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Traffic Signs Meaning Names Images In Hindi/English

Traffic Signs

To avoid accidents, you have to understand the Traffic Signs Meaning. Traffic signs are the soundless speakers that provide information and warn you for possible dangers. Traffic signs give out a number of messages and tell drivers when and where to turn or not to turn on the road. When you cross the road, it becomes very difficult to see each signal. If you spend extra time understanding the signs on the road then you will not be able to see the vehicles running the road. There are some road signs that are understandable but there are some signs that you don’t see often, if at all, on your regular journeys. So here on this page we are providing some Traffic Signs name with Images and also give the Traffic Signs Meaning In Hindi & English that you might not see all the time.

Everyone should be aware of the road traffic rules specially children and young people who are at major road accident risks. Populace not following the road traffic rules and road safety measures these are main reason of such accidents on the roads. Road safety is very important while being on the road. To avoid accidents, we are sharing the Traffic Signs Meaning, so people must have a look below page which is written by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Traffic Signs

Types of Traffic Signs

Road safety signs are mainly of three types:

Mandatory Signs

These signs are used to ascertain free movement of traffic and make the road users aware of certain laws and system, limitations and bans. According to the law, violation of these signs is a crime.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs And Their Meanings:

Name in English

Name in Hindi Their Meanings
Stop रुकें The sign shows that the drivers have to stop at their place.
Give Way रास्ता दें The sign is used to show the direction to the traffic to give way to right side drivers.
No Entry प्रवेश निषेध This symbols shows that there is a limited area ahead, so the driver must not go and reroute.
One Way एक रास्ता This sign show that the traffic is permitted to be stimulated in a single direction.
Vehicles Prohibited in Both Directions वाहन दोनों दिशाओं में निषिद्ध The sign advices the area in front is blocked from both the sides. The traffic cannot be moved from either side
Right Turn Prohibited दाएं बंद निषिद्ध The sign directs the driver to avoid the right move
Left Turn Prohibited वाम मोड़ निषिद्ध The sign directs the driver to avoid the left turn.
U-Turn Prohibited यू-टर्न निषिद्ध The sign directs the driver to avoid the left turn.
Overtaking Prohibited अधिक से अधिक निषिद्ध Occasionally, on the highways or where the roads are narrow or on the bridge, it becomes very dangerous by moving forward. Indications are kept in these types of places to ensure safety
Horn Prohibited हॉर्न निषिद्ध When there is no need for horning, then it is indicated so that the drivers should respect silence and not use the horn.
No Parking पार्किंग नहीं It restricts the parking of a vehicle in a specified area.
Speed Limit गति सीमा In whatever number to sign, the driver should limit its speed accordingly.
Compulsory Turn Left अनिवार्य बारी वाम Due to a turn, this symbol is kept. Someone should be left after seeing it
Compulsory Ahead अनिवार्य आगे The sign shows that one should go in straight direction.
Compulsory Right Turn अनिवार्य दायाँ मोड़ One particular reason is why this signal has been established so that the driver should go in the right direction and move on to a safe perspective.
Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right अनिवार्य आगे या दाएं मुड़ें This signal prompts to go straight or right right
Compulsory Ahead or Turn Left अनिवार्य आगे या वाम मोड़ This signal indicates either to go straight or to turn left
Compulsory Sound Horn अनिवार्य ध्वनि हॉर्न

This signal indicates that the horn should fly normally; this signal will be seen on the highway, where you do not have any information about the incoming traffic.

Cautionary Signs

These signs are aware of the dangerous conditions of the road beforehand. Through the help of this sign the drivers take necessary step to handle the situation.

Traffic Signs In India And Their Meaning:

