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BHU Syllabus 2023 Download pdf B.Sc/M.Sc/MCA/BA/MA Courses www.bhu.ac.in

BHU Syllabus

Download BHU Syllabus from here. Students, who are going to start their preparation for any UG/PG course of Banaras Hindu University Exam can get PDF files of B.Sc/M.Sc/MCA/BA/MA courses syllabus from this page and start preparation as according to it.

Leave studying with the old syllabus and start preparation from the Banaras Hindu University Exam Syllabus available here. To secure good marks in examinations, students need better preparation and for better preparation, you have to cover BHU Syllabus 2023.

BHU Examination Syllabus 2023

Students can get BHU Syllabus 2023 directly from this page or they can also download it via online process by visiting www.bhu.ac.in. You may follow the guidelines available below on this page, designed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

BHU Syllabus

Here below we have mentioned the BHU Exam Syllabus, you must cover the entire syllabus to answer frequently in the examination. Please have a look:

BHU B.Sc Hons. SEMESTER –II Syllabus:

Ancillary Physics Course – I: For Non-Physics Students

Mechanics and General Properties of Matter:

Elasticity: Strain and stress, elastic limit, Hooke’s law; Moduli (Young’s, Bulk, Rigidity) and Poisson’s ratio, Surface tension: Surface tension and surface energy, angle of contact, capillary action,

Flow of liquids and gases: Streamline and turbulent flow, Equation of continuity, Bernoulli’s theorem and its application to biological system, Torricelli’s theorem; Coefficient of viscosity, Stoke’s law.

Radiation Effects on Biological Systems:

Electromagnetic spectrum, Ionizing radiations and their effect on biological systems, Effects of radiation relevant to
Biology: Photosynthesis, Green House Effect, DNA Damage and Depletion of Ozone.


  • Conditions for sustained interference
  • Theory of interference,
  • Lloyd’s mirror
  • Achromatic fringes
  • Interference in parallel and wedge shaped films
  • Colour of thin film
  • Newton’s rings and Michelson interferometer and their applications
  • Multiple beam interference in parallel film
  • Fabry-Perot interferomete


  • Frenel’s diffraction
  • Zone plate
  • diffraction due to straight edge
  • Fraunhoffer diffraction due to single
  • double slits
  • plane transmission grating Resolving power of grating
  • telescope
  • Microscope


  • Polarized light and its mathematical representation
  • Production of polarized light by reflection
  • refraction and scattering
  • Polarization by double refraction and Huygen’s theory
  • Nicol prism
  • Retardation plates
  • Production and analysis of circularly and elliptically polarized light
  • Optical activity and Fresnel’s theory
  • Biquartz


  • Thermal Physics
  • Optics

Mathematical Physics

  • Curvilinear Coordinate
  • Tensor Analysis
  • Matrices
  • Differential Equations
  • Special Functions
  • Fourier Analysis
  • Reference Books

Quantum Mechanics

  • Limits of Classical Physics
  • Wave Packets and Uncertainty Relation
  • Wave Mechanics
  • Application of Schrödinger Wave Equation

Electronic Devices And Circuits

  • Electronic Devices
  • Analog Circuits
  • Digital Circuits

Electromagnetic Theory

  • Vector Calculus
  • Boundary Value Problems
  • Electromagnetism
  • EM wave propagation
  • EM wave propagation

M.A. ENG Semester I Exam

Course 1: Introduction to Linguistics – ENG
1.Key properties of LanguageLanguage varieties
2.Major concerns of Psycholinguistics and SociolinguisticsHistorical approach, Descriptive approach


3.Major concepts in Linguistics:Syntagmatic and Paradigmetic axes

Constituent Structure

Transformations and Deep Structure

4.Stylistics, its methods and limitations.
Course 2: Poetry I (Chaucer to Blake)
ChaucerPrologue to Canterbury Tales (Modern version)
Shakespeare’s Sonnets No. 18, 30, 63, 130
MiltonParadise Lost, Book I
DonneThe Blossom, The Canonization, The Good Morrow
MarvellTo His Coy Mistress
PopeThe Rape of the Lock
GrayElegy Written in a Country Churchyard
BlakeThe Tiger, Ah! Sun-flower

START: Vocabulary Online Quiz

Course 3: Drama I (Marlowe to Wilde excluding Shakespeare)
WebsterThe Duchess of Malfi
MarloweDr. Faustus
JonsonThe Alchemist
CongreveThe Way of the World
WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest
Origin and Growth of the British Theatre
Course 4: Prose
BaconOf Truth; Of Death; Of Adversity; Of
Great Place; Of Parents and Children
Addison & SteeleOf the Club; The Coverley Household;
Labour and Exercise; Sir Roger at the
Theatre (Coverley Papers from the Spectator, ed. K. Deighton, Macmillan)
LambChrist Hospital; New Year’s Eve;
Imperfect Sympathies
CarlyleHero as Man of Letters
RussellScience and War; Science and Values
(from The Impact of Science on Society)
HuxleyTragedy and the Whole Truth (from
W.E.Williams, ed. A Book of English


