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Top 10 High Salaried Careers For Non-Working Moms| Safe Jobs For Women

Top 10 High Salaried Careers For Non-Working Moms

Top 10 High Salaried Careers For Non-Working MomsAre you a mom looking for a job? We have found Top 10 High Salaried Careers For Non-Working Moms for helping you to take right decision with right career option. On this page we have provided more safe jobs for women. First of all, they need to be clear about their priorities. Mothers have to consider many things before starting a job. There are various jobs are available for non-working moms. Mothers, who have desire to do a job, read this page carefully. You may find the perfect and flexible job that suits your timing and your personality. We have mentioned family friendly jobs on the below section on this page. Mothers, you should consider once before to start a job about the timing and your responsibilities.

Top 10 High Salaried Careers For Non-Working Moms

1).Fitness / Yoga Instructor:

If you are a mom and want to start your career as a professional so fitness instructor or yoga instructor is a right career option for you that paying high salary. Women, one more thing it is a flexible job for you and you can earn more by conducting one class in a week only. Instructor can charge extensively more per hour depending on credentials, location and types of clients.

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2).Music/ Dance Teacher:

Moms if you love music or dancing so it may have also another option for start a job as a Music/ Dance Teacher. Today demand of music or dance coaches or teachers is increasing fatly. Those people, for whom dance is hobby and passion, are paying high fee for dance or music classes. Therefore this career option gives you the chance to establish you with name and fame.

3).Fashion/ Textile:

Female always loves fashion and do many things with their look and appearance. They understand the need of working women or non working women. Good looking and appearance is most important for professional women. They can design clothes, footwear or jewelry for the people and get high salary. If you also have the knowledge of textile, garment and fabric qualities then you became a good fashion designer.

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4).Dental Hygienist:

Dental Hygienist works in sifts as a flexible time schedule and mostly are working this job part time. This demand continues to grow as people’s healthcare and medical needs continue to grow. Various opportunities are available in this field with flexible time schedule.

5).Web Developer:

Web developers use design and programming software to create Internet websites. This career generally requires a bachelor’s degree that is related to computer science, although exceptions may be made for those with the required skills and professional experience.

6).Market Research Analyst:

Market research analysts help companies to understand their competitors’ action and their customers’ needs. Market Research Analyst can do job as a market research analysts, marketing managers or survey researchers. Market research analysts collect information about products and the consumer market using surveys, consumer-feedback reports and sales statistics.

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A career in accounting is one of the most stable careers you can do which is a top consideration for working moms. Accountant works for accounting firms, public companies, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. They prepare documents, such as income tax returns, monthly reports and financial statements. If you are working in a company then you may ask to your employer for flexibility in time schedule.

8).Financial planner:

Most financial planners work for large firms in big cities; however, many are beginning to work in suburban areas, helping middle class citizens develop retirement and savings plans. You may also work as a personal financial planner or advisor at your own place. As a finance planner you may get high payment from the client or employer.

9).Makeup Artist:

As we know women loves to makeup also for good and attractive look. Makeup technicians, also known as makeup artists, specialize in applying makeup to enhance or change a person’s facial appearance. Makeup technicians apply makeup to clients in beauty shops, theaters, television stations, production companies and other entertainment businesses. In this profession demand of skilled makeup artist is growing rapidly.

10).Data Entry:

Data Entry jobs include entering data on computer or into some type of a secure file system and may include other types of clerical activities. Data Entry jobs are very telecommuting friendly as they can be done remotely from a home computer. For doing this job no any higher degree is required expect basic knowledge of computer typing.

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