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Amity University Fee Structure 2022 | AU Noida UG/PG Courses & Fees

Amity University Fee Structure

You can check the latest Amity University Fee Structure here from this page. We have provided the complete details regarding Amity University (AU) Courses and Fees. Check Amity University Noida Fee Structure 2022 for all UG, PG and Diploma Programmes offered by the University. 

This educational institute offers various Graduates, Post Graduate and vocational courses like BA, B.com, BSc, BBA, MBA, B. Tech, MA & others. Amity University Fee Structure 2022 for different programmes is well discussed below.

Amity University UG & PG Courses Fees Details:

Also, this institute is having campus at Gurgaon, Delhi, Kolkata & others. These campuses are equipped with over 1, 00,000 books, periodicals and international journals. Students must ensure fee structure for various courses from this page.

For knowing more details concerning Amity University Fee Structure 2022, take a look of below page designed by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Amity University Fee Structure

Amity University MBA Fee Structure 2022

Candidates can refer to the table placed below to check the complete Amity University Fees for various MBA courses:

Courses SpecializationsFee
MBA Agriculture & Food Business₹ 340,000
MBA Artificial Intelligence & Consulting₹ 340,020
MBA Business Analytics₹ 340,020
MBA Business Intelligence and Data Analytics₹ 340,000
MBA Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management₹ 340,000
MBA Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying₹ 340,000
MBA Construction Project Management₹ 340,020
MBA Entrepreneurship₹ 340,020
MBA Fashion Management₹ 340,000
MBA Finance₹ 340,000
MBA Hospitality Management₹ 340,020
MBA HR₹ 340,000
MBA Infrastructure Management₹ 340,000
MBA Insurance & Banking₹ 340,000
MBA Insurance & Financial Planning₹ 340,020
MBA International Business₹ 340,020
MBA International Business with Artificial Intelligence₹ 340,000
MBA Logistics₹ 340,000
MBA Marketing & Sales₹ 340,020
MBA MBA (Normal)₹ 340,020
MBA Media Management₹ 340,000
MBA Natural Resources & Sustainable Development₹ 340,020
MBA Natural Resources & Sustainable Development₹ 340,020
MBA Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure₹ 340,020
MBA Retail Management₹ 340,000
MBA Supply Chain Management₹ 340,020
MBA Telecom Management₹ 340,000

Amity University Fee Structure For BBA 2022-23

Here we have provided the Amity University Noida Fees for various BBA and B. Arch courses:

Course (BBA)DurationFees/1st Semester
BBA3 Years1,72,000/-2,58,000/-
Business Development3 Years1,56,000/-2,34,000/-
Family Business & Entrepreneurship3 Years1,72,000/-2,58,000/-
International Business with Artificial
3 Years1,72,000/-2,58,000/-
Healthcare Management3 Years97,000/-1,45,000/-
International Business3 Years1,72,000/-2,58,000/-
Finance & Accounting3 Years1,72,000/-2,58,000/-
Bachelor of Architecture5 years1,33,000/-1,95,500/-
Bachelor of Planning4 years65,000/-97,500/-

Amity University Noida B Tech Fees Structure 2022-23

Amity University offers a wide range of engineering programmes after 10+2. Following is the current Fee Structure for various B.Tech courses:

Course SpecializationsFee
B.TECH + MBA (INTEGRATED) Civil Engineering₹ 230,140
B.TECH + MBA (INTEGRATED) Computer Science & Engineering₹ 230,200
B.TECH + MBA (INTEGRATED) Electronics & Communication₹ 230,160
B.TECH + MBA (INTEGRATED) Mechanical₹ 230,180
B.TECH. + M.TECH. Aerospace₹ 230,000
B.TECH. + M.TECH. Biotechnology₹ 230,060
B.TECH. + M.TECH. Nanotechnology₹ 230,040
B.TECH. + M.TECH. Nuclear Science & Technology₹ 230,020
B.TECH. Aeronautical Engineering₹ 311,180
B.TECH. Aerospace Engineering₹ 311,000
B.TECH. Artificial Intelligence₹ 311,060
B.TECH. Automobile Engineering₹ 311,200
B.TECH. Avionics₹ 311,380
B.TECH. Bioinformatics₹ 311,020
B.TECH. Biotechnology₹ 311,040
B.TECH. Civil Engineering₹ 311,160
B.TECH. Computer Science & Engineering₹ 311,080
B.TECH. Electrical & Electronics Engineering₹ 311,240
B.TECH. Electronics & Communication Engg.₹ 311,100
B.TECH. Electronics & Instrumentation₹ 311,260
B.TECH. Electronics & Telecommunication₹ 311,280
B.TECH. Food Technology₹ 311,300
B.TECH. Industrial Heavy Machinery₹ 311,220
B.TECH. Information Technology₹ 311,120
B.TECH. Mechanical Engineering₹ 311,140
B.TECH. Nanotechnology₹ 311,320
B.TECH. Nuclear Science & Technology₹ 311,340
B.TECH. Solar and Alternate Energy₹ 311,360

