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10 Necessities Of Smart Learning| You Can Get Higher Rank In Examination

10 Necessities Of Smart Learning

To get higher rank in examination, you must know 10 Necessities Of Smart Learning points that are well mentioned on this page. If the method of your study is correct, then you can get highest marks in examination.

Learning way of every student is different but it is quite necessary to study very smartly to get higher scores. Some of the candidates are naturally good learners as they learn anything in their first attempt but many are not the same.

How to get Higher Rank In Examination?

While preparation of exams, you must be stay attentive as if you will pay attention then you will be able to concentrate on your study. So go through the below section of this page, made by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com and start your preparation by taking these points in your mind.

10 Necessities of Smart Learning


1).Collect unique study materials:

Before starting your preparation it is necessary that you must have unique study material related to the respective subject. We are suggesting you that not to prepare from books of various and different writers as in every writer’s books there will be different study method.

This will make you confuse on a topic as many writers do not write in a same pattern of writing or style of writing. Try to read books only a writer for not to confuse with a concept.

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2).Underline the facts:

When you are reading any subject or topics you must try to make underline the facts which are important so that you could find easily again when you need it in future. The topics which you underlined will remain remember you for long time.

3).Highlight important topics:

The topics that are not to be missed at any cost while you study or revision must be highlighted. Students should have a highlighter while they study so that they marked important topics.

Learn a specific topic:

You should learn a specific topic, you could do the following:

  • Read the class notes
  • Read the textbook
  • Watch videos related to the subject
  • Look up other online resources
  • Create a mind map
  • Teach someone what you’ve learned
  • Do practice problems from a variety of sources

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4).Make headings of important topics in notes:

Study with writing is also a good method to learn any topic for long time but it is not easy or important to write everything. Students should note important subjects to learn. You may use as headings of important topics and describe it in your own language to understand the topic as well.

5).Visual Learning:

As we know we can remember the thing for a long time that we have seen. Students try to understand the things by visual effect through pictures, diagrams, internet, charts, etc. Any kind of visual effect will remain fresh for a long time and help you to understand properly.

You should Review the information periodically, instead of cramming. Get the entire periodic review system:

  • 1st review: 1 day after learning the new information
  • 2nd review: 3 days after the 1st review
  • 3rd review: 7 days after the 2nd review
  • 4th review: 21 days after the 3rd review
  • 5th review: 30 days after the 4th review
  • 6th review: 45 days after the 5th review
  • 7th review: 60 days after the 6th review

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6).Online learning:

Online study material became very helpful for learners in last few years. It helps to understand any subject with visual effect. Students can find anything related to education or study on internet. It may helpful to provide unique and proper information about any topic. It has the ability to give answer your all curiosity within a minute.

7).Time management:

Time management is very important factor for anything. Time is more valuable for students also. Students must manage time according to their need of study. You can increase or decrease it according to you. Make time table for study well and follow it strictly to get higher rank in examination.

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8).Write Formulae:

If you are studying the topics that include formulas, you must note down it on a paper to learn well. Some questions are completely based on formulas in exam or competitive exams but that are easy to solve with formulas. So write formulas on a paper to remember them for exam.

9).Making Charts:

Candidates can make a chart of concerning topics to remember that for a long time and hang it to the study room so that you may see it always. By doing this you will be keeping in touch the topic or subject.

You should also write down your worries as:

  • Will I do well on this exam?
  • What if I forget the key concepts and equations?
  • What if the exam is harder than expected?

These types of thoughts commonly run through your head before appearing in examination. But if these thoughts run wild, the accompanying anxiety can affect your grades.

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10).Draw Diagrams:

Some questions can be easy with diagrams so practice to draw a diagram or graphs of related questions or concepts. If you practice to draw the diagrams it will make visually impact on your mind and help to understand the topic.

Take help from teachers or seniors

Teachers and seniors are the expedited person in our life and they help us to understand any topic when we need them. Candidates should keep touch with their teachers and seniors during exams to get help from them.

Always ask for help to the seniors to learn any concept. If they are unable to make clear your doubts then you should go to your teachers to resolve your query.

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Don’t try to memorize but Understand well

Candidates or students, we are advising you not to memorize, but understand the topics. If you are trying to memorize, there may be the chances to forget it, but if you understand the topic once, then you will never forget the thing you have learnt.


We hope that all the points of 10 Necessities Of Smart Learning mentioned above will be helpful for you. You may keep in touch with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates as we update our pages time to time.

Good Luck!!!

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