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IBM Placement Papers | Placement Questions and Answers, Technical & Aptitude

IBM Placement Papers

IBM is an American multinational technology company which was established in 1911. Through campus placement, company hires freshers for the position like Applications Developer, software engineer etc. IBM Placement Papers will be helpful to the candidates who are going to appear in the recruitment exam and want to join the company. Aspirants you can acquire IBM Placement Questions and Answers based on Verbal Ability and Quantitative Ability easily from here. Besides this, you can also obtain some Technical interview questions from the downwards section.

Aspirants who will qualify the recruitment exam will be eligible for the further selection procedure that is personal interview which will be held on scheduled date. More information related to the IBM Placement Papers can be obtained from the below section of this page which is well organized and prepared by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. Go and grab it all…!

IBM Placement Paper Pattern:

Candidates who are participating in the written exam can go through the IBM test pattern. The test pattern for the IBM written exam is as follows:

SectionNo. Of QuestionsTime Limit
No.Series1836-38 min
Quant1836-38 min
Eng Lang + Grammar2220 min
Total58100 min
  •  Total time allotted to complete the written exam is 100 minutes.
  • There is no additional deduction of marks for the wrong attempted answers that there will be no negative marking.
  • Time allotted to complete Verbal Ability is 20 minutes.
  • Number series & Quantitative Ability section comprises of 18 questions and aspirants have to complete this section within 36 to 38 minutes.
  • Total of the exam is 58 minutes.

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IBM Placement Papers

Question 1: The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.

  • hell bent on getting
  • hell bent for getting
  • hell bent upon getting
  • No improvement

Answer: 3

Question 2: When it was feared that the serfs might go too far and gain their freedom from serfdom, the protestant leaders joined the princes at crushing them.

  • into crushing
  • in crushing
  • without crushing
  • No improvement

Answer: 2

Question 3: The record for the biggest tiger hunt has not been met since 1911 when Lord Hardinge, then Viceroy of India, shot a tiger than measured 11 feet and 6 inches.

  • improved
  • broken
  • bettered
  • No improvement

Answer: 2

Question 4: his powerful desire brought about his downfall.

  • His intense desire
  • His desire for power
  • His fatal desire
  • No improvement

Answer: Option B

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Question 5: Will you kindly open the knot?

  • untie
  • break
  • loose
  • No improvement

Answer: 1

Question 6: He sent a word to me that he would be coming late.

  • sent word
  • had sent a word
  • sent words
  • No improvement

Answer: 1 

Question 7: Fate smiles …… those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

  • with
  • over
  • on
  • round

Answer: 3

Question 8: The miser gazed …… at the pile of gold coins in front of him.

  • avidly
  • admiringly
  • thoughtfully
  • earnestly

Answer: 1

Question 9: A bank offers 5% compound interest calculated on half-yearly basis. A customer deposits Rs. 1600 each on 1st January and 1st July of a year. At the end of the year, the amount he would have gained by way of interest is:

  • 120
  • 121
  • 122
  • 123

Answer: 2

Question 10: The difference between simple and compound interests compounded annually on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 4% per annum is Re. 1. The sum (in Rs.) is:

  • 625
  • 630
  • 640
  • 650

Answer: 1

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Question 11: There is 60% increase in an amount in 6 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Rs. 12,000 after 3 years at the same rate?

  • 2160
  • 3120
  • 3972
  • 6240

Answer: 3

Question 12: What is the difference between the compound interests on Rs. 5000 for 1 years at 4% per annum compounded yearly and half-yearly?

  • 2.04
  • 3.06
  • 4.80
  • 8.30

Answer: 1

Question 13: The compound interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is Rs. 4347. The period (in years) is:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 3
  • 4

Answer: 1

Question 14: If one-third of one-fourth of a number is 15, then three-tenth of that number is:

  • 35
  • 36
  • 45
  • 54

Answer: 4

Question 15: Three times the first of three consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. The third integer is:

  • 9
  • 11
  • 13
  • 15

Answer: 4

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Question 16: The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the positions of its digits is 36. What is the difference between the two digits of that number?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 9
  • Cannot be determined

Answer: 2

Question 17: The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 36. What is the difference between the sum and the difference of the digits of the number if the ratio between the digits of the number is 1 : 2 ?

  • 4
  • 8
  • 16
  • None of these

Answer: 2

Question 18: A two-digit number is such that the product of the digits is 8. When 18 is added to the number, then the digits are reversed. The number is:

  • 18
  • 24
  • 42
  • 81

Answer: 2

Question 19: The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 15 and the difference between the digits is 3. What is the two-digit number?

  • 69
  • 78
  • 96
  • Cannot be determined

Answer: 4

Question 20: The sum of the squares of three numbers is 138, while the sum of their products taken two at a time is 131. Their sum is:

  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • None of these

Answer: 1

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IBM Interview Questions:

Technical Questions:

  • What do you mean by indexing and why do we need it?
  • What are the things that you should remember while making an interface?
  • What is DES and what are its strength and weakness?
  • Give some advantages of MYSQL in comparison to Oracle?
  • Give some uses of synonyms.
  • What are the ways to handle runtime errors in C++?

HR Interview Questions:

  • Don’t you feel that you are overqualified for the role?
  • How would you compensate for your lack of experience?
  • What do you look in a boss?
  • Have you ever sorted out the dispute between others?
  • At what position you find yourself while working in a team?
  • How long would you like to work for us if appointed?

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Final Words:

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