Amity University Fee Structure for BCom

Refer to the table placed below to check the complete Amity University Fees for B.Com programmes:

CourseTotal Fee 
B.ComINR 6.36 lakh
B.Com (3 Continent)INR 8.52
B.Com (International)INR 13.2 lakh

Amity University Noida BA Fee Structure 2022-23

B.A. Acting₹ 300,240
B.A. Applied Psychology₹ 300,160
B.A. Economics₹ 300,200
B.A. English₹ 300,000
B.A. Film & Television Production₹ 300,220
B.A. French₹ 300,040
B.A. German₹ 300,060
B.A. History₹ 300,100
B.A. Insurance & Banking₹ 300,260
B.A. International Relations₹ 300,140
B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication₹ 300,180
B.A. LL.B (HONS)₹ 298,000
B.A. Political Science₹ 300,120
B.A. Sanskrit₹ 300,020
B.A. Spanish₹ 300,080

Amity University Fee Structure for M Tech

Courses SpecializationsFee
M.TECH Aerospace Engineering₹ 140,000
M.TECH Automobile Engineering₹ 140,080
M.TECH Avionics₹ 140,540
M.TECH Biotechnology₹ 140,020
M.TECH Computer Network and Information Security₹ 140,120
M.TECH Computer Science & Engineering₹ 140,040
M.TECH Control Systems₹ 140,140
M.TECH Data Science₹ 140,100
M.TECH Electronics & Communication Engineering₹ 140,060
M.TECH Embedded Systems Technology₹ 140,160
M.TECH Environmental Engineering₹ 140,180
M.TECH Environmental Engineering₹ 140,380
M.TECH Food Technology₹ 140,420
M.TECH Geo. Informatics & Remote Sensing₹ 140,440
M.TECH Industrial & Production Engineering₹ 140,200
M.TECH Information Technology₹ 140,220
M.TECH Mechatronics₹ 140,240
M.TECH Nanotechnology₹ 140,460
M.TECH Polymer Science & Technology₹ 140,480
M.TECH Power Systems₹ 140,260
M.TECH Solar and Alternative Energy₹ 140,500
M.TECH Structural Engineering₹ 140,280
M.TECH Telecommunication Systems Engg₹ 140,300
M.TECH Telecommunication Systems Engineering₹ 140,520
M.TECH Thermal & Fluid Science₹ 140,360
M.TECH VLSI₹ 140,320
M.TECH Water Technology and Management₹ 140,400
M.TECH Wireless Communication₹ 140,340

 Amity University MA Fee Structure 2022-23

Courses SpecializationsFee
M.A. in Advertising & Marketing Management₹ 120,000
M.A. Applied Psychology₹ 120,200
M.A. Clinical Psychology₹ 120,240
M.A. Counselling Psychology₹ 120,220
M.A. Defence & Strategic Studies₹ 120,080
M.A. Development Studies₹ 120,320
M.A. Economics₹ 120,100
M.A. English₹ 120,120
M.A. Fashion & Textile Merchandising₹ 120,160
M.A. Fashion Retail Management₹ 120,140
M.A. Film & TV Production₹ 120,180
M.A. History₹ 120,340
M.A. International Relations₹ 120,360
M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication₹ 120,040
M.A. Organisational Psychology₹ 120,260
M.A. Political Science₹ 120,380
M.A. PR & Event Management₹ 120,060
M.A. Public Administration₹ 120,280
M.A. Public Policy & Governance₹ 120,300
M.A. Sanskrit₹ 120,020
M.A. Sociology₹ 120,400

