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CMAT Previous Year Question Papers | Check PDF Last 4 Years Solved Previous Paper

CMAT Previous Year Papers

CMAT is conducted once in a year in month of January for providing admissions to MBA Course. The best way to prepare for CMAT Exam is by solving CMAT Previous Year Papers. The CMAT Previous Year Question Papers gives applicants an idea about the types of questions will be asked as well as the overall structure of CMAT Exam.

Those contenders who are planning to prepare for exam may check and download the last 4 years CMAT Previous Year Solved Papers PDF from this page. CMAT Previous Year Question Papers Solved is a best way to understand the CMAT Exam Pattern, marking scheme, type of questions, improve speed & accuracy, etc.

Solving AICTE CMAT Previous Year Question Papers will not be fruitful without the right knowledge of different concepts. First of all, applicants have to focus on basic topics and then practice as many CMAT Mock Tests as possible to crack the exam. Download CMAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF from below section of this page which is provided by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

CMAT Previous Year Papers

CMAT Previous Year Papers PDF

CMAT Sample PaperCMAT Previous Year Solved Question Papers PDF
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CMAT Previous Year Papers With Answers

Question 1: The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and the answer the questions based on it.

Various Expenditures (in percentage) Incurred in Publishing a Book

CMAT Previous Year Papers

If for a certain quantity of books, the publisher has to pay Rs. 30,600 as printing cost, then what will be amount of royalty to be paid for these books?

  1. 19,450
  2. 21,200
  3. 22,950
  4. 26,150

Answer: 3

Question 2: What is the central angle of the sector corresponding to the expenditure incurred on Royalty?

  1. 15º
  2. 24º
  3. 54º
  4. 48º

Answer: 3

Question 3: If 5500 copies are published and the transportation cost on them amounts to Rs. 82500, then what should be the selling price of the book so that the publisher can earn a profit of 25%?

  1. 187.50
  2. 191.50
  3. 175
  4. 180

Answer: 1

Question 4: In each series, look for the degree and direction of change between the numbers. In other words, do the numbers increase or decrease, and by how much

Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), … What number should come next?

  1. (1/3)
  2. (1/8)
  3. (2/8)
  4. (1/16)

Answer: 2

Know Marking Scheme Here: CMAT Exam Pattern

Question 5: Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, … What number should come next?

  1. 7
  2. 10
  3. 12
  4. 13

Answer: 2

Question 6: Eileen is planning a special birthday dinner for her husband’s 35th birthday. She wants the evening to be memorable, but her husband is a simple man who would rather be in jeans at a baseball game than in a suit at a fancy restaurant. Which restaurant below should Eileen choose?

  1. Alfredo’s offers fine Italian cuisine and an elegant Tuscan decor. Patrons will feel as though they’ve spent the evening in a luxurious Italian villa.
  2. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is an all-you-can-eat family style smorgasbord with the best tacos in town.
  3. The Parisian Bistro is a four-star French restaurant where guests are treated like royalty. Chef Dilbert Olay is famous for his beef bourguignon.
  4. Marty’s serves delicious, hearty meals in a charming setting reminiscent of a baseball clubhouse in honor of the owner,Marty Lester, a former major league baseball all-star.

Answer: 4

Question 7: I felt the wall of the tunnel shiver. The master alarm squealed through my earphones. Almost simultaneously, Jack yelled down to me that there was a warning light on. Fleeting but spectacular sights snapped into ans out of view, the snow, the shower of debris, the moon, looming close and big, the dazzling sunshine for once unfiltered by layers of air. The last twelve hours before re-entry were particular bone-chilling. During this period, I had to go up in to command module. Even after the fiery re-entry splashing down in 81o water in south pacific, we could still see our frosty breath inside the command module.

The word ‘Command Module’ used twice in the given passage indicates perhaps that it deals with

  1. an alarming journey
  2. a commanding situation
  3. a journey into outer space
  4. a frightful battle.

Answer: 3

Question 8: Which one of the following reasons would one consider as more as possible for the warning lights to be on?

  1. There was a shower of debris.
  2. Jack was yelling.
  3. A catastrophe was imminent.
  4. The moon was looming close and big.

Answer: 3

Get here topic wise: CMAT Syllabus

Question 9: The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

  1. Sutlej and Beas
  2. Jhelum and Chenab
  3. Ravi and Chenab
  4. Ganga and Yamuna

Answer: 2

Question 10: Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after

  1. military affairs
  2. the state treasury
  3. the royal household
  4. the land revenue system

Answer: 1

Download Here with Solutions: CMAT Sample Papers

Importance of Previous Year CMAT Papers

  • Applicants should get well-known with the type of questions asked in the CMAT 2018 Exam.
  • CMAT Previous Year Question Papers will assist in getting the exam pattern, syllabus topics, marking scheme, etc which makes it easier for applicants to prepare for the exam.
  • When it comes to Entrance Exams, time & speed have a great importance in the preparation.
  • While solving HP CMAT Previous Year Question Papers, applicants have to focus on improving the speed and accuracy.
  • Applicants have to remember that some questions in QT, DI & LR must be tricky and time-consuming.
  • The best way to examine one’s strong & weak areas is through solving CMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions.
  • CMAT Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions PDF will help you to analyze how much time they have to go through each section.

Check Preparation Test Series: CMAT Mock Test

Final Note:

Applicants can download the CMAT Previous Year Papers through this page. Participants can also join us on Facebook or Google plus.  We will send you the latest updates regarding CMAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download on your Facebook wall. Stay tuned with us for more updated news or updates using Ctrl+D to bookmark this page in your web browser for easy navigation. Candidates should visit our portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com regularly to receive fresh updates.

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