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Jewellery Design Career Scope | Start a Sparkling Career in Jewellery Crafting

Jewellery Design Career Scope

Jewellery Design Career ScopeSince jewels and gems are very dear to not only ladies for beauty but also to gents for business Jewellery Design Career Scope is increasing day by day. Here in this article we’ll guide you all about Career in Jewellery Designing also a guide on how to start a Sparkling Career in Jewellery Crafting. Mostly people kept expensive jewellery as Career in Jewellery Designing is booming in comparison to past time and now it has large employment potential thus offers excellent career opportunities to professionals in the industry of jewellery Crafting and Designing.

So let explore more on Jewellery Design Career Scope and all about this Crafting and Designing field. Jewellery holds a very special significance since the beginning of civilization. India is top among the most largest consumer of gold in the world and world famous for its jewellery and jewellery designs since ancient times.

Jewellery Design Career Scope

Jewellery Design Career Scope is increasing day by day and there are numerous job opportunities in jewellery design. In India Many institutes offer various learning courses in jewellery designing and imaginative ones prefer to learn technical and creative traits of jewellery designing. Since, Jewellery design is getting new heights to shine; there is lot of competition with the increasing number of participants joining for the same.

Designers who plan the style and pattern of jewellery, silverware and other pretty metal are Jewellery designing professionals who works with their imagination and design beautiful jewellery & Stone cutting, from engraving and polishing etc…

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To be a jewellery Designers one requires a high degree of skill and must know techniques to use a variety of specialized hand tools and equipments to design and manufacture new pieces of jewellery. To be successful Designers should be able to understand the market, identify the consumer needs and visualize ideas to go well with the demands.

How To Start Jewellery Design Career

How To Start Jewellery Design Career?

To start a Sparkling Career in Jewellery Crafting and Designing, one can start earlier soon after completing 12th. Yes! Qualifying Exam after 12th for Jewellery Designing Course may lead you to successfully set up career in this field.  By attempting few entrance exams Admissions to these courses can be taken, generally these tests the aptitude of the students for joining the arena of jewellery designing.

Some of the exams are:

  • All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED)
  • NIFT Entrance Exam
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Exam

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Available Courses for Career in Jewellery Design

The study in this field teaches you basic skills of jewellery design. Courses available for designing the jewellery are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in design
  • BDes
  • Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Sc in Jewelry Design
  • Certificate Programs in Casting Technology
  • Engraving and Enameling, and Lapidary courses

Available Courses for Career in Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design Career Scope

Jewellery designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy as it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country. After the completion of course in designing, it’s easy to find vacancies in this industry or start designing business.

The fast growing jewellery business in the country has great employment possibility and offers huge career opportunities in the industry and graduates in Jewellery Design and Management are in great demand globally.

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Jewellery Design Job Opportunities

Some organization regarding jewellery designing are-

  • Gem Retailing/Research and Development Organizations
  • Educational Institutions/Garments and Design Firms
  • Material Purchase Logistics Jobs
  • Marketing Industry/ Mines
  • Manufacturing Industry/ Gem Wholesaling
  • Writing and Publishing Houses
  • Cultural & Art Jobs
  • Model Making Job/ Jewellery Houses
  • Precious Stones Consultancies
  • Laboratories / Designer
  • Jewellery Designing Companies
  • Antique / Auction Houses
  • A Custom/Special Order Jeweler
  • Artist Jewelers/A Fashion Jewelers
  • Crafts Jewellery Maker
  • Production Bench Worker/Hand Engraver

Why to choose Jewellery Design as career?

Attractive pay package; various job opportunities and attractive salaries make a best reason to believe jewellery designing as a career option. Pay packet of a jewellery designer is unusual based on the education and experience.

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Some Top Companies

  • Renowned Jewellery brands such as Tanishq, Swarovski, Nakshatra, Gili
  • Jewellery making and designing units
  • Jewellery shops and showrooms
  • Top notch goldsmiths
  • Antique and art auction houses

So Guys! There’s no limit for how much you can earn in high paying field of jewellery designing…

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