Amity University Noida BSc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecializationsFee
B.SC. (HONS) Agriculture & Food Business₹ 120,240
B.SC. (HONS) Anthropology₹ 120,000
B.SC. (HONS) Biotechnology₹ 120,080
B.SC. (HONS) Chemistry₹ 120,060
B.SC. (HONS) Forensic Science₹ 120,140
B.SC. (HONS) Forensic Sciences₹ 120,280
B.SC. (HONS) Life Science₹ 120,260
B.SC. (HONS) Marine Science₹ 120,160
B.SC. (HONS) Mathematics₹ 120,020
B.SC. (HONS) Medical Biotechnology₹ 120,100
B.SC. (HONS) Microbiology₹ 120,180
B.SC. (HONS) Nano Science₹ 120,200
B.SC. (HONS) Neurosciences₹ 120,220
B.SC. (HONS) Physics₹ 120,040
B.SC. (HONS) Zoology₹ 120,120
B.SC. (NURSING)₹ 120,440
B.SC. (NURSING) Post Basic₹ 120,460
B.SC. Actuarial Science₹ 120,380
B.SC. Animation & Visual Graphics₹ 120,420
B.SC. Clinical Psychology₹ 120,320
B.SC. Environmental Science₹ 120,340
B.SC. Geo Informatics₹ 120,360
B.SC. IT₹ 120,300
B.SC. Medical Physiology₹ 120,400
BCA₹ 230,220

AU Noida MSc Fees Structure 2022-23

Courses SpecializationsFee
M.SC. Actuarial Science₹ 140,061
M.SC. Agronomy₹ 140,044
M.SC. Anthropology₹ 140,031
M.SC. Applied Chemistry₹ 140,035
M.SC. Applied Geology₹ 140,039
M.SC. Applied Mathematics₹ 140,034
M.SC. Applied Physics₹ 140,033
M.SC. Bioinformatics₹ 140,058
M.SC. Biotechnology₹ 140,059
M.SC. Cellular and Molecular Oncology₹ 140,052
M.SC. Environmental Health Sciences &
₹ 140,038
M.SC. Environmental Sciences₹ 140,037
M.SC. Food & Nutrition₹ 140,056
M.SC. Forensic Sciences₹ 140,057
M.SC. Forestry₹ 140,043
M.SC. Genomics₹ 140,049
M.SC. Geographic Information System &
Remote Sensing
₹ 140,040
M.SC. Horticulture₹ 140,054
M.SC. Immunology₹ 140,047
M.SC. Marine Science₹ 140,041
M.SC. Medical Microbiology₹ 140,055
M.SC. Medical Physics₹ 140,036
M.SC. Medical physiology₹ 140,045
M.SC. Microbiology₹ 140,050
M.SC. Molecular Medicine₹ 140,051
M.SC. Nanoscience by research₹ 140,060
M.SC. Network Technology & Management₹ 140,062
M.SC. Neurosciences₹ 140,032
M.SC. Solar & Alternate Energy₹ 140,046
M.SC. Stem Cell Science and Technology₹ 140,053
M.SC. Virology₹ 140,048
M.SC. Wildlife Sciences₹ 140,042

AU Noida Ph.D. Fee Structure 2022-23 (Full Time/Part Time)

Courses SpecializationFee
PH.D. Aerospace Engineering₹ 100,520
PH.D. Agriculture₹ 100,000
PH.D. Anthropology₹ 100,280
PH.D. Architecture and Planning₹ 100,080
PH.D. Bioinformatics₹ 100,300
PH.D. Biosensors₹ 100,1180
PH.D. Biotechnology₹ 100,320
PH.D. Built Environment₹ 100,920
PH.D. Cellular and Molecular Oncology₹ 100,340
PH.D. Chemistry₹ 100,1200
PH.D. Civil Engineering₹ 100,540
PH.D. Climate Change and Ecological Studies₹ 100,1040
PH.D. Clinical Psychology₹ 100,1140
PH.D. Commerce₹ 100,940
PH.D. Competitive Intelligence₹ 100,960
PH.D. Computer Science Engineering₹ 100,560
PH.D. Defense and Strategic Studies₹ 100,1220
PH.D. Economics₹ 100,100
PH.D. Education₹ 100,480
PH.D. Electrical Engineering₹ 100,580
PH.D. Electronics and Communications₹ 100,600
PH.D. English₹ 100,120
PH.D. Environmental Sciences₹ 100,1060
PH.D. Fashion Management₹ 100,040
PH.D. Finance₹ 100,980
PH.D. Fine Arts₹ 100,060
PH.D. Food and Nutrition₹ 100,1240
PH.D. Food Technology₹ 100,1260
PH.D. Forensic Sciences₹ 100,1280
PH.D. Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing₹ 100,1080
PH.D. History₹ 100,140
PH.D. Horticulture₹ 100,020
PH.D. Hospital Administration₹ 100,720
PH.D. Hospitality₹ 100,860
PH.D. Immunology₹ 100,360
PH.D. International Relations₹ 100,160
PH.D. IT₹ 100,620
PH.D. Law₹ 100,900
PH.D. Management₹ 100,1000
PH.D. Mass Communications₹ 100,180
PH.D. Material and Devices₹ 100,1300
PH.D. Mathematics₹ 100,1320
PH.D. Mechanical and Automation₹ 100,640
PH.D. Microbial Biotechnology₹ 100,380
PH.D. Microbial Technology₹ 100,400
PH.D. Molecular Science and Engineering₹ 100,1340
PH.D. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology₹ 100,1360
PH.D. Natural Product Chemistry₹ 100,740
PH.D. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development₹ 100,1100
PH.D. Neurosciences₹ 100,760
PH.D. Nuclear Science and Technology₹ 100,660
PH.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences₹ 100,780
PH.D. Physical Education₹ 100,500
PH.D. Physics₹ 100,1380
PH.D. Physiology₹ 100,800
PH.D. Physiotherapy₹ 100,820
PH.D. Political Science₹ 100,200
PH.D. Polymer Science₹ 100,1400
PH.D. Psychology₹ 100,220
PH.D. Public Health₹ 100,840
PH.D. Radiation Biology₹ 100,420
PH.D. Renewable and Alternative Technology₹ 100,680
PH.D. Rural Management₹ 100,1020
PH.D. Social Work₹ 100,240
PH.D. Sociology₹ 100,260
PH.D. Solar Energy₹ 100,700
PH.D. Special Education₹ 100,1160
PH.D. Statistics₹ 100,1420
PH.D. Stem Cell Science and Technology₹ 100,440
PH.D. Travel and Tourism₹ 100,880
PH.D. Virology₹ 100,460
PH.D. Wildlife Sciences₹ 100,1120

