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15 Tips to Help Surviving Your First Year of College | Starting College Guide

15 Tips to Help Surviving Your First Year of College

15 Tips to Help Surviving Your First Year of CollegeWhat you were in school or how good or bad you’re, it really doesn’t matter. For you we have listed best 15 Tips to Help Surviving Your First Year of College. May be you’re good at all the things even at all the time but still every person needs a guidance so here we are with Starting College Guide you must go through.  Going to college is entirely a new experience to those who have just completed their schooling and got admission in any university/college to pursue higher education. Spending first year in the college is a scary task but you can win over it, her are easy things and by following certain tips you may get tougher in Your First Year of College.

In a college your life gives you an amazing opportunity to have more fun, socialize with different people having differ character and chance to improve your self-development as youngster but guys it takes time to adapt to totally new environment. So, let’s have a new start!! You should keep this in mind to begin in a new way by learning from past experiences of school. College is a marvelous experience in everyone’s life and it generally depends upon the way you spend it with your friends, how you connect with other students and teachers.

15 Tips to Help Surviving Your First Year of College

Best Tips for Freshers to Survive First Year of College:

#1 Time management is the most significant factor to maintain balance between social and academic happenings.

#2 Prohibits ragging by using college helpline number and don’t be scared to complain against it.

#3 Be attentive about the activities going inside and outside your college.

#4 Call a friend or family member and share your pleasure about starting this journey. You’ll feel calmed to talk to someone familiar and helps you changing in different atmosphere.

#5 Major problem comes with various students is homesickness. Keep in mind that you are not alone. Just like you, youngsters are also facing the fears related with this new environment.

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Socialization & Self Development:

#6 Frequently socializes with your new classmates and converse with them in a friendly way but make friendship with only good ones.

#7 Try to spend most of your time in the campus. This will help you to know more about the campus facilities and give you an opportunity to open up with new friends.

#8 Take part in college fest and social activities for self development and growth

#9 Make proper balance between your study and extracurricular activities.

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#10 Attend your lecture and practical classes regularly and discuss your problems with your professors or friends.

#11 Make your assignments on proper time to avoid any inconvenience during semester exams

#12 Take the advantage of study resources available in the campus library and strive for good grades.

#13 Set some goals for you and works hard to achieve them. Stay healthy and eat right food. Students can also utilize college gym facility to keep them fit and fine.

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Resource Utilization:

#14 utilizes your money wisely. Don’t get involved in bad habits like smoking or drinking.

#15 some universities have set up counseling centers in the campuses for providing professional help to students. Students can seek help from them whenever they need it to resolve their queries.

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Well, we know that our college life plays an important role in setting a strong foundation for their career growth and this is a time we make so many precious memories but still w advise;

Stay Safe And Stay Aware, Have a Great Future Ahead!!!

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