: D

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Ques. 17) adiabatic demagnetization of a substance

a)    decrease the temperature

b)    increase the temperature

c)    increase the volume

d)    decrease the volume

Answer: A

Ques. 18) though badly wounded he clung to his life with firm determination.

a)    tendency

b)    tenacity

c)    sustenance

d)    absteation

Answer: B

Ques. 19) He started the fight without being incited by anger.

a)    objected

b)    improvised

c)    provoked

d)    overfished

Answer: C

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a)    Leather : Shoe

b)    Chisel : Wood

c)    Hammer : Carpenter

d)    Marble : Sculptor

 Answer: D


a)    Promoted : Excellence

b)    Purified : Hygienic

c)    Dirty : Filthy

d)    Disorderly : Unfaithful

Answer: C

We are sure if you will prepare from these BITSAT Sample Question Paper, you can crack this exam easily. We also update this page with latest questions, so you may stay in touch with us. If you have any query you may ask in comment box that is given below, we will try to solve your problem shortly.

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