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Online Test for Railway Exam| Online Quiz/Mock Test, Group C/D Exam Questions

Online Test for Railway Exam

Want to Experience Actual Exam Interface??  If Yes!! Then Solve Online Test for Railway Exam!!! Railway is one of the most prominent and secured sector where most of the youth of 21st century want to make their career path. Thus, candidates who have applied against Upcoming Railway Exams for fetching posts in Group C/D must be seeking for preparation stuff. As we all are aware that qualifying Railway Examination is not an easy bike to ride. Therefore to help you in this concern, we are providing Online Quiz for Railway Exam along with Railway Exam Questions on this single web page. In order to master the examination with good scores, you can also solve Railway Exam Mock Test provided here.

Solve below provided Mock Test for Railway Exam in order to improve your scores. Depart yourself without any astonish on the day of examination by working on Mocks based on Latest Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Here on this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com, we are providing Online Test for Railway Exam accompanied each of the following with four alternatives. Aspirants need to select the most appropriate answer related to the asked question.

Quiz for Railway Exam

Question 1: Which of these battles proved decisive in the Anglo-French rivalry in India? 

Question 2: Which of the following introduced Permanent Revenue Settlement of Bengal?

Question 3: The population of a town was 48600. It increased by 25% in the first year and decreased by 8% in the second year. What will be the population of the town at the end of 2 years?

Question 5: If ‘w’ is coded as ‘a’, ‘s’ as ‘r’ and ‘r’ as ‘w’ how will ‘answer’ be written ?

Question 4: Lion: flesh: : cow : …….

Question 6: In a certain code, 15789 is written as XTCAL and 2346 is written as NPSU. How is 23549 written in that code?

Question 7: If CLOCK is codded as 34235 and TIME as 8679, what will be the code for MOLEK?

Question 8: Pointing to the lady in the photograph, Mrinalini said, “Her son’s father is the only son-in-law of my mother”. How is Mrinalini related to the-lady

Question 9: X told Y, “Though I am the son of your father, you are not my brother”. How is X related to Y?

Question 10: The owner of a boutique decides to calculate the percentage of customers who purchase hats. If 40 per cent of the store’s customers decide to purchase items, and of those customers 15 percent purchase hats, then what per cent of the store’s customers purchase hats?

Question 11: A man said to a woman, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt.” How is the woman related to the man?

Question 12: Who among the following is referred to as ‘Desert Fox’?

Question 13: The Government of India, 1919 is also known as

Question 14: When were the first recorded Olympics held?

Question 15: Who won the first silver medal for an individual event at the Olympics for India?

Question 16: Match the artists with their art form as follows:

Question 17: In which State the folk painting Madhubani is popular?

Question 18: Mahesh invests an amount of Rs 8,[email protected] 4% p.a. for 2 years. What approximate amount of compound interest will he obtain at the end of 2 years?

Question 19: If the manufacturer gains 10%, the wholesale dealer 15% and the retailer 25%, then find the cost of production of a table, the retail price of which is Rs 1265?

Question 20: Two taps can fill a tank in 12 and 18 minutes respectively. Both are kept open for 2 minutes and the first is turned off. In how many minutes more will the tank be filled?

Contenders who are preparing for Latest Railway Exam can consider above stated Online Test for Railway Exam, as it will help you in securing good marks. For more updates concerning Upcoming Railway Examination, stay tuned with us. As we will update, our page time to time. In this concern, bookmark our web page with the help of ctrl + d key.


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