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CMAT Syllabus 2018 Test Pattern Expected Questions Quants/DI

CMAT Syllabus

Being a challenging national level entrance examination, aspiring applicants need to put in a lot of hard work and planning into preparations, so for the comfort of our visitors we have furnished latest CMAT Syllabus. All India Council for Technical Education is a conducting authority of Common Management Admission Test. Basically; this test is designed for them who are interested in management courses offered by the various management colleges in India. Qualifying in the test seems to be a tough task due to large number of candidates being participate in the said exam. You need to prepare it according to the CMAT Test Pattern which contains Expected Questions Quants /DI which will be able you in understanding the concepts and the level of questions that are asked in the exam. The detailed syllabus of CMAT Syllabus 2018 PDF is provided on this page.

Common Management Admission Test is an online computer based test which held across the country to provide admissions into management courses such as PGDM, MBA, PGCM, Executive PGDM, etc. CMAT Scores is accepted by the all AICTE-Approved Institutions, colleges & universities. Every year, this exam is organized in the month of January 2018. Candidates, there is less time for preparation and you have to start it from today onwards. Read On! This page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com you will get complete HP CMAT Syllabus 2018 with some preparation tips which will helps you to tackle many questions once you learn the concepts behind it!

CMAT Syllabus

This entrance exam is divided in six sections that are Quantitative Techniques, data interpretation, logical reasoning, Comprehension, verbal ability and general knowledge. Participants are advised to check the Syllabus Of CMAT which contains essential topics and the sub topics related to the subjects such as CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus and others, in which question are asked in Common Management Admission Test.

CMAT Exam Syllabus 2018

CMAT Syllabus For Quantitative Aptitude

& Data Interpretation


·         Number Systems

·         Fraction and Decimals

·         Geometry

·         Ratios and Proportion

·         Percentages

·         In-equations

·         Quadratic & Linear equations

·         Algebra

·         Profit & Loss

·         Averages

·         Partnership

·         Time-Speed-Distance

·         Work and Time

·         Mensuration

·         Alligation & Mixtures

·         Pipes and Cisterns

·         Simple Interest and Compound Interest

·         Probability

·         Permutations & Combinations

·         Tabulations, Pie Chart, Bar-Chart etc.

CMAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus:·         Analytical Reasoning

·         Statements Assumptions

·         Non Verbal Tests

·         Analogy Test

·         Inferences

·         Statements and Assumptions

·         Statements Arguments

·         Cause and Effects

·         Statements and Conclusions

·         Ranking Tests

·         Linear Arrangements

·         Matrix Arrangements

·         Blood Relationship test

·         Symbol based problems

·         Sequencing, coding and decoding problems

·         Number Series

·         Direction and Distance Tests

CMAT Language Comprehension Syllabus:·         Reading Comprehension

·         Para Jumbled

·         Sentence Corrections

·         Paragraph Completions

·         Idioms and Phrases

·         Synonyms and Antonyms

·         English Usage Errors

·         English Grammar

·         One word substitution

·         Sentence Improvement

CMAT Gk Syllabus


·         Current Affairs of national, International & Economic etc.

·         Personalities in News

·         History

·         Culture

·         Sports News

·         Geography

·         Corporate News

·         Politics

·         Economy

·         Indian Constitution

·         Literature

·         Science in everyday life

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CMAT Exam Pattern:

Candidates should know the exam pattern before facing any entrance exam as it will helps you out in knowing the how worthy the question is, same happens with this exam. This Common Management Admission Test includes 100 questions which will be of total 400 marks, as 4 marks awarded for every correct answer. For every wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted. Candidates will get total 180 minutes to complete the said exam. So, candidates must practice it from CMAT Sample Paper and CMAT Previous Year Papers, or check the below tuned expected questions.

Topics nameNo. of questionsMaximum marksExam duration
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation25100180 minutes
Logical Reasoning25100
Language Comprehension25100
General Awareness25100
4 marks awarded for every correct answer

1 mark deducted for each wrong  answer

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CMAT Question Paper 2018

Section – I : Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

Question: A person invested 1,00,000 at 8% simple interest for 5 years and reinvested the amount received at 10% simple interest for 2 years. What was the final amount received by him? (a) 1,56,000 (b) 1,60,000 (c) 1,68,000 (d) 1,70,00

Answer: C

Question: A 100 liters spirit water solution contains 75% spirit. Find the amount of water to be added to convert it into 60% spirit solution. (a) 15 liters (b) 25 liters (c) 40 liters (d) 20 liters

Answer: B

Question: Ajay started a firm with a capital of 28,000. After 5 months, Boman joined him and invested 40,000 in the firm. Chirag was also added as a new partner with an individual investment of 56,000 after 7 months of commencement. If at the end of the year, the profit of the firm is 32,000, what is the share of Boman? (a) 12,000 (b) 8,000 (c) 14,000 (d) 10,000

Answer: D

Question: The price of a machine increases by 20% in a year and decreases by 15% in the following year. What is net percentage increase/decrease in the price of the machine? (a) 1% increase (b) 2% increase (c) 1% decrease (d) 2% decrease

Answer: B

Question: If the natural numbers starting from 1 are written one after the other to form a 121-digit number, then what will be the last digit of the resultant number? (a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 6 (d) 7

