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Online Engineering Quiz | Electrical/Civil Engg Questions with Solution

Online Engineering Quiz

Online Engineering QuizIf you are looking for Online Engineering Quiz, then you’re at the right place. Here you’ll get Electrical/Civil Engg Questions with their Solutions. In order to crack any sort of engineering examination students requires to know the type and idea of the questions that can be asked in the test. So for your convenience, team www.recruitmentinboxx.com has created this page and listed few top often asked question with their answers in the below section.  So, go further and get the idea to crack and attain success in Engineering exam.

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Online Engineering Quiz

Q1. A pitot tube is used to measure

Q2. The thickness of a sharp crested weir is kept less than

Q3. The property of steam function ψ is :

Q4. The maximum vacuum created at the summit of a syphon is

Q5. If the atmospheric pressure on the surface of an oil tank (sp. gr. 0.8) is 0.1 kg/cm2, the pressure at a depth of 2.5 m, is;

Q6. The total pressure force on a plane area is equal to the area multiplied by the intensity of pressure at its centroid, if

Q7. If the volume of a liquid weighing 3000 kg is 4 cubic metres, 0.75 is its

Q8. Bernoulli's equation assumes that

Q9. A syphon is used

Q10. Most economical section of a circular channel for maximum discharge

Q11. Unit of kinematic viscosity is

Q12. The shear stress distribution in viscous fluid through a circular pipe is :

Q13. A piezometer opening in pipes measures

Q14. An independent mass of a fluid does not posses

Q15. A short tube mouthpiece will not run full at its outlet if the head under which the orifice works, is

Q16. Hydrostatic pressure on a dam depends upon its

Q17. Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe, is

Q18. An ideal flow of a liquid obeys

Q19. Reynold number is the ratio of initial force and

Q20. If the total head of the nozzle of a pipe is 37.5 m and discharge is 1 cumec, the power generated is

Q21. The phenomenon occuring in an open channel when a rapidly flowing stream abruptly changes to a slowly flowing stream causing a distinct rise of liquid surface, is

Q22. The horizontal component of the force on a curved surface is equal to

Q23. Differential manometers are used to measure

Q24. A tank 4m x 3m x 2m containing an oil of specific gravity 0.83 is moved with an acceleration g/2 m sec2. The ratio of the pressures at its bottom when it is moving vertically up and down, is

Q25. Highest dam in India, is

In order to crack engineering examination or test students actually requires knowing the sort of questions that might be asked in the test. So, just to guide you with the top most frequent asked questions with their answers. So we wish you ‘Best Of Luck’.. Prepare Well and Do well in exam.

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