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10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning – Become Event Planner Easily

10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning

Do you know – that this is the question which is being asked by every women and men that what are the 10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning so here in this article in order to help you and to make you Become Event Planner Easily we have mentioned 10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning. We are very much aware that people often struggle with this and do not believe on themselves that whether they can do it or not?

10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning

Ok…! Let me share my experience with you all. when I started with event planning apart from the work I am doing right now at 2012 I was in dilemma but somewhere I knew that I can make it because I love to plan party always and yes the love to plan the vents for my friends and of course in my family I was the one which has to make everything created and ready at the moment even I had not started my career in event planning neither I had any experience too but I wanted to take a good experience on it.

Now today we will be helping upu to become event planner easily because we want you to fulfill your dream and when you know that what you love to do would become your career then have you ever thought that how interesting it will be? Here the 10 steos discussed below:-

10 Tips to Make Careers in Event Planning

Decide What Event Planner You Want To Become?

When you are planning to become an event planner then you must know that what event planner you want yourself to be known as?  Or either you can choose or decide to become an event planner as per interest like as if you are interested in parties so can go to become an event planner of weddings , receptions or high class corporate events  or either if you are interested in sports then you can go for sports event and so on like that. And in this way you can make expertise in the field but if you have chosen and journalist event planner then we would say that it is an vast field with wide range.

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 What Are The Duties Of Event Planner?

When we are talking about the responsibilities and duties then it takes experience in the different types of services. As it is seen that there are many variety of aspects in this like as working for a caterer, a florist, volunteering for nonprofits, and working for an established event planner;  The more experience you would have by the bringing up the good goodwill within your clients and people will made your ling term success and foe all this you should have good relation and good communication skills with all perfect time strategy in the means of creating your ideas and with perfect public relation and many more things with the budget management.

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Plan Before Night

When the  responsibility comes to you then things need to be planned before night so instead of just volunteering, become the fundraising chair for a nonprofit or either you can go for  catering manager  if you have good leadership and managing quality . You can plan one night before or before hand when you are going to take the decision by seeing all aspects of market and in this way you can focus on the right vendors by keeping your relationship strong in the means of budget too.

  So there are some few things which we have discussed which would help you in market of event planning:-

  • Give best of your service to grab the same client again
  • Which market are you targeting?
  • Are you going to offer full pack service or just an execution?
  • Are you devoting yourself to one particular aspect of planning in event?

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Is Formal Training Required?

Although training is not required when you have passion or talent in between you to become an event planner but yes it is mandatory to get an certificate thus it is also good for you too because in this way you will be able to show that you have got a proper certification training and in this way nobody can stop you to continue in your work also certificates can be helpful to show to your clients too. Well, there are many ways that you can the certification training as per your budget and the availability of the event planning in your area.

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Have Degree From Reputable Event Planning Association.

Now if you have planned to pursue your degree then we would suggest doing it from the reputed trade organizations associated with the event planning industry, such as Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the International Special Events Society (ISES), the Convention Industry Council (CIC), or the Society of Government Meeting Professionals for assistance. Hence, every organization has different requirements as per the certification.

 What It Would Cost?

See, if you are thinking for making or has thought to become an event planner then  you should point this that how much will it cost or what money you will need to start your business? And this all depends on the cost of spending money whether you work from home or you have rented office space. Moreover it also depends on your degree according to your choice and taste; but this is a truth that if you are working from home then things and costs would be less.

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 Salary Structure Cum Money

The salary structure in this industry varies accordingly as per the experience and as per the work with the goodwill and relationship with the clients. But yes… if you have just started like as if you are a fresher then the salary varies with the range of Rs.10, 000 – Rs.15, 000 per month. The remuneration goes up with your experience and the expertise in your work.

Demand In Market

If we look to our marker a event planner then the demand is greedy for professionals as per the standards of industry. There are very few educational courses which offer professional courses to become event mangers   as per seen in the market then there is lack of experienced professionals seen in the market.

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Market Research

In market, event is the industry which is seen very growing and nowadays it has set a good move with all their proper budget planning. Though there is much competition seen in the market like as music concerts, fashion shows, academic functions, exhibitions, trade fairs, religious gatherings and for this accordingly demands has been fulfilled for talented event managing personnel.

In the conclusion part of our article we would suggest you that  there are social websites like face book , fan pages , Pinterest page, LinkedIn profile, and twitter accounts ; these all will help you to get and grab the clients and services, so let yourself expose  so that clients may contact you and in this way you can become the event planner also with many contacts; try to develop the contacts with vendors and clients that you  have worked with  like as photographers, or florists will recommend an event planner to their client, as long as they know and trust you.

In the end we would love to hear from you..!

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