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JEST Question Papers, Prepare from Solved Previous Year Question Papers PDF

JEST Question Papers

Joint Entrance Screening Test is organized, to evaluate the students’ knowledge and to give admission to PhD or Integrated PhD programmes. Hence, the JEST Question Papers is set with the objective of screening the students and selecting the right ones for a particular course. Candidates, who’re seeking admission in Ph.D Programs through JEST Exam, need to prepare through JEST Previous Year Question Papers. In this article, you can also download JEST Solved Question Papers and JEST Exam Previous Question Papers in pdf format.

JEST Entrance Exam is a National Eligibility Test, which is organized by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB). Students, who’ll score well in JEST Examination, will be eligible to get admission in PhD or Integrated PhD program in Physics or Theoretical Computer Science or Neuroscience or Computational Biology. Check this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.comthoroughly and download JEST TCS Question Papers, JEST Previous Year Question Papers for Physics / Computer Science. Must have a glance…

JEST Question Papers PDF

PhysicsJEST Physics Question Papers PDF
JEST Previous Year Question Papers Physics PDF
Computer ScienceJEST Question Papers Computer Science

JEST Question Papers With Solutions

JEST Previous Year Solved Question Papers For Physics

Question 1: It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertical upwards because

  1. work done in rolling is more than in lifting
  2. work done in lifting the stone is equal to rolling it
  3. work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling
  4. work done in rolling a stone is less than in lifting it

Answer: D

Question 2: The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

  1. viscosity of ink
  2. capillary action phenomenon
  3. diffusion of ink through the blotting
  4. siphon action

Answer: B

Question 3: Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to

  1. the heating effect of current alone
  2. hysteresis loss alone
  3. both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss
  4. intense sunlight at noon

Answer: C

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Question 4: Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named

  1. Fermi
  2. angstrom
  3. newton
  4. tesla

Answer: A

Question 5: Metals are good conductors of electricity because

  1. they contain free electrons
  2. the atoms are lightly packed
  3. they have high melting point
  4. All of the above

Answer: A

Question 6: Let a thin capillary tube be replaced with another tube of insufficient length then, we find water

  1. will overflow
  2. will not rise
  3. depressed
  4. change its meniscus

Answer: B

Question 7: Out of the following pairs, choose the pair in which the physical quantities do not have identical dimension?

  1. Pressure and Young’s modules
  2. Planck’s constant and Angular momentum
  3. Impulse and moment of force
  4. Force and rate of change of linear momentum

Answer: C

Question 8: Pick out the scalar quantity

  1. force
  2. pressure
  3. velocity
  4. acceleration

Answer: B

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Question 9: Rectifiers are used to convert

  1. Direct current to Alternating current
  2. Alternating current to Direct current
  3. high voltage to low voltage
  4. low voltage to high voltage

Answer: B

Question 10: Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water-proof properties to

  1. surface tension
  2. viscosity
  3. specific gravity
  4. elasticity

Answer: A

JEST Previous Year Solved Question Papers For Computer Science

1.The brain of any computer system is

B. Memory
D. Control unit
E. None of the above
Ans: C

2. Process is

A. program in High level language kept on disk
B. contents of main memory
C. a program in execution
D. a job in secondary memory
Ans: C

3. The term TSR is an abbreviation for:

A. Terminate Stay Ready
B. Testing System Read
C. Terminal Still Ready
D. Terminate Stay Resident

Ans: D

4. Conversion of an octal number 1128 to hexadecimal number is

A. 4A16
B. 5A16
C. 1516
D. 2016

Ans: A

5. A report generator is used to

A. update files
B. print files on paper
C. data entry
D. All of the above

Ans: B

6. What was originally called the “imitation game” by its creator?

A. The Turing Test
C. The Logic Theorist
D. Cybernetics

Ans: A

7. A program language:

A. defines the form of the instruction
B. is always machine dependent
C. is never machine dependent
D. All of the above

Ans: A

8. Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device

A. Router
B. Bridge
C. Repeater
D. Modem

Ans: B

9. Format flags may be combined using

A. the bitwise OR operator (|)
B. the logical OR operator (||)
C. the bitwise AND operator (&)
D. the logical AND operator (&&)

Ans: A

10. What could cause a fixed disk error.

A. No-CD installed
B. bad ram
C. slow processor
D. Incorrect CMOS settings

Ans: D

Brief Details About JEST

As we speaking earlier that, Joint Entrance Screening Test is conducted to provide admission in PhD or Integrated PhD program in Physics or Theoretical Computer Science or Neuroscience or Computational Biology. So candidates, we’re informing you that JEST Score Card is valid for one year to get admission in Ph.D program. You also keep in mind that, securing a rank in JEST Exam does not confirm admission in any college accepting the exam scores for admission. So we’re suggesting you that, prepare well for entrance examination by downloading the JEST Physics Previous Question Papers, JEST Old Question Papers and JEST Previous Question Papers.

Important Note:

We hope!!! Above provided questions and answers related to JEST Paper will helpful for you. You can also visit this Official Link to download additional information about JEST Question Papers. If you found any problem regarding JEST Physics Question Papers and JEST Previous Question Papers, then you can freely ask by leave their comment in comment box. Our team member of www.recruitmentinboxx.com will provide solution for JEST Question Papers Physics PDF and JEST Question Papers Physics as soon as possible. Thank You!!!

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