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How To Write On Exam Paper Faster & Better – 10 Tips for Faster Writing

How To Write On Exam Paper Faster & Better

Everybody wish to write faster but do you ever wish that you can write faster? Almost everybody wants to write faster and it comes in students mind that How to Write on Exam Paper Faster & Better  well being  a content writer I always wonder and is always eager to find ways to be more  efficient and effective within the time by producing the high pitch quality content .With the down line we have mentioned 10 Tips for Faster Writing while you are listening music and watching TV or doing homework you can write faster better than before.

How To Write On Exam Paper Faster & Better

And this has been possible because  I have given my most of the time sitting online  on writing articles and suddenly I discovered  that the thing which is continuously backing me from myself and from my work is writing faster is myself only. Now, after reading all these tips you will also find yourself writing fast as in the way u write in the writing zone effortlessly.

How To Write On Exam Paper Faster & Better

 Make a habit of outlining

You should make a habit of outlining the important things before you go for writing and believe me this has been proven highly effective. Might be you must be thinking how this is going to help you in writing  but this made us to write faster as outlining will make you to write and would make you to express your views clearly and properly.

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One Work At A Time

You should try to do one work at a time  as if you will indulge yourself with other work then you will not be able to focus so try to eliminate the distractions while you’re writing. Once you are done with one question then  afterwards you can think for the another one .and hence in this way I myself have observe d that I can significantly increase the speed of my writing by simply doing nothing other than writing.


The more you practice the more you will be perfect.  Whenever you are learning then beside so that you can write your learning part as in this way your speed will increase. A good fact is that writing makes your long hand and the shorthand speed.

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Convert Voice To Writing

The another way and the software which has been seen nowadays and has come in to trend to use dragon naturally speaking  which means  converting the voice to text. As in this way and through this software, one can give break to his/ her hands indeed it goes with the flow without any mistakes and it gives every text very accurately.

 A Good Mind Set

Whenever I see myself losing myself in writing through exam I set my mind to write as fast as much you can. And if in between I see myself losing my moral then I keep myself saying the last line that I can do it  and I can write fast as much as I can  and this made my momentum going in a track.

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Set a time or I would say an egg timer like as if you see yourself at the time of examination that you are taking too much time then you can cut and utilize that time by setting the clock and set a deadline for each question. A deadline must be set like as 10 minutes for 500 words for an answer this bin this way you will force yourself to maintain the time and to achieve the target as fast as you can.

 Take A Place To Write While Practicing

Set a place while at the time of practicing art home like as where you seem that you can peace and get a flow of writing effortlessly.  For this some people like the places to write such as blog they find a park or they listen music while writing and If talk about myself then I prefer a total silence while writing or even in the examination hall too either I may listen to music from time to time, but often enjoy the silence.

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Sit Properly

Set a position while writing. Your posture should be correct, in spite of hunching on desk, as leaning over on the desk will make an extra weight of you over on your arms in which you would end up with feeling sleepy.

Loosen Your Grip

Chose the right quality of pen, as pen also plays an important role in writing so a pen with a good grip is very necessary. As cheap pens will squeeze your finger, creating unnecessary strain on your fingers and wrist; so maki9ng a good choice for pen while at the time of exam is very must.

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Set a Timer

Try to set timer if you want to increase your speed of writing. Well in starting you will feel so irritating but at the end you would end up with the flow of speedy writing and away from the distractions. Even once you will get into the practice, then one time would come that you will not need the timer too.

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