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JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper 2018 Download PDF! Question Papers with Solution

JIPMER Sample Paper                    

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is known as one of the best medical institutes. JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper is provided here for the participants appearing in MBBS Medical Entrance Examination conducted by this authority.

In order to provide admission to the candidates in undergraduate-graduate medical programmes this exam is being conducted. JIPMER MBBS 2018 Sample Paper assists you to understand the structure of the question paper.

Download PDF of JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper 2018 and check Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Question Papers with Solution by scrolling down this page, designed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper

JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper Download

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JIPMER MBBS Question Papers with Solution 2018

Question 1. The protein rich alga is:

  1. Ulothrix
  2. Spirogyra
  3. Nostoc
  4. Chlorella

ANS: 4

Question 2. In a full wave rectifier circuit operating from 50Hz mains frequency, the fundamental frequency in the ripple would be

  1. 25 Hz
  2. 75 Hz
  3. 50 Hz
  4. 100hz

Ans: 1

Question 3. The most stable conformation of 1,2-dihydroxyethene is

  1. Anti
  2. Staggered
  3. Gauche
  4. Eclipsed

Ans: 1

Question 4. The escape velocity on the surface of earth is 11.2km/s. what would be the escape velocity on the surface of the another planet of the same mass but ¼ times the radius of the

  1. 4 km/s
  2. 2 km/s
  3. 8 km/s
  4. 6 km/s

Ans: 1

Question 5. Floral formula of O+ K5C5A5+5G1- Å is characteristic of the family:

  1. Papilionaceae
  2. Caesalpinoideae
  3. Cruciferae
  4. Mimosoideae

ANS: 2

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Question 6. The amphibians of plant kingdom are:

  1. Algae
  2. Bryophytes
  3. Thallophytes
  4. Floating Plants

ANS: 2

Question 7. A pump motor is used to deliver water at a certain rate from a given pipe. To obtain twice as much water from the same pipe at the same time, power of the motor has to be increased to

  1. 16 times
  2. 8 times
  3. 4 times
  4. 2 times

Ans: 4

Question 8. The law of limiting factors for photosynthesis was enunciated by:

  1. Hill
  2. Calvin
  3. Krebs
  4. Blackman

ANS: 4

Question 9. Who said that “transpiration is a necessary evil”?

  1. Curtis
  2. Steward
  3. Andersen
  4. C. Bose

 ANS: 1

Question 10. Weightlessness experienced while orbiting the earth , in spaceships, is the result of

  1. Acceleration
  2. Inertia
  3. Zero Graviy
  4. Center Of Gravity

Ans: 1

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Question 11. Hydrolysis of sucrose in the presence of an acid is an example of

  1. second order reaction
  2. First order reaction
  3. Fermentation
  4. Pseudo first order reaction

Ans: 4

Question 12. By opening the door of a refrigrator which is inside a room, you can

  1. cool the room to a certain extent
  2. cool it to the temperature inside the refrigerator
  3. ultimately warm the room slightly
  4. neither cool nor warm the room

Ans: 3

Question 13. Biotic factors are:

  1. chemical factors of soil which affect life
  2. physical factors of soil which affect life
  3. all living organisms which influence other organisms
  4. factors of atmosphere which affect life

ANS: 3

Question 14. The capacity of a parallel plate capacitor depends on the

  1. type of metal used
  2. thickness of plates
  3. potential applied across the plates
  4. seperation between plates

Ans: 4

Question 15. A thermoelectric refrigerator works on

  1. Joule effect
  2. Seebeck effect
  3. Peltier effect
  4. Thermionic effect

Ans: 3

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Question 16. Nitrobenzene gives nitrobenzene and hydrazobenzene when reduced

  1. In acid medium
  2. In neutral medium
  3. Electrolytiaclly
  4. In alkaline medium

Ans: 4

Question 17. The coefficient of mutual inductance, when magnetic flux changes by 0.02 Wb and current changes by 0.01A is

  1. 2 H
  2. 3 H
  3. 4 H
  4. 8 H

Ans: 1

Question 18. Which of the following exhibits a direct proportionality to transpiration?

  1. Light and RH
  2. Temperature and RH
  3. Temperature and wind
  4. RH and wind

ANS: 3

Question 19. Lactic acid is produced by Rhizopus species:

  1. oryzae
  2. stolonifer
  3. nodosus
  4. sexualis

ANS: 3

Question 20. A metal block is expressed to beams of X-rays of different wavelength. X-rays of which wavelength penetrate most?

  1. 2 nm
  2. 6 nm
  3. 4 nm
  4. 8 nm

Ans: 1

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JIPMER MBBS Exam Pattern

  • Examination Paper will comprise questions from English, Logical and Quantitative Reasoning, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • There will be total 200 questions of 200 marks.
  • There will be no negative marking for wrong answer.
  • All the questions asked will be based on the syllabus of Class XI and XII.
  • Exam Paper will be based on Multiple Type Of Questions.
Subjects No. of Questions Marks
Logical and Quantitative Reasoning1010
Total 200200

Download Exam Pattern before Going at Exam Hall: JIPMER Admit Card

Qualifying marks in JIPMER MBBS 2018

Appearing contenders in JIPMER MBBS 2018 have to secure 50 percentile marks (for unreserved/OCI categories) and 40 percentile marks (for SC/ST/OBC categories) in the examination. Contenders belonging to OPH General Categories need to obtain minimum marks of 45 percentile.

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