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How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree | Easy Steps to Follow

How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree

Research How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree if you’ve decide to choose career as A Fashion Designer. Readers, if you have your own different wearing and dressing style then you must check out these Easy Steps to Follow you dream career! Fashion, creativity and designing are arts found in people who like making changes around with colors and imaginary. If you too fell devoted about clothing, lifestyle, accessories and all about fashion then this is a correct path for you to choose for future success.

How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree

Have you had interest in what you are wearing and in designing your own clothing? Or have interest to help others in making choices about what they wear in short help them to look great? Well, if you’re response is yes to all of the above questions, you may be a person who have an artistic flair and an interest for fashion. In modern era were fashion is what describes you, though it is not! BUT still your fashion, your taste and style is what leads you to grab this successful and most lucrative career option…

It is an appealing and innovative career option which has evolved over time and place. It has become vastly competitive today and this has made it imperative for ones to pursue a career in the field of designing. We are providing here some tips that will direct you to give a big initiate towards your Fashion Designing Career.

How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree

To start a career in a fashion industry, either you need to have natural fashion designing skills or have acquired qualification.

  • You must have knowledge of fabrics, sketching skills, color composition, good taste and sense of trends and fashion which serves as a plus point for those who want to start a career as a fashion designer.
  • If you want to become a fashion designer or want to run your own company, you have an acquired qualification from a well recognized fashion Institute.
  • You can join up either a full-time course or a part time certificate course.
  • The courses offered by the fashion institutes endow you with technical and creative thinking skills in the arena of expertise.
  • As you will finish the course you have become mastered in the step-by-step making of a garment from designing to pattern making, production and even marketing.

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How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree

Fashion is all about a man having a creative eye and artistic talent. From starting to ending it is the artistic ability and expression that turns raw material into beautiful costumes and accessories.

  • To make innovative designs a competitive spirit is required to ensure you don’t lag behind the competition.
  • Your passion and innovativeness are the strongest assets in fashion industry.
  • You should use your creative and technical skills to make varieties of outfits and attire.

Along with sketching and making original products, you must study the industry to stay up to date of current trends so that you would be able to forecast future styles.

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Top Fashion Designing College In India

  1. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT), New Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai
  3. Pearl Academy of Fashion
  4. School of Fashion Technology
  5. Symbiosis Centre Of Design (SID)
  6. Amity School of Fashion Technology
  7. Northern India Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIIFT), MOHALI
  8. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  9. Rani Birla Girls College
  10. D. Birla Institute
  11. International Institute of Fashion Design
  12. D. Institute of Fashion Technology
  13. Apeejay Institute of Design
  14. Academy of Fashion & Design
  15. Arch Institute of fashion and Design
  16. Satyam Fashion Institute
  17. Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology
  18. Institute of Fashion Technology Kerala
  19. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar, Hyderabad & Raebareli, Kannur & Mumbai
  20. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

If you get a diploma or degree in fashion designing or a related program, it will be more useful to you to lead a successful career. Pursuing your career in fashion designing is an excellent choice for a person who has a love for fashion and the intellect to work hard. This will make you to learn more in this field.

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Know your passion in which fashion

How To Become A Fashion Designer Without a Degree

Decide in which designing field you are enthusiastic about. Initially, starting can be at the bottom but you should fix a goal in your mind concerning the kind of designing you want to embark lifelong. For example:

  • Women’s daywear, women’s evening wear
  • Men’s daywear, men’s evening wear
  • Boys’ wear and/or girls’ wear; teenage wear
  • Sportswear/fitness/leisure wear
  • Knitwear
  • Outdoor, adventure, outerwear
  • Bridal wear
  • Accessories
  • casual
  • Costume design for theater, movies, the advertising industry and retailers

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Career in Fashion

Many jobs are easily accessible in fashion industry for people who have an artistic eye and a taste for fashion. To become a fashion designer a formal education and training in fashion design is essential. Besides this, there are many other courses and associate, bachelor, master degree and certification programs that can teach the basics of beginning a career in fashion design.

  • Artists and Sketchers (create images)
  • Sewers (production workers sewing by hand or machine)
  • Pattern Makers (make patterns)
  • Pattern Graders (adjust patters for different sizes)
  • Cutters (cut out patters or fabrics)
  • Spec and Fit Technicians (produce samples)
  • Assistant Designers (support lead designers)
  • Head Designers (creative decision-makers, supervise staff)
  • Specialty Designers (designer using special production techniques)
  • Trend Researchers (gather fashion trends and submit to designers)

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Job Opportunities In Fashion Industry

Fashion Designing can be alienated into three major factors which are Garment design, Leather design, and Accessory Jewellery design. This area offers many job agreements but you all need to have to become a great fashion designer is ability to create new designs that being worn in the street. Fashion designing as a profession, has existed in our country and also in abroad for a long time. There is a large scope in this field includes:

  • Fabric houses dressmaking
  • Handloom/ yard goods manufacturers (Government, Semi government)
  • Fashion show coordinators / publishers
  • TV drama and channels fashion program producers /costume designers, etc.
  • Film production units Bollywood / Hollywood
  • Trade and wholesale garment businesses in men’s/ women’s/ children clothing in sportswear/casual wear, etc.

Top 5 Fashion Designer Recruiters in India

  1. Ashima Limited / www.ashima.in
  2. Siyaram Silk Mills Limited / www.siyaram.com
  3. Parsons Overseas / www.parsons.com
  4. Pamaa International  / –
  5. Gini & Jony Limited  / www.giniandjony.com

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Be In Latest Fashion Trends!

Keeping up with the fashion industry is necessary in order to become successful in the world of fashion and to have good understanding what other designers are doing and what current customers are buying. Those with a passion for fashion and a flair for style may consider a career in fashion design.

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