Answer: A

Question: The remainder when 2582 is divided by 27 is (a) 2 (b) 25 (c) 1 (d) 0

Answer: B

Question: If two pipes can fill a cistern of capacity 1,00,000 liters in 20 hours and 30 hours respectively, find the time taken by both of them to fill 75,000 liters of water in it. (a) 24 hours (b) 9 hours (c) 20 hours (d) 12 hours

Answer: B

Question: A train travelling at a certain speed can cross a person standing on the platform in 10 seconds, while it takes 2 seconds more for the same if it travels slower by 18 km/hr. Find the length of the train. (a) 400 m (b) 250 m (c) 300 m (d) 200 m

Answer: C

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Section – II: Logical Reasoning

Question: While speaking to a lady, Aryan said “You are the mother of the daughter of the only son of the wife of the father of my sister’s father”. How is the lady related to Aryan? (a) Mother (b) Aunt (c) Sister (d) Cannot be determined

Answer: A

Question: Find the next term in the series: 25, 52, 38, 83, 50, 5, 126, ____ (a) 36 (b) 111 (c) 534 (d 621

Answer: D

Question: A cube is painted red on all of its faces and then cut into 64 identical smaller cubes. How many of these smaller cubes have exactly two faces painted red? (a) 12 (b) 16 (c) 24 (d) 32.

Answer: C

Question: A is to the South of B who is to the East of C. E is to the East of D who is to the North of C. What is the direction of D with respect to A? (a) North-west (b) West (c) East (d) South-west.

Answer: A

Question: Find the next term in the series: B6D, C9F, E15J, H24P, ____ (a) L27X (b) K27X (c) K36X (d) L36X.

Answer: D

Question: Each of the four different games was played on a different day from Monday to Thursday. Hockey and Cricket were not played on two consecutive days. Ludo was played after Hockey but before Chess. Which game was played on Tuesday? (a) Cricket (b) Hockey (c) Ludo (d) Either (b) or (c) 35

Answer: C

Question: Five friends are sitting in a row such that E is adjacent to A but not adjacent to C. B is at one of the extreme ends. Exactly two friends are sitting between E and B. Who is definitely sitting adjacent to D? (a) E (b) C (c) A (d) B

Answer: B

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Section – III : Language Comprehension

Question: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase given in bold. The poet drew on his fancy not his knowledge of nature, when he wrote his poem on birds. (a) Used his imagination (b) Used his aptitude (c) Used his understanding (d) Used his skill

Answer: A

Question: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase given in bold. Very ambitious people do not like to rest on their laurels. (a) Be impatient (b) Be motivated (c) Be unhappy (d) Be complacent

Answer: D

Question: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase given in bold. During the last moments of his life, the criminal made a clean breast of everything he had done. (a) Confessed without reserve (b) Fought for (c) Showed his contempt to (d) Faced bravely

Answer: A

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Section – IV : General Awareness

Question: Which of the following has been the 100th mission of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)? (a) PSLV C-21 (b) GSLV 8 (c) PSLV C-15 (d) RISAT

Answer: A

Question: Which of the following players recently announced hid retirement from the Tennis? (a) Andy Murry (b) Rafael Nadal (c) Roger Federer (d) Andy Roddick

Answer: D

Question:  Dr. Verghese Kurien is related with: (a) Yellow Revolution (b) Green Revolution (c) Blue Revolution (d) White Revolution

Answer: D

Question:  Which of the following countries is not a member of The Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC)? (a) China (b) Cambodia (c) Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (d) Myanmar

Answer: A

Question:  Which of the following countries is known as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’? (a) Tonga (b) New Zealand (c) Nieu (d) Samoa

Answer: C

Question:  Recently, a special court convicted 32 people, in infamous 2002 Naroda Patiya riots case. Naroda Patiya riots are related with: (a) Punjab (b) Maharashtra (c) Gujarat (d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: C

Question:  What was India’s official rank in Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 released on 5 September 2012 by the World Economic Forum? (a) 59 (b) 60 (c) 61 (d) 62

Answer: A

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How To Prepare For CMAT????

Prepare From CMAT Mock Test:

After preparing form above supplied CMAT Entrance Exam Syllabus and exam pattern, must go practice from Mock test as more you practice more you become perfect… So add 2 mock tests daily in your routine, it will definitely pitch your knowledge and skills.

Time Management:

Candidates must concern this factor while appearing in any entrance exam, while practicing from sample papers, previous papers, analyses which sections is more time consuming and which is less. By doing this, you will save much time and it will help you to avoid misuse in exam.

Work On Weak Areas:

Well, if you work on your weak area then you scores will surely change in positive. First find out your weak area, and then take measures to avoid it. Take help from your teachers and be positive in such conditions, so that you might not be stressful in exam.

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Unknown Facts about CMAT:

CMAT stands for Common Management Aptitude Test. Today, a bachelor’s degree is not quite enough in this world of technology. Acquiring some special place in Post Graduation is essential to withstand yourself with the MBA qualification.  CMAT Exam is conducted twice in a year providing opportunity to all graduates to for this AICTE program for management stream.

Final Words!!

Contenders who are preparing for exam must cover all the sections and topics according to CMAT Syllabus 2017, which are given in this Official Link.

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