START: English Grammar Quiz

MCA: Master Of Computer Applications- Semester I:

Introduction to Computer Programming through C

Basic Programming Concepts: Introduction to the basic ideas of problem solving and programming using principles of top-down modular design, Flowcharts, Abstraction Mechanisms, Stepwise Refinement. Syntactic Elements of a Language, General Syntactic Criterion, Formal Definition of Syntax, Semantics, Storage Management, Static Storage Management, Stack-Based Storage Management, Heap Storage Management, Operating and Programming Environment. Introduction to Programming Language C: Data Types, Instruction and its Types, Storage Classes, Operators and Hierarchy of Operations, Expressions in C, Control and Repetitive Statements, break, continue, Functions: User Defined Functions and Library Functions, Local and Global Variables, Parameter Passing, Pointers, Arrays, Strings, C Preprocessors, Structures, Input and Output in C, C-Library. Introduction to the Major Programming Paradigms: Imperative Language, Object Oriented Languages, Functional Languages, Logic Languages, Parallel Languages etc.

Discrete Mathematical Structures

Sets, Relations & Functions: Property of binary relations, equivalence, compatibility, partial ordering relations, hasse diagram, functions, inverse functions, composition of functions, recursive functions. Mathematical Logic: Logic operators, Truth tables, Theory of inference and deduction, mathematical calculus, predicate calculus, predicates and quantifiers. Groups & Subgroups: Group axioms, Monoids , semi groups, Isomorphism, homomorphism , automorphism. Lattices & Boolean Algebra: Truth values and truth tables, the algebra of propositional functions, Boolean algebra of truth values. Combinatorics& Recurrence Relations: Permutation, Combination, Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, Recurrence Relations, Generating Functions Graph theory: Basic Concepts of Graphs and Trees, Adjacency and Incidence Matrices, Spanning Tree, Transitive Closure, Shortest Path, Planar Graphs, Graph Coloring, Eularian and Hamiltonian graphs, Applications of Graph Theoretic Concepts to Computer Science.

Operating System Concepts

Introduction: Definition, Design Goals, Evolution; Concept of User, job and Resources; Batch processing, Multi-programming, Time sharing; Structure and Functions of Operating System. Process Management: Process states, State Transitions, Process Control Structure, Context Switching, Process Scheduling, Threads. Memory Management: Address Binding, Dynamic Loading and Linking Concepts, Logical and Physical Addresses, Contiguous Allocation, Fragmentation, Paging, Segmentation, Combined Systems, Virtual Memory, 107 . Demand Paging, Page fault, Page replacement algorithms, Global Vs Local Allocation, Thrashing, Working Set Model, Paging. Concurrent Processes: Process Interaction, Shared Data and Critical Section, Mutual Exclusion, Busy form of waiting, Lock and unlock primitives, Synchronization, Classical Problems of Synchronization, Semaphores, Monitors, Conditional Critical Regions, System Deadlock, Wait for Graph, Deadlock Handling Techniques: Prevention, Avoidance, Detection and Recovery. File and Secondary Storage Management: File Attributes, File Types, File Access Methods, Directory Structure, File System Organization and Mounting, Allocation Methods, Free Space management; Disk Structure, Logical and Physical View, Disk Head Scheduling, Formatting, Swap Management. Protection & Security. UNIX/ LINUX and WINDOWS as example systems.
Minor Elective: Business Accounting

Introduction, Definition, Concepts and Conventions of Accounting, Principles of Double Entry System, Recording, Classification and Summarization of business transactions, Preparation of Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation statement. Final Accounts: Final Accounts of Sale proprietary concern, Partnership and Joint Stock Companies. Cost Accounting: Definition, objectives and significance of cost Accounting, cost Accounting vs. Financial Accounting, Classificvation of costs, Preparation of Cost sheet.

M.Com. Part-I Semester System Syllabus:

Semester – I:

  • Course Title
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organisation Theory
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Advanced Business Statistics
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management

Semester – II:

  • Course Title
  • Theory of the Firm
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Research Methodology
  • Accounting for Planning & Control
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Banking and Insurance
M.Sc. / M.Sc. (Tech.) / M.C.A. Courses
Master of Arts in Public Administration
M.B.A.(Agri-Business) Degree Course
B.Sc. (Hons.) Courses
Prospectus of the  B. Pharma. (Ayurveda)
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)

Steps to Download the BHU Syllabus 2023:

Candidates who are going to attend the examination they can follow the below specified steps and can download the relevant syllabus for their preparation.

  • First of all visit the official website by log on to the www.bhu.ac.in
  • Now you need to hit on appropriate link for Banaras Hindu University Syllabus, available on home page.
  • After that, select the appropriate link according to your suitable course.
  • The syllabus will be opened in the form of PDF on your screen.
  • Save it and take a hard copy of it for future use.

Press Here For Banaras Hindu University Syllabus Official Link


You may get BHU Syllabus 2023 for all courses through this Official Link. Stay in touch with www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get recent updates from time to time.

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