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Calcutta University Syllabus 2023 Download Subject wise UG/PG PDF

Calcutta University Syllabus

Students who are pursuing various UG and PG Courses from Calcutta University can check the syllabus from this page. Here we have provided the updated Calcutta University Syllabus 2023 for all programmes. To prepare for the upcoming examinations, it is necessary for you to have a proper knowledge about the latest curriculum. Check the Calcutta University Exam Syllabus given below and you can even download it in the PDF format; the links for the same are provided in the page.

Candidates must strategize their study plan according to the new CU Syllabus in order to perform well in the upcoming Calcutta University Examinations. The updated Calcutta University Syllabus 2023 for various UG/ PG Courses such as BA, B.Sc., etc. is available in the below section. Here you will also find the step-to-step procedure to access Calcutta University UG/PG Syllabus from the official website along with the PDF downloading links.

University Of Calcutta Syllabus – Download PDF

In the following section of this article, we have facilitated the subject-wise Calcutta University Exam Syllabus for Physics, English, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Geography and others. You can also download and save the syllabus PDF to your system and use it offline whenever required.

For your convenience, he direct link to download the Calcutta University Syllabus 2023 in the PDF format are available below in the page. Explore this page thoroughly which is designed by the team members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get all the latest information about Calcutta University (CU) Syllabus.

Download Calcutta University Syllabus PDF:

The direct links to download subject-wise Syllabus PDFs for major subjects like English, Hindi, Geography, Economics and others have been placed in the following table. Students who are preparing for the examinations to be held for these subjects can obtain the latest syllabus directly with help of the below tabulated links:

SubjectDownload PDF
PhysiologyGet Here
EnglishGet Here
LinguisticsGet Here
HindiGet Here
BengaliGet Here
GeographyGet Here
Journalism & M.C.Get Here
PsychologyGet Here
SanskritGet Here
SanskritGet Here
ElectronicsGet Here
PhilosophyGet Here
PhysicsGet Here
Bio-ChemistryGet Here
GeologyGet Here
StatisticsGet Here
ChemistryGet Here
ZoologyGet Here
AnthropologyGet Here
BotanyGet Here
Human DevelopmentGet Here
MicrobiologyGet Here
SociologyGet Here
UrduGet Here
History (AIWH)Get Here
HistoryGet Here
EducationGet Here
Food & NutritionGet Here
PersianGet Here
CommerceGet Here
EconomicsGet Here
MathematicsGet Here
Political ScienceGet Here
Fashion & Apparel DesignGet Here

Calcutta University Syllabus 2023

Compulsory English Syllabus for B.A./ Bsc. Course

Prescribed Book:

Golden Leaves: A Textbook for College students

(Published by Macmillan in collaboration with the University of Calcutta)


  1. K.NARAYAN, “Out of Business”
  2. RUSKIN BOND, “The Thief’s Story”
  3. RADHAKRISHNAN, “Intuition and Genius”
  5. RABINDRANATH TAGORE, “Gitanjali:18”


  • 2 questions of 5 marks each (5×2=10)
  • 5 questions of 2 marks each (2×5=10)
  • 5 questions of 1 mark each (1×5=5)


  1. Writing Formal and Informal Letters OR Paragraph writing OR Writing CVs and Job
  2. Applications – 10 Marks
  3. Comprehension Test – 2 questions of 5 marks each ( 5×2=10)
  4. Grammar ( from Comprehension test passage) – 5 questions of 1 mark each (1×5=5)

Calcutta University Maths Honors Syllabus 2023

Name of the TopicModuleGroup
Paper I
Classical AlgebraIA
Modern Algebra IB
Analytical Geometry of Two DimensionsIIA
Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions IB
Vector AlgebraC
Paper II
Analysis IIIIA
Evaluation of IntegralsB
Linear AlgebraIVA
Vector Calculus IB
Paper III
Modern Algebra IIVA
Linear Programming and Game TheoryB
Analysis IIVIA
Differential Equations IB
Paper IV
Real-Valued Functions of Several Real VariablesVIIA
Application of CalculusB
Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions IIVIIIA
Analytical Statics IB
Analytical Dynamics of A Particle IC
Paper V
Analysis IIIIXA
Linear Algebra II and Modern Algebra IIXA
Tensor CalculusB
Differential Equation II Or Graph TheoryC
Paper VI
Vector calculus IIXIA
Analytical Statics IIB
Analytical Dynamics of A Particle IIC
Rigid DynamicsB
Paper VII
Analysis IVXIIIA
Metric SpaceB
Complex AnalysisC
Paper VIII
Numerical AnalysisXVA
Computer ProgrammingB

