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APPSC Group 1 Syllabus 2024 Revised (Gr-I) Pre, Mains in Telugu/Eng

APPSC Group 1 Syllabus   

APPSC Group 1 Syllabus 2024 has been published by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission on its official website. Candidates preparing for APPSC Group 1 Prelims and Mains Exam can download APPSC Revised Syllabus PDF in Telugu as well as English from this page.

Those applicants who are planning to prepare for exam may download the APPSC Group 1 New Syllabus in Telugu/ English from this page. For the convenience of applicants, we have also provided APPSC Group 1 Syllabus PDF on below page.

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APPSC Group 1 Syllabus In Telugu Medium

APPSC Group 1 సిలబస్ PDF ను ఇక్కడ తెలుగు / ఇంగ్లీష్ లో డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోండి !! ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ పబ్లిక్ సర్వీస్ కమిషన్ వివిధ స్థానాల్లో పోటీదారుల కలగలుపు కోసం గ్రూప్ I పరీక్షను నిర్వహిస్తుంది.

ఈ పరీక్ష రెండు దశల్లో నిర్వహించబడుతుంది, అంటే ప్రిలిమ్స్ మరియు మెయిన్స్. ప్రిలిమ్స్ పరీక్షలో అర్హులైన పోటీదారులు మాత్రమే మెయిన్స్ మరియు ఇంటర్వ్యూలో పాల్గొనగలరు.

APPSC గ్రూప్ 1 సిలబస్ 2024 ప్రీ-మెయిన్స్ కోసం మీరు మంచి మార్కులతో పరీక్షను పొందేందుకు సహాయపడుతుంది, ఇది www.recruitmentinboxx.com చే రూపకల్పన చేయబడిన ఈ పేజీలో అందుబాటులో ఉంటుంది.

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APPSC Group 1 Syllabus 2024

APPSC Group 1 Prelims Syllabus 2024

General Studies Syllabus

History Syllabus

  • Indus Valley Civilization: Features, Sites, Society, Cultural History, Art and Religion. Vedic Age- Mahajanapadas, Religions-Jainism and Buddhism.
  • The Maghadas, the Mauryan , Foreign invasions on India and their impact, the Kushans. The Sathavahanas the Sangam Age, the Sungas, the Gupta Empire -their Administration- Social, Religious and Economic conditions-Art, Architecture, Literature, Science and Technology.
  • The kanauj and their contributions, South Indian Dynasties – The Badami Chalukayas, the Rastrakutas, the Kalyani Chalukayas, the Cholas, the Hoyasalas, the Kakatiyas and Reddis.
  • The Delhi Sultanate, Vijaynagar Empire and the Mughal Empire, the Bhakti Movement and Sufism
  • Important Dynasties of concerned State- their rulers – Administration, Economy, Society, Religion, Literature, Arts and Architecture.
  • The European Trading companies in India- their struggle for supremacy with special reference to Bengal, Madras, Mysore, Andhra and Telangana, Governor-Generals and Viceroys.
  • Indian War of Independence of 1857 – Origin, Nature, causes, consequences and significance with special reference to Concerned State, Religious and Social Reform Movements in 19th century in India and Concerned State, India’s Freedom Movement, Revolutionaries in India and Abroad.
  • Mahatma Gandhi, his thoughts, Principles and Philosophy. Important Satyagrahas, the Role of Sardar Patel in Freedom Movement and Post – independence consolidation.
  • B.R. Ambedkar, his life and contribution to making of Indian included in APPSC Group 1 New Syllabus
  • Constitution, India after Independence – Reorganization of the States in India.

Constitution, Polity, Social Justice And International Relations Syllabus (30 Marks)

Topics covered in APPSC Gr-I Syllabus are as follows:

  • Indian Constitution: Evolution, features, Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Amendments, Significant Provisions and Basic Structure.
  • Functions and Responsibilities of the Union and the States, Parliament and State Legislatures: Structure, Function, Power and Privileges. Issues and challenges pertaining to Federal Structure: Devolution of Power and Finances up to local levels and Challenges therein.
  • Constitutional Authorities: Powers, Functions and Responsibilities.
  • Panchayati Raj.
  • Public Policy and Governance included in APPSC Group 1 Complete Syllabus.
  • Impact of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization on Governance.
  • Statutory, Regulatory and Quasi-judicial bodies.
  • Rights Issues (Human rights, Women rights, SC/ST rights, Child rights) etc.
  • India’s Foreign Policy — International Relations — Important Institutions, Agencies and Fora, their structure and mandate.
  • Important Policies and Programmes of Central and State Governments.

Download Here: APPSC Group 1 Previous Papers

Indian And Andhra Pradesh Economy And Planning Syllabus (30 Marks)

  • Economic development in India since Independence- role of planning, Niti Ayog, India’s economic problems such as poverty and unemployment, agrarian crisis, irrigation and water, sustainable development, inflation and balance of payments, growth with stability, growth with Social justice
  • Centre State relations – Finance Commissions, Sharing of Resources between Centre and States – implications of GST sharing –Decentralization
  • India’s Economic reforms –Banking, Financial, trade and social sector; New challenges in a Globalized context – Global competition, Financial market instabilities, FDI flows, Impact of GST on Commerce and Industry.
  • Trends and patterns in structure of population over time – growth rate, gender, rural-urban migration, literacy, regional – Physical Quality of Life Index. Human Development Index, Human Poverty Gender Development Index, National Happiness Index.
  • Environmental degradation and challenges – Sustainable Development and Environment Protection included in APPSC Group 1 Detailed Syllabus.
  • Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and legal implications – Implications to financial resources of state government.
  • Growth of post-bifurcation infrastructure development and opportunities for investments, Cultural demographic impact – irrigation projects and their impact on agriculture – Poverty Alleviation and Social Welfare Programmes.
  • Employment potential in Andhra Pradesh – Skill Development Programmes – Government initiatives

