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Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers | Latest Ques for Freshers

Bank Interview Questions & Answers

Banking is a very lucrative field to make career in. Freshers (Graduate) all over world prefer to be employed in reputed bank. Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers are brought here for you. One self-motivated to grab one post in banking must practice Latest Ques for interview.

How to crack Bank Interview?

In interview, interviewer tries to assess whether you are good candidate for bank or not. Hence, there is need to present yourself well. Thus, Bank Interview Questions For Freshers acts as useful resource.

Frequently Asked Bank Interview Questions

The Selection of the candidates in bank Jobs (Government Sector or Private Sector) requires proper academic qualification, skill, honesty, devotion, knowledge and experience. And those who fulfill all these qualities have to go through written Exam followed by Interview Rounds.

For your ease and better practice for the Interview Process, we team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com have provided Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers that will certainly make you feel confident.

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Updated Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers

Freshers as well as experienced candidates can be appointed on various vacancies of Financial Analyst, Bank Teller, Loan Officer, Financial Manager, Probationary Officer, Clerk, Financial manager, Specialist Offers etc Positions by qualifying the selection procedure i.e. Interview.

Move your cursor downwards on this page that is well designed by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to acknowledge the complete details regarding Answers of most asking Questions in Bank Interviews. Appearing candidates in Bank Interview can do preparation with the help of Bank Interview Questions & Answers easily.

Bank Interview Questions & Answers

Banking sector is one of the reputed sectors and there are huge numbers of candidates who want to enhance their career in the Banking sector. Provided MOST IMPORTANT Bank Interview Questions & Answers are beneficial for the contenders who are going to be the part of the selection procedure to be appointed on any position.

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Basic Bank Interview Questions And Answers

Question.1 Please tell me/us something about Yourself?

Answer. Mostly it is the first question ask by interviewer and candidate must answer it in limited words and cover the main things like family background, education, job experience (if any), skills, etc.

Question.2 Tell something About Banking Terms Questions.

Answer. At this point, Interviewer asks some banking terms to know your knowledge about banks like what is cheque / KYC etc.

Question.3 where do you want to see yourself after 5 year?

Answer. Here the interviewer want to see your awareness regarding to career path in the job and what is your level of commitment to the post/ job of PO, Clerk or SO they offer.

Question.4 Any extra quality that you have that would impact our decision?

Answer. (Here recruiters want to judge the person on the basis of confidence) I am a constant learner and try to keep myself up-to-date of all progresses in the field of IT. Also, since I do not quit in the face of toughest challenges.

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Question.5 Tell me something about your native place?

Answer. Must prepare for this question where interviewer wants to see the candidate’s attentiveness and knowledge of their surrounding and native place where he / she lives.

Question.6 What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Answer. Always tell about those strengths only which are beneficial for them and shows your ability. And answer for your weakness must be quite effective and do not say that you not have any weakness because it give a negative impression as it shows over confidence.

Question.7 Latest News Questions

Answer. At the time of Interview, Interviewer asks latest news to know your interest in country/ worlds.

Question.8 Why do you want to join the bank sector?

Answer. It is the most significant question and your assortment based on the answer of this question. So you should get ready for it & not provide an awful effect on the interviewer.

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Bank Interview Questions And Best Answers

Question.9 Why do you want to work here?

Answer. Mostly Interviewers asked the same questions and you need to be very careful while answering. If you have collected complete details about the company then it is the time to use that knowledge. You must use the facilities and some other factors as quality of the company at the time of answering.

Question.10 If any interviewer ask if you get more salary other than my company will you go for that?

Answer. While answering this question, you need not to use any negative point, you can say as an aspirant for successful professional, i think it is the experience not the salary that matters to get the peak. Besides, this company is on a high growth trajectory. Hence if i am eligible it is an honor to grow with my company.

Question.11 Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?

Answer. You have to say that “Of Course sir, I have applied in finance or sales and marketing careers – insurance or accountancy as these careers required skills related to banking.

Question.12 What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten years?   


  • Most importantly be realistic Blue sky stuff brands you as immature.
  • One or two management jumps in three to five years is a reasonable goal.
  • If your track indicates you are on line for senior management in ten years its okay to mention.

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The ‘why this bank’ Questions

  1. What are some of the most significant deals our bank has completed in the last 12 months?
  2. What is our current stock price?
  3. What do you think this bank’s biggest regulatory threats are at the moment?
  4. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this business/division?
  5. What differentiates our firm?
  6. Who’s our major competitor? How do we measure up? What are the risks and opportunities we face?
  7. Tell me everything you know about our business model.
  8. Which area of our business is strongest?
  9. Who’s our CEO?
  10. What’s the most important thing affecting this bank now?

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Technical Bank Interview Questions & Answers

Question.13 Define CAPM

Answer. CAPM is the capital asset pricing model, designed to find the expected return on an investment and therefore the appropriate discount rate for a company’s cash flows. It provides the required rate of return given the riskiness of the asset.

Question.14 What is working capital?


  • Working capital is the amount of liquid assets a company has on hand.
  • It amounts to current assets and cash minus current liabilities.

Question.15 What is DDM?

Answer. DDM is the dividend discount model of valuing a company.

Question.16 What are the basic documents a person requires to open an account?

Answer. The RBI has advised banks to follow the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines where some personal information of the account holder is obtained by the bank. This information includes: – photograph, proof of identity and proof of address. Without these documents a person can’t open his account.

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Question.17 Who is the governor of RBI?

Answer. Mr. Raghuram Govind Rajan is the 23rd governor of RBI. Before taking reins as RBI governor he was an officer on special duty in RBI.

Question.18 Tell us something about the 27th or latest public sector bank in India.

