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Career In Architecture | Courses Detail, Career Option, Salary In India

Career In Architecture

Career In ArchitectureCareer In Architecture is considered as the best future path for those aspirants who are sharp minded and innovative. If you are wondering to adopt it as career option In Architecture than you can grab complete details about its Courses Detail and Salary In India.

In order to get a job in architecture design, you need to earn a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in architecture from an accredited institution. When going to school full time, a bachelor’s degree can be earned in four years while a master’s degree can take anywhere from one to five years depending on how many classes you take at a time.

Most states also require some kind of licensing in order to practice architecture. It often takes a while to get established as an architectural designer, so the earlier you start getting experience the better. Many architectural designers start interning with firms while they are still in school.

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Career In Architecture

Who is Architecture?

Architecture is both the process and the product of setting up, scheming, and making buildings and further physical structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are frequently professed as cultural symbols and as works of art. Historical civilizations are often recognized with their surviving architectural achievements.

Architects are required to design a variety of structures such as houses, apartments and colonies, shopping complexes, offices, hospitals, hotels, airport, schools etc. They are also required if a building has to be renovated or just simply repaired.

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Courses Detail In Architecture

All those who are looking to make a career in this field have a few things to keep in mind. Ideally, students good at physics and mathematics are better to study architecture. To become an architect, one should have creativity with an interest towards designing. It is beneficial if one can also sketch and draw with a free hand.

One should be socially and environmentally aware apart from being technically and mathematically sound to become a good architect. Of course, good communication skills, physical ability to work on the site, high concentration level, flexibility, patience, team spirit, responsibility and accountability can take one a long way in this field.

Strategies of Personality Development

Career options in architecture

Job possibilities open to all with an architectural background include:

Building Inspector

Building Inspectors so called Building control officers make sure that buildings meet construction regulations. These regulations cover areas like public health, fire safety, energy conservation and building accessibility. They get involved in the planning and construction phases of a building project. These projects can range in size from a small housing extension to a large city centre redevelopment.

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designers mix the disciplines of engineering with art and design. They study the connection between a product and its user. Classic industrial designs are the VW Beetle and the iPod, so you can appreciate the variety within this sector! They usually work with partner with engineers (to make sure the product can be built and works) and marketers (to make sure it is a product consumers will want).

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Interior Designer:

 Interior Design is a profession dedicated to indoor spaces. This includes designing the look of walls, windows, doors, textures, light and furniture. They plan the spaces of almost every type of building including hotels, business offices, schools, hospitals, private houses, shopping centres, restaurants and airport terminals. Interior designers tend to have varied experience and skills, including environmental psychology, architecture, product design, and traditional decorating skills.

Landscape Architect: 

A landscape architect is involved in the planning and design of an exterior landscape or outdoor space. Landscape architecture involves investigating the land and designing to that particular environment. The profession includes site planning, environmental restoration, design parks and recreation planning. It combines art and design, technical and construction skills with an aim to care for and be in sympathy with nature.

Urban Planner:

 An urban planner works in the field of making best use of a community’s land and infrastructure. They design and plans for the development and of urban and suburban. They consider many factors including economic, environmental and social needs, to make the most effective use of the land.

Golden Rules of Career Success

Average Salary of An Architect in India

DesignationAverage Salary (per month)Min. Salary (per month)Max Salary (per month)
Junior Executive23,00015,000 35,000
Senior Executive75,00036,0001,25,000
Manager1,00,000 75,0001,30,000
Senior Manager1,45,000 1,02,500 1,02,500

In India, the construction and real estate is seeing a positive boom. The focus has shifted from just central functionality to comfort, luxury and style. Hence, the demand for good architects is also on the rise. Architecture involves planning and designing of building and structures. A good architect can create marvels that remain as a testimony to his talent for ages. Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, pyramids of Egypt, Hotel Burj Al Arab, and many more like these are masterpieces of ancient and modern architecture. Today, architects need to blend their vision and dreams with materials to come up with structures that are high quality, with good functionality and environmentally friendly too.

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