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Event Planner Career – Job Description, Responsibilities, Opportunities

Event Planner Career

Do you know that Event Management is Faster Emerging Career. So today we will discuss about Event Planner Career. You should go through this article to know how can you build your career in Event Planning along with this you will also get Job Description, Responsibilities, Opportunities for an event planner.

Each and every day we used to read news of big events. Arrangement of such grand events is called event management. Those who work hard behind the success of those big events are called event Planners. You can build your future bright in this filed.

Why to choose Event Planning as Career?

Now a day’s Glamor, charm and style are the first demands for every event so Event Planner manages everything of an event from beginning to the end, to run it smoothly. Under Event Planning, programs like fashion shows, music festivals, wedding ceremonies, theme parties, exhibitions, corporate seminars, product launches and premieres of films come.

This is a filed, where there is no fixed limit for salary. The remuneration determination depends on the success of the celebrations, the budget and grandeur of the ceremony. in this field you can touch the sky with your ability strength. Come lets cheek out the Event Planner Career opportunities provided in this article, which is well tailored by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Event Planner Career

What is Event Planning?

Before deciding to build your career as an event planner you should know about the event planning. Event Planning is the process of combining business or centralized events, Includes visualization concepts, planning, budgeting, assembly and execution of events such as concerts, fashion exhibitions, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding ceremonies, theme parties, product-launch etc.

Although nowadays, jobs are available in many places, but event management is quite interesting. If it is looked at by career, then it is considered a good choice of career.

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What is the work of Event Planner?

Event Manager Organizes Professional, Personal and Focused Events. This includes marriage celebrations, theme parties, corporate meetings, seminars, exhibitions, fashion and celebrity shows, musical concerts, product launches, film award functions, etc.

Decide What Event Planner You Want To Become?

When you are planning to become an event planner then you must know that what event planner you want yourself to be known as?

Or either you can choose or decide to become an event planner as per interest like as if you are interested in parties so can go to become an event planner of weddings , receptions or high class corporate events  or either if you are interested in sports then you can go for sports event and so on like that.

And in this way you can make expertise in the field but if you have chosen and journalist event planner then we would say that it is an vast field with wide range.

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What should be your qualification to become an Event Planner?

Nowadays many courses are being for event Panning. The minimum qualification for the course of the event management is twelfth (12th). After this you have to do Diploma in Event Management (DEM) course of one year, in which admission must be at least in any stream to graduate.

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM) is also a one-year course and for this you also have to be Graduation. In addition, 6-6 months certificate and diploma courses are also done.

Courses for Event Planner:

  • Diploma in Event Management (DEM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM)
  • Certificate and Diploma Course

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Top Institute for Event Management:

Following is the list of colleges and institutes, from where you can do the course of Event planning:

  • Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • Event Management Development Institute, Mumbai
  • National Institute for Media Studies, Ahmedabad
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • College of Event and Management, Pune
  • International Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • National Academy of Event Management and Development, Jaipur
  • International Center for Event Marketing and Marketing, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Event Management, Mumbai

Individual characteristics to become an Event Planner:

If you want to build your career in Event Panning then you must have these below mentioned qualities:

It is very important to have good knowledge about good imagination power

  • Better Budgeting
  • Knowledge
  • Ability To Work Over Time
  • Perfect Planning
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Good Public Relations

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Event Planner: Job prospectus

This profession has a demand for perfection.

  • In the event management company you can work as an event manager or consultant.
  • Television shows and ad worlds can work for their products.
  • According to your experience, you can also start your own event management company. Which is necessary for:
  • Ability to handle sealing skills ie new clients.
  • Creative Design of Event Designing
  • Accounting Knowledge
  • The Art of Logistics Control
  • Risk Management Skill

Is Formal Training Required?

Although training is not required when you have passion or talent in between you to become an event planner but yes it is mandatory to get an certificate thus it is also good for you too because in this way you will be able to show that you have got a proper certification training and in this way nobody can stop you to continue in your work also certificates can be helpful to show to your clients too.

Well, there are many ways that you can the certification training as per your budget and the availability of the event planning in your area.

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What It Would Cost to start a business for Event Planning?

See, if you are thinking for making or has thought to become an event planner then  you should point this that how much will it cost or what money you will need to start your business? And this all depends on the cost of spending money whether you work from home or you have rented office space.

Moreover it also depends on your degree according to your choice and taste; but this is a truth that if you are working from home then things and costs would be less.

Salary Structure Cum Money:

The salary structure in this industry varies accordingly as per the experience and as per the work with the goodwill and relationship with the clients.

But yes… if you have just started like as if you are a fresher then the salary varies with the range of Rs.10, 000 – Rs.15, 000 per month. The remuneration goes up with your experience and the expertise in your work.

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Demand In Market:

If we look to our marker a event planner then the demand is greedy for professionals as per the standards of industry.

There are very few educational courses which offer professional courses to become event mangers as per seen in the market then there is lack of experienced professionals seen in the market.

  • Market Research:

In market, event is the industry which is seen very growing and nowadays it has set a good move with all their proper budget planning. Though there is much competition seen in the market like as music concerts, fashion shows, academic functions, exhibitions, trade fairs, religious gatherings and for this accordingly demands has been fulfilled for talented event managing personnel.

In the conclusion part of our article we would suggest you that  there are social websites like face book , fan pages , Pinterest page, LinkedIn profile, and twitter accounts ; these all will help you to get and grab the clients and services, so let yourself expose  so that clients may contact you and in this way you can become the event planner also with many contacts; try to develop the contacts with vendors and clients that you  have worked with  like as photographers, or florists will recommend an event planner to their client, as long as they know and trust you.

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End Note:

We hope that all the details of Event Planner Career provided above will be helpful for you. You can subscribe out free mail service www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get updates directly to your mail box.

In the end we would love to hear from you..!

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