Calcutta University Maths Syllabus 2023

Name of the TopicModuleGroup
Classical AlgebraIA
Analytical Geometry of two dimensionsB
Vector AlgebraC
Differential CalculusIIA
Integral CalculusB
Differential EquationsC
Modern AlgebraIIIA
Analytical Geometry of three dimensionsB
Differential CalculusIVA
Integral CalculusB
Differential EquationsC
Numerical MethodsVA
Linear ProgrammingB
Analytical Dynamics / Probability & StatisticsVIA / B
Computer Science & ProgrammingVII
A Course of Calculus / Discrete MathematicsVIIIA / B

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Calcutta University Physics Honors Syllabus 2023

Part – I –  1st Year
IUnit-01Mathematical Methods I & Mathematical Methods II
Unit-02Waves and Optics I & Electronics I
IIAUnit-03Classical Mech.I & Thermal Physics I
Part – II – 2nd Year
IIIUnit-05Electronics II & Electricity and Magnetism
Unit-06Electrostatics & Waves and Optics II
IVAUnit-07Quantum Mech.I & Thermal Physics II
Part – III 3rd Year
VUnit-09Classical Mechanics II & Special Theory of Relativity
Unit-10Quantum Mech.II & Atomic Physics
VIUnit-11Nuclear and Particle Physics I & Nuclear and ParticlePhysics II
Unit-12Solid State Physics I & Solid State Physics II
VIIAUnit-13Statistical Mechanics & Electromagnetic Theory
VIIIBUnit-16Computer laboratory

Calcutta University Physics General Syllabus 2023

Part – I


IAClassical Mechanics and Gravitation, Heat and Thermodynamics
IBGeneral Properties of Matter, Waves and Vibrations,

Geometrical Optics

Part – II


IIBElectricity and Magnetism
IIIBPhysical Optics, Electronics, Modern Physics
Part – III


IVAApplication of Thermodynamics, Energy Sources, Electronics,


IVBLaboratory, Computer Laboratory

Calcutta University English Honors Syllabus 2023

IHistory Of Literature
IIPoetry From Elizabethan Age To The Romantic Revival
IVNovel, Essays And Short Stories
VVictorian Poetry, Twentieth Century Poetry, Prosody And Unseen
VINovel, Essay & Writing
VIIDrama And Literary Types
VIIIOptional Paper

Calcutta University English General Syllabus 2023

IVShort Stories

Calcutta University Chemistry (General) Syllabus 2023

1st Year
CGT 11aUnit-IGeneral Chemistry
Unit-IIPrinciples of organic qualitative analysis
CGT 11bUnit-IBasic organic chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic organic chemistry II
CGT 12aUnit-IBasic inorganic chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic inorganic chemistry II
CGT 12bUnit-IBasic organic chemistry III
Unit-IIBasic organic chemistry IV
2nd Year
CGT 21aUnit-IBasic physical chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry II
CGT 21bUnit-IPrinciples of qualitative inorganic analysis
Unit-IIBasic inorganic chemistry III
CGT 22aUnit-IBasic physical chemistry III
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry IV
CGT 22bUnit-IBasic physical chemistry V
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry VI
CGP 23QualitativeAnalysis of Single Organic Compound(s)
CGP 24Qualitative Analysis of

Inorganic Mixtures

Experiments A, B, C
3rd Year
CGT 31aUnit-IChemical analysis
Unit-IIError analysis and computer applications
CGT 31bUnit-IIndustrial chemistry I
Unit-IIIndustrial chemistry II
CGT 31cUnit-IEnvironmental chemistry
Unit-IIIndustrial chemistry I

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How to Download Calcutta University Syllabus 2023?
The step-wise procedure to download the Syllabus UG and PG courses is discussed as follows:

  • First of all, log on to the official website of the University of Calcutta that is www.caluniv.ac.in
  • On the homepage, scroll down to reach the middle section and go to the ‘News and Announcements’ column available at the right-hand side.
  • If you are looking for the syllabus for a UG Course press the “CBCS – UG” link whereas PG students need to select “CBCS – PG”.
  • The new page displaying the links for Calcutta University syllabi for various courses will be opened.
  • Press the relevant link of the course or subject for which you want to obtain the Calcutta University Semester Syllabus.
  • The Syllabus in PDF format for the select course or subject will be displayed on your screen.
  • You need to download and save the Syllabus PDF to your system. You may also keep a hard copy of the Syllabus for future reference.

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