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Advanced Java Syllabus | Topic-Wise (Servlets/JSP/MVC/Struts) PDF

Advanced Java Syllabus

New topics added in Advanced Java Syllabus !!! So, check out topic wise latest Syllabus from here. Advanced Java Programming Syllabus intends to bring all the study materials needed for preparing Servlets/JSP/MVC/Struts and other topics in one place.

Contestants, who are going to appear in Advanced Java Exam or Interview, can download the Latest Syllabi in PDF and start preparation according to it. Explore this page thoroughly and download the Advanced Java 2023 Syllabus through below provided direct link.

<u>Advanced Java Syllabus 2023 (Topic-Wise) PDF

All the candidates who are keen interested in to make career in IT field can check Syllabus which is provided topic wise. Students who focus really hard on their career have to qualify Advance Java Interview or Exam for that they must know Advanced Java Syllabus 2023.

We the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com is listing all details about Advanced Java Training Syllabus/ Java Advanced Syllabus on this page. You may scroll down this page to get detailed syllabus.

<strong>Advanced Java Syllabus</strong&gt;

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Syllabus:

Overview of RDBMSUsing Prepared Statement
Introduction to Call Level Interface(CLI)Using Callable Statement
Introduction to JDBCScrollable and Updatable Result Set
JDBC ArchitectureInserting & Fetching from BLOB Columns
Types of JDBC DriversManaging Transactions in JDBC
Establishing a JDBC ConnectionNew Features introduced in JDBC 3.0
Using StatementAuto Increment Columns

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Extensible Markup Language (XML)

  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Introduction to XML
  • Document Object Model (DOM) using JAXP
  • Understanding DOM
  • Using DOM in Java
  • StAX in Java
  • Understanding StAX
  • Programming with StAX

Common Gateway Interface Syllabus:

  • Introduction to CGI
  • Understanding Environment Variables
  • Disadvantages and Limitations of CGI

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  • JavaBean Architecture
  • JavaBean Characteristics
  • Providing Properties & Methods


Servlet as J2EE Web ComponentWhat is Name-Value pair
Servlet as an improved CGIContent Types and MIME
Servlet Fundamentals / APIConfiguration of Web Application
What is a Web-ContainerUnderstanding the Deployment Descriptor
(DD)/ web.xml
Servlet Life Cycle / ArchitectureSpecifying the Welcome file list
HTTP GET and POST Request MethodsServlet URL Pattern Mapping
Processing Html FormsInit Parameters
Using CookiesState Management
Using ApplicationUsing HTTP Session

JSP Expression Language ( EL )

  • Using different scope objects
  • Calling Functions from EL

JSP (Java Server Pages)

JSP ArchitectureTaglib Directive
JSP Standard / Implicit ObjectsJSP Action Tags
RequestForward Action Tag
ResponseInclude Action Tag
OutJSP Script related Tags
configScriptlet Tag
ApplicationExpression Tag
SessionDeclaration Tag
PageUsing Java Beans from JSP
Page ContextUseBean Tag
exceptionsetProperty Tag
JSP Page Implementation ClassgetProperty Tag
JSP Basics & SyntaxJSP Custom Tag Library
JSP Directive TagsJSP 2.0 Tag Files
Page DirectiveJSP 2.0 Simple Tag
Include DirectiveEmpty Tag
(JSP Fragment)Tag with Body Content

JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) Syllabus

  • General Purpose Actions
  • Conditional Actions
  • Iterator Actions

NIIT : Filters in Web Application

  • Filter Basics
  • Filter Lifecycle
  • Filter Chaining
  • Filter Example


Basics of Struts2
Core Components
Struts2 Action
Struts2 Configuration
Struts 2 Validation
Aware Interfaces
Zero Configuration
Struts2 with Tiles2
Hibernate with Struts2
Spring with Struts2
Project Development in Struts2

Web Application Security

  • Introduction
  • Declarative Security
  • Programmatic Security
  • Roles
  • Authentication
  • Basic Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Form Based Authentication
  • Standard Login Form
  • Security Constraints
  • Web Resource Collection
  • Authorization Constraint

Web Technology Syllabus

Introduction to HTML
Creating Forms
Creating tables
Managing home page
Introduction to CSS
Three ways to use CSS
CSS Properties
Designing website
Working with Templates
Introduction to Javascript
Three ways to use Javascript
Working with events
Client-side Validation
Introduction to JQuery
Validation using JQuery
JQuery Forms
JQuery Examples
Introduction to AJAX
Servlet and JSP with AJAX
Interacting with database

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