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11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes | How to Avoid Biggest Mistakes, Tips

11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

Check here, 11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes that can also be committed by any of the experts!!! We do prepare and present in the interview 110% at our end; still some of us get rejected, Reason? So it’s time to prepare yourself as per the need of the interviewer and give him not even a single point to reject you. 

Interview is an important and almost end phase for every selection. Here in this web page we are providing some of the common mistakes that a person may commit intentionally or unintentionally because or nervousness, over smartness and other factors and also tips for “How to Avoid Biggest Mistakes”.

How to Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Interview

Before starting we advise you to practice interviewing with yourself as this will add up a good preparation and you’ll easily find any of your nervous ticks. If you have made it as far as the job interview, you must have a decent understanding of job-hunting and the key elements of job-searching. So, let’s just begin this.

For your convenience we the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com have tailored this article of 11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes and how to avoid making them, you should read it completely. It will be definitely helpful for you.

11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

# 1: Be in Yourself:

Very first, consider yourself rather than not being yourself, even though you want to simply change your answers actually based on what you understood from an interviewer. But be careful about what recruiting person wants and think, how he’s/she’s acting, so aim not to overstate your case.

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# 2:  Not asking questions

Show some interest though you’re stressed, as if you’ll fail to take an opportunity to get asked questions then this may end up reason for discussion. So, always prepare well before you appear for any such meetings or interviews and be ready with your own questions to rock.

# 3: Don’t be over confident

Stop being ‘Superman’ or being over smart! Try to Avoid Eye Contact because this just one habit in an individual may create a big problem. And shifting your eyes from left to right can make you seem trustworthy.

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# 4: Talking Too Much

Be casual, but don’t be so open that you start Giggling, you’re a big person now and you’ve to be responsible at least at the time of interview. When there’s silence while you conversing with recruiter at that time simply smile and will this make you more confident and attractive to get hired easily.

# 5: Avoid Misbehavior

Don try to touch anything kept their, except your own belongings as this one is also a big reason to disturb interviewer’s ease. Yes! Touching anything on or near you will not be liked and it will show that you’re bit nervous. So, be confident in how you behave their.

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# 6: Don’t Use Short Words

Say NO to Using that “Umm… Yes – No”, the whole thing should be said with a purpose as an alternative of filling a pause with an “umm…” then in this case just keep your mouth closed. Yes, it will benefit you…

If there is a need then at that time, say, “Let me think well for a moment.” Believe us; you will sound much amazing and an intelligent person with great confidence.

# 7: Do not condemn your past Profession 

Please don’t complain about your past profession or your current employer because this will give 100% bad impression. May be it doesn’t matter you, but it really struck in a recruiter’s mind.

Yes! No employer wants to know or have an employee who wants to join them just because this will be better than where you are now.

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# 8:  Try to be smart 

Be smart enough that you at least avoid saying too little and even too much. As when you’ll respond to interview questions, you have to reply in such as manner that your solution or answers fits satisfaction, but not a lengthy one as if they are too lengthy, they’ll surely tune you out.

# 9: Don’t Put Silly Efforts

Be genuine and don’t Show off your background, your traits. They know very well who you are in reference to your job search. Despite behave genuine and magic will be there, you’ll impressed by them. So, don’t put any silly effort into this situation of job to achieve it.

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# 10: Arriving Late

Not being on Time is seriously another top can reason for you to get rejected at once in in their mind. So, don’t be late to appear and attend for an interview. Remember, when possible, always allow extra travel time and arrive about 15 minutes early.

# 11: Don’t Say Sorry

It’s ok you respect them, but stop Apologizing when not required. You know why?? Well, this is the quickest way to showed up your weaken points in front of an employer. So we, advise you or you take this as warning, but avoid doing so…. Be, who you are “a Confident man/woman”.

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And don’t forget to look at grooming section is well and dressed to impress your interviewer.

Some Of The General Interview Mistakes

Each one of us can make a mistake, but to commit the same mistake again is not good. Here are some of the other mistakes which a person may commit unintentionally. These mistakes are so common that individuals don’t even relase after coming them. Here is the list-

  • Dressing Inappropriately
  • Bringing a Drink With You
  • Using Your Phone During the Interview
  • Not Knowing Anything About the Company
  • Incomplete Knowledge about the Resume Facts
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Playing with your phone
  • Getting too Friendly
  • Being rude

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End Note:

In this article of 11 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes, we just want to help you making realize few of our common yet serious errors at interviewing. So, go through these above listed errors and knock you completely off track. Good luck!!!!

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