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CA CPT Sample Papers 2022 | Download PDF Solved Question/Model Papers

CA CPT Sample Papers

Institute of Chartered Accountant has released CA CPT Sample Papers 2022 on its official website for the aspirants who are preparing for upcoming Common Proficiency Test (CPT).

Candidates can download CA Common Proficiency Test Solved Question Papers PDF by hitting the below stated direct link. CA CPT Sample Papers 2022 includes model test papers, study material as well as previous year question papers of all four subjects.

CA CPT Model Papers 2022

Along with the CA CPT Sample Papers, candidates will also get some important questions of CA CPT Previous Examinations. Candidates appearing for Common Proficiency Test can download CA CPT Question Papers and practice for the examination.

Candidates who are seeking for further details of CA CPT Sample Papers 2022 they can go through below section of this page which is well created by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

CA CPT Sample Papers 2022

Volume 1
CA CPT Sample Papers 1Part 1
CA CPT Sample Papers 2Part 2
CA CPT Sample Papers 3Part 3
CA CPT Sample Papers 4Part 4
Volume 2
CA CPT Sample Papers 1Part 1
CA CPT Sample Papers 2Part 2
CA CPT Sample Papers 3Part 3
CA CPT Sample Papers 4Part 4

CA CPT Important Question and Answers

Question 1. Goods worth Rs.2,000 were distributed as free samples in the market. The journal entry will be ________

  1. Drawing A/c Dr.2,000 To Purchases A/c 2,000
  2. Sales A/c Dr.2,000 To Cash A/c 2,000
  3. Advertisement A/c Dr.2,000 To Purchases A/c 2,000
  4. No entry

Answer: 3

Question 2. If goods are sold but not delivered to the customer, they will be included in ______

  1. Closing inventory
  2. Goods in transit
  3. Sales
  4. Sales returns

Answer: 3

Question 3. Johnny purchased goods of Rs.5,000 for cash at 20% trade discount and 5% cash discount Purchases A/c is to be debited by Rs.______

  1. 3 800
  2. 5 000
  3. 3 750
  4. 4:-000

Answer: 4

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Question 4. In the ledger an account shows credit balance at the end of the year. This balance is shown as

  1. To Balance c/d on the debit side
  2. By Balance c/d on the credit side
  3. To Balance b/d on the debit side
  4. By Balance b/d on the credit side

Answer: 1

Question 5. Bank Reconciliation Statement is used to show the difference between the balances of

  1. Cash columns of Cashbook & Passbook
  2. Bank columns of Cashbook & Passbook
  3. Cash columns of Cashbook & Bank columns of Cashbook
  4. None of the above

Answer: 2

Question 6. Debit balance as per Cash Book of Axe Ltd. As on 31.3.2016 is Rs. 2,000. Cheques deposited but not cleared amounts to Rs. 100 and Cheques issued but not presented of Rs. 150. The bank allowed interest amounting Rs. 100 and collected dividend Rs. 50 on behalf of Axe Ltd. Balance as per Pass Book should be

  1. 1,700
  2. 2,000
  3. 2,100
  4. 2,200

Answer: 4

Question 7. Average inventory = Rs.30,000. Closing Inventory is Rs. 5,000 more than opening inventory. Then the value of closing inventory will be

  1. 32,500
  2. 35,000
  3. 30,000
  4. 60,000

Answer: 1

Get Common Proficiency Test Date Sheet: CA CPT Exam Time Table

Question 8. At the time of finalization of Financial Statements, Bad debts written off are to be referred to Prosions

  1. Pro isions
  2. Reserves
  3. Capital A/c
  4. Profit & Loss A/c

Answer: 4

Question 9. From the following find out the correct equation

A=Opening Inventory
C=Closing Inventory
D=Cost of goods sold

  1. D-A=B+C
  2. A+B=D-C
  3. A-C=D+B
  4. A+B=C+D

Answer: 4

Question 10. General manger gets 6% Commission On net Profit After Charging Such Commission. Gross Profit after RS 60,000 and Other Indirect expenses other than Managers Commission are Rs 70000.Comission

  1. 3000
  2. 3396
  3. 3500
  4. None Of the above

Answer: 1

Question 11. A decrease in the provision for doubtful debts would result in:

  1. An increase in liabilities.
  2. A decrease in working capital.
  3. A decrease in net profit.
  4. An increase in net profit.

