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AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018 Engg, Agriculture & Medical Mock Test Papers Online

AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018

All the candidates are notified that AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018 is made available by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) for the candidates who want to give AP EAMCET medical mock test. This is the first time that the organization is providing opportunity top the aspirants to check their preparation by giving AP EAMCET mock test online. Candidates you can check your preparation for Agriculture Engineering and Medical Stream. Through AP EAMCET 2018 mock test papers you will be able to experience for the actual test. The authority has planned to give AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018 so that the candidates may not have any problem in the actual test.

Aspirants you can go through below stated simple steps for how to log in and appear in the mock test. More information AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018 like question answers can be grabbed form the below section of this page created by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. All the aspirants are suggested to give AP EAMCET online mock test so that you can face the actual test without any hesitation.

AP EAMCET Mock Test 2018


  • Visit the official website of the organization of AP EAMCET
  • On the home page hit on the “Mock test” tab in the menu bar.
  • Now select “Mock test- Engineering(MPC Stream) and “Mock test-Agriculture and Pharmacy(BIPC Stream)”
  • After that you will be on the new page and you have to press Sign in tab.
  • Now on the new page you are required to read the instructions and then hit on next button.
  • After this you can give the test by choosing the correct answer to the given questions and check your ability.

Log in Here>>>AP EAMCET Mock Test

Mock test Engineering(MPC Stream): Hit Here
Mock testAgriculture and Pharmacy(BIPC Stream): Hit Here

AP EAMCET 2018 mock test papers( Question & answers)

Question1) In a liquid limit test, the moisture content at 10 blows was 70% and that at 100 blows was 20%. The liquid limit of the soil, is

  • 35%
  • 50%
  • 65%
  • none of these.

Answer: 3

Question2) The active earth pressure of a soil is proportional to (where φ is the angle of friction of the soil)

  • tan (45° – φ)
  • tan2 (45° + φ/2)
  • tan2 (45° – φ/2)
  • tan (45° + φ)

Answer: 3

Question3) The minimum water content at which the soil just begins to crumble when rolled into threads 3 mm in diameter, is known

  • liquid limit
  • plastic limit
  • shrinkage limit
  • permeability limit

Answer: 2

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Question4) Pick up the correct statement from the following:

  • The rise of the ground surface due to frost action is called frost heave.
  • The freezing of water is accompained by a volume increase of 9%.
  • Below freezing point, higher soil suction develops.
  • The magnitude of frost heave decreases as the degree of saturation of soil decreases
  • All the above.

Answer: 5

Question5) Which one of the following statements is true ?

  • Clays are more porous than sands
  • Pressure of organic matter in a soil decreases the bearing capacity of the soil
  • Aluminous cement is used for foundations in soils with chemical deposits
  • All the above.

Answer: 4

Question6) The maximum value of effective stress in the past divided by the present value, is defined as over consolidation ratio (OCR). The O.C.R. of an over consolidated clay is

  • less than 1
  • 1
  • more than 1
  • None of these.

Answer: 3

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Question7) Under-reamed piles are generally

  • driven piles
  • bored piles
  • precast piles
  • all the above.

Answer: 2

Question8) According to Coulomb’s wedge theory, the active earth pressure slides the wedge

  • down and outwards on a slip surface
  • up and inwards on a slip surface
  • horizontal upward and parallel to base
  • horizontal inward and parallel to base.

Answer: 1

Question9) The effective size of particles of soil is denoted by

  • D10
  • D20
  • D30
  • D60

Answer: 1

Question10) Degree of saturation of a natural soil deposit having water content 15%, specific gravity 2.50 and void ratio 0.5, is

  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 75%
  • 80%

Answer: 3

Question11) Stoke’s law sates that the velocity at which a grain settles out of suspension, the other factors remaining constant, is dependent upon

  • shape of grain
  • weight of grain
  • size of grain
  • shape and size of grain
  • shape, size and weight of grain.

Answer: Option E

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Question12) Pick up the correct statement from the following:

  • When water table is above the base of a footing, the dry weight m should be used for soil below water table
  • When water table is located somewhat below the base of a footing, the elastic wedge is partly of moist soil and partly of submerged soil, and a suitable reduction factor is used
  • When water table is just at the base of the footing, no reduction factor is used
  • None of these.

Answer: 2

Question13) Pick up the correct statement from the following :

  • In soils, the flow index indicates variation in shear strength with water content
  • Liquid limit minus plastic limit, is known as plasticity index of the soil
  • Plastic limit minus shrinkage limit, is known as shrinkage index of the soil
  • The ratio of the plasticity index to the flow limit, is known as toughness index of the soil
  • All the above.

Answer: 5

Question14) The liquid limit and plastic limit exist in

  • sandy soils
  • silty soils
  • gravel soils
  • clay soils.

Answer: 4

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Question15) Electricity may be generated by a wire:

  • carrying current
  • wrapped as a coil
  • that has neutral domains
  • passing through a flux field

Answer: 4

Question16) The electrical energy consumed by a coil is stored in the form of:

  • an electrical field
  • a force field
  • an electrostatic field
  • a magnetic field

Answer: 4

Question17) What is magnetic flux?

  • the number of lines of force in webers
  • the number of lines of force in maxwells
  • the number of lines of force in teslas
  • the number of lines of force in flux density

Answer: 1

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Question18) As current travels within a conductor:

  • the magnetic field aids the current
  • a magnetic field is developed around it
  • the wire tries to point north
  • an electrostatic field opposes the current

Answer: 2

Question19) What type of device consists of a coil with a moveable iron core?

  • solenoid
  • reed switch
  • relay
  • armature

Answer: 1

Question20) What is hysteresis?

  • lead between cause and effect
  • lag between cause and effect
  • lead between voltage and current
  • lag between voltage and current

Answer: 2

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