APPSC Group 1 Prelims Exam Pattern 2024

  • Time duration: 120 Minutes for each paper
  • No of Questions: 120 for each paper.
PaperSubjectTopicsDistribution of marks
Paper-IGeneral Studies(A) History & Culture30 marks
(B) Constitution, Polity, Social Justice And International Relations30 marks
(C) Indian And Andhra Pradesh Economy And Planning30 marks
D) Geography30 marks
Paper -IIGeneral AptitudeA)General Mental Ability , Administrative And Psycological Abilities60 marks
B) (i) Science And Technology30 Marks
B (ii) – Current Events Of Regional, National And International Importance.30 Marks

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APPSC Group 1 Mains Syllabus 2024

General English Syllabus

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Functional Grammar
  • Vocabulary Usage
  • Composition

Paper I – General Essay Syllabus

SECTION ICrisis Management, Social, Economic and Health Problems,
Analysis and solutions, Conflict Resolution,
Decision Making, Ecological intelligence.
SECTION IICurrent events, policies, schemes and
programs of National and International importance.
SECTION IIICurrent events, policies, schemes, and
programs of the State of Andhra Pradesh

Paper II Syllabus

Section I:  Screening Test Syllabus of History & Cultural Heritage of India

  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Pallavas of Kanchi, Chalukyas of Badami and Cholas of Tanjore.
  • Mughals included in Syllabus For Group 1 APPSC
  • Socio-Religious Reform Movements
  • Indian Nationalism

Section II: Social-Cultural History of Andhra Pradesh

  • Ancient Andhra
  • Medieval Andhra
  • Modern Andhra included in Group 1 Syllabus For APPSC
  • Nationalist Movement in Andhra and Role of Andhra Leaders
  • Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and legal implications/problems

Section III: Overview of the Indian Constitution

  • The Indian Constitution
  • Structure and functions of Union Government
  • Centre- State relations between the Indian Union and States
  • Amendment Process to the Constitution
  • Party Systems
  • Social Movements and Welfare Mechanisms

APPSC Group 1 Syllabus of Paper III

Section I: Planning in India and Indian Economy

  • National income and other macroeconomic aggregates in India.
  • Indian Economic Planning.
  • Poverty and Unemployment in India.
  • Monetary Policy.
  • India’s Economic Problems

Section II: Land Reforms & Social Changes in Andhra Pradesh After Independence

  • The Genesis of Land Reforms.
  • The Structure of the Andhra Pradesh Economy.
  • Demographic Features and Social Backwardness.
  • State Finances and Budgetary Policies.
  • Five Year Plans of Andhra Pradesh

Section III: Andhra Pradesh Economy, Present Status its Strengths and Weakness

  • Growth and structure of industries in Andhra Pradesh
  • Agricultural growth in Andhra Pradesh included in APPSC Group 1 Syllabus.
  • Regional disparities in income, industrial output, irrigation, health and education in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Agricultural credit in Andhra Pradesh
  • Growth Corridors
  • Mission oriented Development Strategy

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APPSC Group 1 Mains Exam Pattern 2024

Time Duration: 150 Minutes for Each Paper

Conventional Type(English)Essay20
Letter Writing10
Press Release/ Appeal10
Report Writing15
Writing On Visual Information15
Formal Speech (In About 150 Words)15
Precis Writing15
Reading Comprehension15
English Grammar20
Descriptive Type TestPaper I150
Paper II150
Paper III150
Paper IV150
Paper V150

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APPSC Group 1 Exam Books

Apartfrom APPSC Group 1 Syllabus 2024, you may check Complete Books of Group 1 Exam at the beneath section easily:

Name of BookAuthor
APPSC General Studies & Mental Ability – English MediumVijeta Competitions Editorial Board
APPSC Group-I Mains Paper-1 General EssaysE Suresh reddy and A Usha Rani
APPSC Bifurcation Of Andhra Pradesh – Problems ( Andhra Pradesh Vibhajana – Savallu ) [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]Vijeta Competitions Editorial Board
APPSC General Studies And Mental Ability -[ TELUGU MEDIUM ]Vijeta Competitions Editorial Board
Andhra Pradesh Geography For APPSC ( TELUGU MEDIUM )Vijeta competitions editorial board
Current Affairs & General Awareness [ English Medium ]Vijeta Competitions Editorial Board
Moral Stories-1 (Moral Stories)Vishv Books
APPSC Group-I Mains Paper-1 General Essays Paperback – 2011E Suresh reddy
Social And Cultural History Of ANDHRA PRADESH [ ENGLISH MEDIUM ]Mansoor Hussain
APPSC General Studies & Mental Ability – EnglishVijeta Competitions
A.P State Govt And Indian Govt Schemes [English Medium]Annapurna Experts


For more details related to APPSC Group 1 Syllabus check the above-listed Official Notice. Candidates if you have any queries regarding the APPSC Group 1 Syllabus 2024 and exam pattern then leave a comment in the comment box. Our team members always solve such asking of visitors.

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