Answer: 4

Check Revised ICAI Final Course Syllabi PDF: CA Final Syllabus

Question 12. Capital at the end of the year Rs.5,00,000 Drawings during the year Rs.50,000 Profit for the year Rs.1,00,000 Interest on opening capital @ 10% per annum
will be

  1. 50,000
  2. 5,50,000
  3. 45,000
  4. 55,000

Answer: 3

Question 13. An amount of Rs.68,000 was paid on 3/3/17 for advertisement in a newspaper. This was published in the newspaper on 3/4/17. This expenditure will be shown as __

  1. Liability in the balance sheet on 31/3/17
  2. Prepaid expenses on the assets side of Balance Sheet on 31/3/17
  3. An expense in the Profit and Loss A/c for the year ended 31/3/17
  4. None of the above

Answer: 2

Question 14. Opening capital = Rs.5,00,000 Drawings = Rs.1,20,00Assets = Rs.8,500 Liabilities =Rs.75,00 Closing Capital & Profit will be Rs._

  1. 8,50,000 & 3,95,000
  2. 7,75,000 & 3,95,000
  3. 7,75,000 & 1,55,000
  4. 8,50,000 & 3,55,000

Answer: 2

Question 15. Goods of the sale price of Rs.8000 were sent to a customer on sale or return basis. Till the end of the year the goods were neither returned nor approved. The profit is 25% on cost. The inventory with customer to be included to the closing inventory of the trader will be Rs

  1. 6400
  2. 7000
  3. 6000
  4. 6500

Answer: 1

Question 16. A bill Of Rs 40000 was discounted by p with his bank for 39000 at maturilty the bill returned dishonoured noting charges amounted to 500 how much amount will the bank deduct from p’s bank balance at he time of such dishonour?

  1. Rs 40000
  2. Rs 39000
  3. Rs 39500
  4. Rs 40500

Answer: 4

Question 17. X draws a bill On 1/04/16 for 60000 for 3 months y accepted it 2/02/16.the bill was discounted on 2/05/06 @ 12% p.a the amount of discounted will be rs

  1. 1800
  2. 1200
  3. 600
  4. 1300

Answer: 2

Question 18. A draws a bill on B for Rs 100000 for 3 months.the bill was discounted wiht bnak at 15 % p.a half of the proceeeds are remitted to B.the amount received by B will be Rs

  1. 33334
  2. 25000
  3. 30000
  4. 48125

Answer: 4

Question 19. While preparing BRS mr x Found that a bil of exchange for rs 5000 which was discounted with bank was dishonoured and the bank paid nothing of rs 100.the entry required in the books of X will be

  1. customer A/c Dr 5100
    to bank A/C 5100
  2. Customer A/C DR. 5000
    To Bank Charges A?c 100
  3. Customer A/c Dr 5000
    Bank Charges ac dr 100
    to bank a/c 5100
  4. Customer A/c DR 5100
    To Bank A/c Dr 5100
    To Bank A/c 5000
    To Bank Chartges A/c 100

Answer: 1

Question 20. If consignor draws a bill on consignee and discounted it with the banker, the discounting charges will be debited in

  1. general p/l/c
  2. consignment a/c
  3. consignee a/c
  4. trade receivable a/c

Answer: 1

CA CPT Exam Pattern Overview 

Exam Mode – Pen Paper based examination

Exam Type – Entry level examination

Test Paper Language – English or Hindi

Exam Duration – 4 hours (two hours for each session)

Type of questions – Multiple Choice Questions

Total Questions – 200

Test Subjects – Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude

Total Marks – 200 marks

Marking Scheme – For each correct attempt, one mark will be awarded and in case of each wrong response, 0.25 marks will be deducted from total scored marks.

Minimum Qualifying Marks Required in CPT

Candidates have to secure minimum 30 per cent marks in each Section and a minimum of 50 per cent marks in aggregate in all the four Sections to qualify Common Proficiency Test 2022.

The minimum marks required in each section and in the aggregate in all sections are as follows:

SectionSubjectMaximum MarksMinimum Marks
AFundamentals Of Accounting6018
BMercantile Laws4012
CGeneral Economics5015
DQuantitative Aptitude5015

Last Note:

Press the above stated Official Link to download CA CPT Sample Papers 2022. Also like this page on face book or Google Plus to get the latest updates.

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