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KVPY Mock Test 2018 SA SX SB Online Test Papers and Answers

KVPY Mock Test

KVPY Mock Test is available for all students, who want to participate for KVPY National Fellowship Program SA and SX SB. KVPY Online Test Papers of previous 8 years are given in the form of PDF below. You can appear for KVPY Mock Test 2018 to get familiar with the computer based test and pattern of questions. IISc Bangalore will conduct KVPY CBT Exam on November 5, 2017. Here you can check KVPY Question Papers and Answers by which you can get the idea of questions asked in previous years.   

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KVPY Question And Answer 2018Importance of KVPY Mock Test

KVPY 2018 or Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana is the National Level Fellowship Examination, conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. This program is started to support students, who are studying Basic Sciences to take up research career in Science. KVPY Fellowships are given to the selected candidates up to the pre-Ph.D. level. We, the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com, are providing KVPY 2018 Mock Test below, so please go for it and know your practice level.

KVPY Mock Test

KVPY Exam YearsKVPY Papers pdfKVPY Answer Sheet
2016Stream -SA PaperDownload PDF 
Stream -SB/SXDownload PDF
2015SA – English Version /  Hindi VersionDownload PDF 


SB/SX – English Version  /  Hindi VersionDownload PDF
2014SA – English Version  /  Hindi VersionDownload PDF


SB/SX – English Version  /  Hindi VersionDownload PDF
2013SA – English Version /  Hindi VersionDownload PDF
SB/SX – English Version /  Hindi Version


2012SA (English Version)Download PDF
SB/SX (English Version)
2011SA Part A (English Version)Download PDF
SB/SX (English Version)
2010SA Part A (English Version)  (Hindi Version)Download PDF
SA Part B (English Version)  (Hindi Version)Download PDF
SB/SX (English Version)  (Hindi Version)Download PDF
2009Stream SA (2009)
Stream SB (2009)

 KVPY Questions and Answers

KVPY Solved Paper 2018 is given below for all subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In exam questions will be based on the pattern of questions given in KVPY SA SX SB Mock Test only. Not exactly same questions will be asked.

Q1: What are the orders of drift velocity for normally applied potentials (0 to 5V) and that of random thermal speed at room temperature say (300 K).

Ans. The drift velocity is of the order of 10m per second whereas random thermal velocity of electrons is of the order of 105 metre per second.

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Q2: What is the conventional direction of flow of current in a metallic conductor ?

Ans. The conventional direction of flow of current is taken as the direction of flow of positive charge from higher potential to lower potential.

Q3: When is the Wheatstoneís bridge said to be most sensitive ?

Ans. When all the four resistances P, Q, R and S are of nearly the same order of magnitude.

Q4: the ball of a pendulum is hollow and filled with water.Asmall hole is made in the bottom of the ball, water comes out from it. How the time period of pendulum will effect.

Ans. First it will increase then decrease.

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Q5: A solid cylinder of diameter D is mounted on a frictionless horizontal axle. A string is wrapped around it. A heavy mass suspended by the string strikes the ground with a velocity V. How V depends on D ?

Ans. V is independent of D

Q6: What is the difference between corundum and carborundum ?

Ans. Corundum isAl2O3 and carborundum is SiC.

Q7: What is the chemical formula of foolís gold ?

Ans. FeS2 12. When

Q8: Which compounds act as propellant for rockets ?

Ans. Liquid hydrogen + Liquid oxygen

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Q9: What happenss when a standard solution of NaOH is left in air for a few hours ?

Ans. Strength will decrease of NaOH solution.

Q10: Why Gypsum is added to portland cement ?

Ans. To slow down the process of setting.

Q11: Which gases are absorbers of IR-radiation ?

Ans. Carbondioxide and chlorofluorocarbons.

Q12: Container A of volume a, is half full. Container B of volume b, is one-third full. Container C of volume c, is empty. If the water in the containers is divided equally among the containers, then what part of the container C will be full ?

(A)  (3a + 2b) /18c

(B) (2a + b) / 24c

(C) (a + 4b) /6c

(D) (a + b) /3c

Ans: Part of container C filled with water

= (amount of water in container A + amount of water in container B + amount of water in + + container C)/ 3c

= (a/2 + b/3+ 0)/ 3c

= (3a +2b) / 18c

Q13: How we get innate immunity ?

Ans. Innate immunity is present from birth. This kind of immunity is obtained from immunoglobin G & A. Specially gG can pass through the placenta.

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Q14: What is the difference between antibiotics and antibodies ?

Ans. Antibioticsare specific chemicals which areobtained from microbes but antibodies arespecific immunoglobins which are formed inside the living being against a specific antigen.

Q15: What will happen if we provide O+ve blood to an Oñve person at first time ?

Ans. No effect i.e. the person can survive because antibodies are not formed in sufficient amount against inserted antigen.

Q16:Is there any relation in body size & heartbeat ?

Ans. Yes, if body size is small then heart beat will be greater because of quick circulation in small sized body.

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Q17:What will happen if lungs are replaced by balloon ?

Ans. It will burst due to absence of strech-receptors.

Q18: What will happen if a person having blood group ‘A’ receive the blood of blood group B. A.

Ans. A- Blood grouped person having ‘b’ antibodies which can recognize ‘B’ antigen of blood group ‘B’. So antigen antibody reaction occur which result in agglutination that leads in death.

Q19: Which of the following gives green colour to the flame ?

(i) BaCl2 (ii) CaCl2

Ans. BaCl2

Q20: Which one is greater e.m.f. or terminal voltage across the cell ?

Ans. The e.m.f. is greater than the terminal voltage across the cell.

KVPY Exam Pattern

To attend Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Examination, you must check pattern of Examination Pattern that is well stated below. Examination will be conducted in two parts such as (Part A) and (Part B). You have to solve total 40 MCQs in examination.

KVPY Exam Pattern 2018 (Part A):

SubjectsQuestion NumberMarks (For each question)Negative Marks (For each question)
Physics1 to 510.25
Chemistry6 to 1010.25
Mathematics11 to 1510.25
Biology16 to 2010.25

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KVPY Pattern 2018 (Part B):

SubjectsQuestion NumberMarks (For each question)Negative Marks (For each question)
Physics21 to 2510.25
Chemistry26 to 3010.25
Mathematics31 to 3510.25
Biology36 to 4010.25

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Importance of KVPY Mock Test 2018

  • It’s too important to appear KVPY Mock Test before attending examination, because by this you can know the level of examination asked in examination.
  • As the examination will be computer based, so you will be familiar with the way to attend online exam by KVPY Past Year Papers.
  • You can know the pattern of examination, asked in examination though KVPY Previous Year Question Papers 2018 and how can u save your time to solve questions.
  • You can know the difficult level of exam and tricks to solve questions by KVPY Previous Year Papers.
  • Through KVPY Online Mock Test 2018, you can also analyze your preparation level and how much efforts are required more.

You may join us on Facebook and Google Plus to get latest updates time to time. If you have any query related to KVPY Mock Test 2018, then please ask in comment box that is well stated below. We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible. Candidates may subscribe to our freemail service for getting information in mailbox. We will provide latest information in your mail as soon as possible.

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