Answer. The 27th public sector bank in India is Bhartiya Mahila Bank. It was created by Finance Bill 2012. The first BMB was opened in Mumbai on 19th November 2013 on the 94th birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi.

Question.19 What do you understand by the GDP of the country?

Answer. The final value of all the goods and services produced under the geographical area of a country is the Gross Domestic Product of that country.

Question.20 Who are the Bharat Ratna awardees, 2014?

Answer. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Mr.C.N.R Rao are the two recent awardees of Bharat Ratna award. Both of them are the 42nd and 43rd recipients of the award.

Question.21 What is a Non -banking Financial Company (NBFC)?

Answer. A NBFC is a company registered under the companies act, 1956 which is involved in the business of loans, shares/stocks, etc. Non-banking financial companies are financial institutions that provide banking services, but do not hold a banking license.

Question.22 What is the difference between nationalized banks and private banks?

Answer. A nationalized bank is owned by the govt. of that country and is also known as public sector bank whereas a private sector bank is owned by an independent individual or company.

Question.23 What are the Non Performing assets of a company?

Answer. A NPA is an obligation payable to the bank which has not been made or the interest and principal amount has not been paid on the due time. NPA is the loan or credit provided by the bank to its customers which could not be recovered in due time.

Question.24 What are the various risks that banks face?

Answer. There are mainly three types of risks faced by banks:-

  • Credit Risk: – loan or NPA.
  • Market Risk: – Money invested in the market.
  • Operational risk: – Day-to-Day working risks.

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Question.25 What do you mean by term “CASA” related to bank?

Answer. CASA stands for Current Account Savings Account. The CASA ratio shows how much deposit a bank has in the form of current and saving account deposits in the total deposit.

Question.26 What is the difference between cheque and demand draft?

Answer. Cheque is a negotiable instrument which is paid to the bearer but a demand draft is a negotiable instrument always payable on order.

Question.27 What are the parts of banks’ capital?

Answer. Bank has following parts of capital:-

  • Tier 1 capital: – Paid up capital (core capital) + Reserves (owners or promoters’ fund)
  • Tier 2 capital: – Secondary Capital (borrowed funds) + general loss reserves + subordinated term debts + undisclosed reserves (can’t be maintained in India)
  • Tier 3 capital: – Same as tier 2 capital but with a higher amount in order to face the market risks of the bank.

Question.28 Tell us something about BSBDA.

Answer. BSBDA stands for Basic Savings Bank deposit account. BSBDA is the new name for “no-frill accounts” under which anyone can open a bank account with even zero balance in it or “zero balance account”.

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Question.29 What is the meaning of “base rate”?

Answer. Base Rate is the minimum rate of interest which a bank has to charge from its customers and a bank can’t sanction loan on a rate below the base rate. This rate came into effect from July 1 2010. Before Base rate there was Basic Prime Lending Rate or BPLR introduced in 2003.

Question.30 We hear regularly that all bank branches are turning CBS. What is CBS?

Answer. CBS stands for CORE banking solutions under which the branches of the banks are interconnected with each other through intra net with a central database server. Now, with this facility, a person having an account in a certain branch of the bank can operate from any other branch of the same bank. He need not visit the same branch to operate his account.

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Bank Behavioural Interview Questions

Interviewer is always trying to verify your skills which are related to your communication skills, personality skills, Bank knowledge and knowledge skills etc so appliers may need to prepare for following questions also, please have a look…

  • What is bank? What are the types of banks?
  • What is investment banking?
  • What is commercial bank?
  • What are the types of accounts in banks?
  • What are the different ways you can operate your accounts?
  • What is ‘Crossed Cheque’?
  • What is (APR) Annual Percentage Rate?
  • What is ‘prime rate’?
  • What is the ‘cost of debt’?
  • What is ‘Fixed’ APR and ‘Variable’ APR? etc

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Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers 2019:

In competitive world, every one wishes for respectful job. Large number of private sector banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank is recruiting energetic & bright personnel for various profiles.

Selection at banking involves 2 steps: Online-based Aptitude Test and personal interview. Bank Interview Questions & Answers are quite useful to crack selection stages. On the other hand, some banks also conduct a Group Discussion to check skills of applicant.

Role for Bank Interview Questions & Answers in Preparation:

Significance of Questions & Answers cannot be neglected as it is foremost step to remove fear & lead respectful profile in banking.

How to crack Bank Interview 2019?

Tips to crack Bank Interview 2019-20:

Banking career has its own charm and style. Due to this reason, many aspirants prefer jobs in banking. But many participants sweat when appearing for interview in bank. There is no need to be afraid any more, as we are listing Interview Preparation Tips for Freshers.

Personal Details

Generally, the interviewers start the session by asking about your profile, your strengths and weaknesses. One who have prepared well in advance do not face any sort of difficulty to answer this question.

Update yourself with Banking Knowledge:

IBPS Interview Questions and Answers are generally to evaluate one’s knowledge with banking. The basic understanding of key concepts of banking terminology is very important. Besides this, one must know about monetary policy tools, like CRR and SLR.

Know Current Affairs (Related To Banking And Economy)

Buy reputed newspaper like The Economic Times or Business Standard in order to stay updated with latest events taking place in our country.

Have positive Attitude:

One needs to be calm and comfortable while waiting outside interview hall. When your interview call comes knock he door softly & have positive attitude. There is no need to be afraid & anxious.

Be confident:

Don’t be over confident. You must appear happy in order to answer all questions. Aspirants are recommended to avoid nervousness during interview.

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Significant Words

Hope you are satisfied with this page of MOST IMPORTANT Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers and if you want to be updated with more updates regarding Common Bank Interview Questions & Answers or others, you may subscribe our free email service or bookmark our portal (www.recruitmentinboxx.com) also by using CTRL + D key.

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