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Fee Refund Policy of Amity University:

 The Fee refund policy will be as per the table below:

% of refund payableIf Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received:
[100%](“Maximum Refund”)
More than [60] days
before the Course
Commencement Date
[25%]Before, but not more
than [60] days before
the Course Commencement
[10%]After, but not more than
[7] days after the
Course Commencement
[5%]More than [7] days after the
Course CommencementDate, but not more than [14] days after the Course Commencement Date
[0%]More than [14] days after
the Course Commencement Date

Other Expenses:

ExpensesEstimated Expenses Per Month (MUR)
Books & Stationery1000-2000

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Facilities Provided by Amity University:

World Class Infrastructure, Reputed Faculty, Ranked Top, 100% Placements Intensive Corporate Interaction etc has included in this university come on with me to get detailed information related to these topics. Candidates can check other details apart from fee details also here so please have a look downwards….


University has over 1000 acres of hi-tech campuses all over the world and some are given below-

  • Noida
  • Lucknow
  • Jaipur
  • Gurgaon
  • Gwalior
  • Greater Noida
  • Mumbai
  • Raipur
  • Kolkata
  • Ranchi

World Class Infrastructure:

This is the one of the best organization throughout the world.

Amity University has excellent faculties and senior team travel all over the world and imbibes the best practices for providing a solid foundation for education to the students.

Reputed Faculty:

  • Approximately 4,000 specialized faculties led by 11 former Vice Chancellors, former Chairman of UGC and Vice Chairman of AICTE.
  • Leading corporate professionals, as visiting faculty, share rich industry experience and Brilliant Students are studied here.

100% Placements:

  • The Biggest strength of Amity is it’s Placements.
  • It provides the 100% placement to the talented students after completion of their education.
  • A unique Corporate Resource Centre to facilitate excellent placements.
  • 800 students gave been placed even one year before graduating.
  • Alumni all over the world in leading companies like McKinsey, Ernst & Young, HLL, and Reliance.

Other Facilities:

Apart from these university provides more which is well mentioned under –

  • Live Counseling
  • Amity Scholarship Scheme
  • Career Test
  • Education Loans

Get Here: Amity University Application Form

Way to get Amity University Fee Structure 2022 for UG & PG Courses:

  • Willing candidates have to go through Official website of Amity University that is amity.edu
  • After that select “Admission” link located at the bottom on the home page.
  • Then hit on ‘Programs and Eligibility’ link on the next page.
  • Then PDF will be opened containing ‘list of programs with Eligibility and fee structure’.
  • You need to check complete details of each course and take a printout of it for future reference.

Facts about Amity University:

Amity University is having 4,000 specialized faculties led by 11 former Vice Chancellors, former Chairman of UGC. Students looking for admission in this University may check detailed Fee Structure as listed on this page. As per course of your preference, check fee structure for B.Tech/ MBA/ B.Com / B.Sc. / M.Tech or others.

The fee structure will be applicable for both campuses that are Noida and Gurgaon. This institute provides placements opportunities too. Many reputed companies visit campus & recruit eligible aspirants for various job positions.

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Aspirants may check Amity University Fee Structure 2022-2023 for UG & PG courses from above of page. Stay tuned with our portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com for more updates about latest updates.

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