Name in English Name  in Hindi Their Meanings

Right Hand Curve

दायां हाथ वक्र Further, on the way forward, it is informed about the right hand curve.
Left Hand Curve बायां हाथ वक्र It indicates a left hand curve on the forward path.
Right Hair Pin Band दायां हेयर पिन बैंड Anyone can see this sign board on the mountainous roads where the sharp tunrs. When the right sharpening moves forward, it will warn you to take the right steps.
Left Hair Pin Band बाएं हेयर पिन बैंड This signal will alert you about a sharp left turn. These are very important on mountainous roads.
Right Reverse Band दायां रिवर्स बैंड This Z-shaped signal shows the Z-shaped formation like the road ahead to the right direction, it warns the driver to slow the speed.
Left Reverse Band बाएं रिवर्स बैंड This Z-size signal indicates the same Z-shaped formation of the road forward. it warns the driver to slow the speed.
Steep Ascent खड़ी चढ़ाई These signs are usually found in mountainous areas where there is a sharp fluctuation
Steep Descent अत्यधिक अवरोह These signs are usually found in mountainous areas where there’s a Steep downward slope.
Narrow Road Ahead संकीर्ण सड़क आगे This signal indicates further the narrowing of the road so that the driver could reduce the speed.
Road Widens Ahead सड़क आगे बढ़ती है This signal tells about the intersection of the road so that the traffic can be adjusted accordingly.
Narrow Bridge तंग पुल this sign board is built to a Next narrow bridge
Slippery Road फिसलन सड़क This signal tells about the slippery road due to any leakage of water or oil spill etc.
Loose Gravel खुली बजरी  This signal is usually placed on mountainous routes where the possibility of loose soil or gravel decreases.
Cycle Crossing साइकिल क्रॉसिंग The cycle of crossing the main road is the path, the sign will warn the driver about it.
Pedestrian Crossing पैदल चलने वालों का मार्ग Walkers are the ones to be served first than the rest of the traffic. When this is erect, that means the driver should either slowthe speed or stops the vehicle and let the pedestrians cross the road first.
School Ahead स्कूल आगे This sign indicates about a school ahead.
Men at Work काम चल रहा है This shows that any kind of work or repair is going on ahead the road.
Cattle पशु There are possibilities that a cattle can be wandering on the road
Falling Rocks गिरती हुई चट्टानें Due to landslides in excessive climates, the signs warn about further rocks fall.
Cross Road क्रॉस रोड This signal indicates two roads moving forward
Gap In Median औसत में गैप This sign indicates that the provision of U-turn is ahead
Side Road Right साइड रोड दायां This signal moves forward with moving forward towards the right direction.
Side Road Left साइड रोड बाएं The signal indicates a straight path along one turn to the left
Y-intersection वाई के चौराहे There are y-shaped form is further formed; it shows the actual formation of the road.
Staggered Intersection चौंका पड़ना Where it turns left and right, this sign is given; there is a short distance between them both on the direct road.
T-Intersection टी चौराहे The signs notify that there’s a T crossroads on the road ahead and from where you cannot go forward.
Major Road Ahead प्रमुख सड़क आगे This mark is placed where there is a big cross on the road ahead.
Round About दौर के बारे में This signal can be used as a crossing road.
Dangerous Dip खतरनाक डुबकी It shows that there is a dip ahead road
Hump or Rough Road हंप या रफ रोड A hump is made on the road so that the driver can slow down. The signal indicates the same.
Unguarded Level Crossing अनग्रेड लेवल क्रॉसिंग The sign indicates that there is a railway crossing ahead. An unknown type of description is that when a train is coming, the driver must cross the road at his own risk.
Guarded Level Crossing संरक्षित स्तर क्रॉसिंग

This sign indicates that further railway crossings are protected by any person.

Informatory Signs

These signs help the road users to know about the destinations, distance, alternative routes, and famous locations such as food joints, public toilets, nearby hospitals, etc.

Traffic Signs And Meanings:

Name Name in Hindi Their Meanings

Public Telephone

सार्वजनिक टेलीफोन The signal indicates that anyone can avail the telephone service ahead
Petrol Pump पेट्रोल पंप This signal clearly indicates the availability of a gasoline pump on the way forward.
Hospital अस्पताल This signal shows the availability of the closest one hospital
First Aid Post फर्स्ट ऐड पोस्ट This informative sign will tell you about the first aid facility for further assistance.
Eating Place खाने की जगह This sign will be usually seen on highways which will indicate the convenience of any food.
Light Refreshment हल्की ताज़गी This signal will inform about the availability of any light refreshment on the road
No Thorough Road सड़क के रास्ते नहीं This sign is placed from where you can’t take an exit.
No Thorough Side Road ना द्वारा साइड रोड This sign is erected when there is no through side road on the main road.
Park This Side पार्क इस तरफ This sign indicates the location where you can park.
Parking Scooters and Motorcycles पार्किंग स्कूटर और मोटरसाइकिलें One can park his scooter or motorcycle at such a place where this sign is kept.
Parking Lot Cycles पार्किंग लॉट साइकिल One can park his scooter or motorcycle at such a place where this sign is kept.
Parking Lot Cars पार्किंग लॉट कारें This Informative Sign indicates that the parking is meant only for cars.
Resting place शांत स्थान

Whenever there is a motel or a lodge, which is nearby, you will find this sign on the road.

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Indian Traffic Rules and Signs

Basic Rules of the Road:

There are various rules that have been set for the help of people and the idea of making these rules is not that they must be understand by the drivers, but it should also be understand by the cyclists, walkers and other people. It is necessary to pursue all the rules and guideline and they are evidently planned here. People are suggested that they should be cautiously viewing all the rules and directive and it is capable to be cautious, understanding and enduring.

Traffic Signals:

Traffic signals or stop lights are located on the road traffic circle and they are used for representing that whether it is secure to walk or not. People are suggested that they must follow all the road signs and they will be needed to know this information that is modified through color code.

Road Signals:

These signs play a very important role in the traffic system and these signals are made for the protection of the people.

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Hand Signals:

Hand Signals or Manual rule Signs are the gesture used to control traffic on the road using the hand actions. Traffic policemen apply these actions to control traffic mainly at intersection at the same time as the drivers use these signals to inform the other users on the road concerning his meaning.

Road Markings and Pavement Markings:

Road markings or pavement markings were set up in 1920s. Firstly, they were used to specify the road’s centerline. But, as they traffic better so did the roads and the lanes and afterward with the multi lane roads they were used to describe lanes. With the times, they too have evolved plenty adorned with the detail to aid motorists in passing safely.

Final words:

The Traffic Signs helps you to find the way on the road, avoids crash and helps you reach your destination. Knowing these accepted traffic signs and their meaning is a essential part of being a safe driver, bicyclist, and walker. For more information visit this web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com time to time.

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