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Important Discount Formula | Calculate Discount Percentage – With Examples

Discount Formula

For any competitive exam such as IBPS, SBI, CAT, SSC CGL and others, Discount Formula plays a significant role in them and as well as in our daily life. We have stated Important Discount Formula for the easiness of the candidates. We all have read the Discount Formula In Maths and many aspirants may be still studying it, so with the help of formula you can easily Calculate Discount Percentage. To make the concept of Discount more Clear and remove all the confusion we have also furnished some examples.

In the below section of this page www.recruitmentinboxx.com you are going to see and understand the concept of the Discount Formula, Rate of discount formula, Formula For Successive Discount, Formula for discount and Discount Formula and all others.

Discount Formula

Rate of discount formula, Formula For Successive Discount, Formula for discount and Discount Formula are provided below for the comfort of the aspirants, so please have a glance at once!!

1 Formula of discount

  • Discount=List Price – Selling Price Discount=List Price−Selling Price
  • Selling Price=List Price−Discount Selling Price=List Price−Discount
  • List Price=Selling Price + Discount List Price=Selling Price + Discount

2 Discount percentage formula

3 True discount formula

4 Successive Discount Formula

Successive discount can be simply defined as discount on a discount.

Case 1: If there are two discounts:

Total discount = (x + y – xy /100)%

Case 2: If there are three discounts

Example: The marked price of a shirt is Rs.1000. A shopkeeper offers 10% discount on this shirt and then again offers 20% discount on the new price, and then and then again offers 30% discount on the new price . How much will you have to pay, finally?

Solution: As the successive discount is 10% and 20% and then again 30%.Here we will move step by step and first calculate it for only two discounts, and then whatever the result comes, again calculating it fotr the result we got and the remaining discount.

Total discount = (x + y – xy / 100) %

x = 10%, y = 20% and z = 30%

Discount rate formula

= [10 + 20 – (10 x 20) / 100] % = (30 – 200 /100) % = 28% (let us say d)

Now, d= 28 % & z = 30 %

Total discount = (d + z – dz / 100) %

  • Final discount = [28 + 30 – (28 x 30) / 100] % = (58 – 840 /100) % = 49.6%
  • Which means Discount = 49.6% of 1000 = (49.6 / 100) x 1000 Rs 496
  • Selling price = M.P – Discount = 1000- 496 = 504

5 Discount rate formula

It is the rate of return used in a discounted cash flow analysis to determine the present value of future cash flows.

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6 Discount Factor Formula

7 Marked Price And Discount Formula

Marked Price: Price written on an article is known as marked price

List Price: manufactured items in factory are marked with a price according to the list supplied by the factory, at which the seller is hypothetical to sell them. This price is known as the list price of the article.

Discount: In order to augment the sale or clear the old stock, Sellers sometimes offer a definite percentage of return on the marked price. This refund is known as discount.

Selling price = (marked price) – (discount)

  • Selling Priceis the amount you actually pay for the thing when you purchase.
  • Marked Priceis the general price of the thing without any discount.
  • Discount is a percentage of the marked price.

8 Bankers discount formula

9 Dividend Discount Model Formula

Value of stock = dividend per share/ discount rate- dividend growth rate

10 Formula for discount percentage

Step 1: keep in mind the formula for finding the discount price of an item. Where S=sale price, r= discount percentage rate and p= original price, the discount formula is:


Step 2: Convert the percentage rate into a decimal – remove the percent sign and move the decimal two places to the left. If there is no decimal, assume one just to the right of the ones place. Here:

20% = .20

Step 3: Inset values (including decimal value of rate) into the discount formula:

S= 125 – .2(125)

Remember that when two variables are next to each other it means that you multiply them.

Step 4: Solve the equation for S:

S = 125 – 25 = 100

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Discount formula and Examples

We have provided Discount calculation formula and solved questions which help you to understand the strategy behind the questions and how to use Discount formula in maths, must have a glance

Question: 1 A man purchased a cow for Rs. 3000 and sold it the same day for Rs. 3600, allowing the buyer a credit of 2 years. If the rate of interest be 10% per annum, then the man has a gain of:


Question: 2 A traders owe a merchant Rs. 10,028 due 1 year hence. The trader wants to settle the account after 3 months. If the rate of interest 12% per annum, how much cash should he pay?


Question: 3 The true discount on Rs. 2562 due 4 months hence is Rs. 122. The rate percent is:


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Question: 4 A man wants to sell his scooter. There are two offers, one at Rs. 12,000 cash and the other a credit of Rs. 12,880 to be paid after 8 months, money being at 18% per annum. Which is the better offer?


Question: 5 If Rs. 10 be allowed as true discount on a bill of Rs. 110 due at the end of a certain time, then the discount allowed on the same sum due at the end of double the time is


Question: 6 Goods were bought for Rs. 600 and sold the same for Rs. 688.50 at a credit of 9 months and thus gaining 2% The rate of interest per annum is:


Question: 7 The true discount on a bill due 9 months hence at 16% per annum is Rs. 189. The amount of the bill is:


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Question: 8 A men buys a watch for Rs. 1950 in cash and sells it for Rs. 2200 at a credit of 1 year. If the rate of interest is 10% per annum, the man:


Question: 9 The true discount on Rs. 1760 due after a certain time at 12% per annum is Rs. 160. The time after which it is due


Question: 10 The present worth of Rs. 2310 due 2 years hence, the rate of interest being 15% per annum, is:



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