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Study Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam in 7 Weeks | Complete Study Plan

Study Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam

If you are preparing for IBPS Clerk Exam then Complete Study Plan asserted here will be useful for your Preparation. Get here Study Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam in 7 Weeks, as; you’ll get the knowledge of IBPS exam pattern, syllabus, etc. So, we advise you to go through the entire article and grab the knowledge all about IBPS Clerk Exam and its Schedule.

Study Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam in 7 Weeks

The candidates who are interested in joining the bank, this is a good time to start your preparation to be in the list of winning candidates, issued IBPS at the end of selection phrase for recruitment this year. We have come up with some Study Tips for the candidates that will help them to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam in 7 Weeks, so read and try to follow the points;

Study Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam

This plan will be useful for all the banking exams, so let’s check them out;


Start with English language;

Day 1-3: Grammar Days

Read English Grammar notes, as English section is where (Read it IBPS Study Material)

Day 4-10: Speed Reading Week

During this week you just need to read a lot. Forget about everything else and read variety of topics.

  • Read whatever you found interesting, whether it’s Romantic, fiction or thrills, just Read newspapers and magazines both offline / online.
  • Though these reading novels are not part of your course but this will improve

Day 11-17: Vocabulary Week

Vocabulary is the section where you can score so good to crack English language section of any exam.

Just install a Dictionary application on your Smartphone; with this you can improve your Vocabulary skills well, even there are many offline apps too…

Check Here: IBPS Clerk Syllabus


Day 1-3

  • Learn squares up to 40
  • Learn tables up to 40
  • Learn multiplication, squaring tricks

Day 4-8: Data Interpretation

  • At this point I am expecting that you have learnt all the tables and calculations tricks.
  • Without wasting time, go to the DI guide: – Go for Data Interpretation Guide

Day 9-18

Check Here: Bank Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers


Here in this Quantitative Aptitude section, ‘after reading concepts and tricks for each chapter, we strictly suggest you to go well these at least 40 questions from each and every chapter.

Remember, simply Avoid R.S. Aggarwal and M. Tyra books. Well it just because, complexity level is high and this is not the correct time to go with these, you won’t get enough time to prepare for recent exams.


Day 1-7: Puzzles Week

Go with puzzles and solving such things, this will make you good at reasoning one!

Since, there are so many puzzles book that are available at online stores, you can find any.

Even after solving one puzzle book, you’ll see a slight yet good improvement in your scores and also managing timings.

For more check here- IBPS Question Papers

Day 8-9: Syllogism

  • Syllogism is easy one, to solve this topic you actually have two methods to solve these questions, but suggest you always prefer Venn diagrams method.
  • You can solve at least 100 questions in these two days.

Day 10-11: Inequalities

You can solve 5 different questions within 2 minutes, yes! It is possible if you know the right techniques.

Day 12: Series

Most of the students stuck in series. It is an easy topic; you need to find a trend.

Forget about AP, GP etc. You need to find complicated trends like –

  • Number are first multiplied by 3 and squared,
  • After finding square-root numbers are divided by 2.

This may be sounds easier, but in actual it’s difficult to find such trends. Just practice and practice more, Solve as many questions as possible;

Check Here Complete – IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern

Day 13-15: Seating arrangement

Major types of seating arrangement questions;

  • Linear seating arrangement
  • Circular seating arrangement (Facing inside and outside)
  • Rectangular seating arrangement

Circular seating arrangement exam topic, here you need to Practice at least 50 sets.

Day 16-18: Misc

Other important topics are:

  • Machine input output
  • Blood relations
  • Data sufficiency (Workbook)

Check Out: IBPS Clerk Books

Day 1-14: Mock tests week

Now, you should take Mock tests for IBPS Clerk at the end of October.

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