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Calicut University Syllabus 2023 (UG-PG) BA/BSc/MA/BBA PDF Download

Calicut University Syllabus

Students of Calicut University can check their Syllabus from this page. We have provided the latest and updated Calicut University Syllabus for various undergraduate and Post postgraduate courses. Those who are going to appear in the upcoming Semester or Annual Examinations conducted by the University can download the Calicut University Exam Syllabus in PDF Format through the direct links available below.

Having the proper knowledge of the updated Calicut University Syllabus 2023 will enable you to prepare for the corresponding examination strictly according to the prescribed curriculum. You will be able to identify the important units that carry high marks weightage that will help you to strategize your study plan. For your convenience, here we have also facilitated Calicut University Syllabus PDF so that you can save it for future reference.

Calicut University UG-PG Syllabus 2023!!!

Calicut University conducts semester and annual examinations for different Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes such as BA, BSc, MA, BBA, BCA, MBA, M.Phil / Ph.D, Cost-Based Courses, etc. If you are preparing for these examinations then it is extremely necessary for you to have a close look at the Syllabus of Calicut University.

Without wasting any further time, scroll down this page which is created by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to obtain the latest information regarding Calicut University Exam Syllabus 2023. You can access the syllabus for whichever course you are looking for easily in the below section of this page.

Calicut University Syllabus

Calicut University UG Syllabus

Calicut University BA Syllabus for History

Colonial State In India – Administrative History:

  • Foundation of Colonial Administration: Antecedents – Development of Overseas trade in Europe following the discovery of new sea routes – Advent of trading companies – English East India Company – Early English Settlements in Indi
  • Consolidation of Colonial Power: Lord Wellesley and subsidiary alliance – Lord Hastings and policy of subordinate isolation – Lord Dalhousie and Doctrine of Lapse etc
  • India under the Crown: Impact of the revolt of 1857 – Transfer of power from Company to the Crown – Act of 1858 – Secretary of State for India – Introduction of uniform penal code etc

Emergence Of Modern World (1453- 1776)

  • Transition from Medieval to Modern Societies: Beginnings of changes in Europe – scientific and technological progress, Decline of feudalism etc
  • Era of Absolutism and Mercantalism: Absolutism in France, England, Prussia and Russia, European colonies in South America and North America – Flow of wealth to Europe – commercial rivalries.
  • Age of Reason: Glorious Revolution in England – John Locke, The philosophes – legacy of Aquinas – Bacon, Thomas Hobbs – Decartes – Montesquieu – Rousseau – Diderot – Voltaire etc

Working Class Movement In Modern India

  • Formation of Indian working class, Working class movements before the formation of Trade unions – early attempts of social activists – workmen’s club in Bengal – Role of Press, Regional workers association etc
  • Formation of AITUC – Role Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai – Manifesto of AITUC, Trade Unions and Indian National Movement, Gandhiji and Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association
  • Influence of Leftist Ideologies
  • Developments in the Post Independent Era

Social And Cultural History Of Britain – Ancient And Medieval Period

  • Historical Antecedents, Great Britain – Geographical Entity, Early Settler, Roman conquest – impact on society, Advent of Christianity etc.
  • Origin of Feudalism-Manorial system – Feudal practices – Laws – Feudal hierarchy – condition of serfs – Chivalry and Romance – Dooms Day Book – Church and Feudalism Magna Carta etc
  • Medieval Universities – curriculum – relation with the church – intellectual life – Medieval English Literature – Chaucer Defines of established order – Wycliff and Lollards – John Huss etc

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Calicut University B.Sc Syllabus for Psychology

Basic Themes in Psychology-I

  • Psychology: A working definition. Origin of Psychology etc
  • Attention and Perception, selective and sustained attention; Factors affecting attention; Phenomena associated with attention etc
  • Nature of consciousness; Biological rhythms: circadian rhythms; Sleep and waking cycle: stages of sleep
  • Concept of learning, Nature of learning, learning curve etc

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Psychological Statistics

  • Concept of Probability, Meaning, Importance and Characteristics of Normal Probability Curve, Deviations from Normal Probability Curve
  • Meaning of Statistical Inferences, Population and Sample, Random Sampling, Sampling Distribution etc
  • Purpose and Assumptions of Analysis of Variance, One way and Two way Analysis of Variance
  • Nature and Assumptions, Distribution Free Statistics, Chi-square, Contingency Co-efficient, Median and Sign test, Friedman test
  • Familiarisation with Software Packages for Statistical Analysis and their Applications.
  • Common Course I-English
  • Common Course II-English
  • Common Course III-Language other than English
  • Human Physiology

Download Calicut University Syllabus PDF

Calicut University UG Syllabus 2023:

CourseDirect Links
Calicut University B.Com Syllabus
Faculty of Commerce and Management studies-Revised Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus of Bachelor of Commerce(BCom) Degree Programme under CUCBCSS UG-with effect from the 2017-18 admissionDownload PDF
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies-Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus of B.Com Professional under CUCBCSS UG with effect from the Academic Year 2016-17Download PDF
B.Com (Vocational Stream)
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies – Scheme and Syllabus of B.Com (Vocational Stream) Programme with effect from 2017-18 admissionsDownload PDF
Calicut University B.Sc Syllabus
B.Sc Psychology Programme-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Scheme and Syllabus-Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2017 Admissions-Orders issued.Download PDF
B.Sc in Counselling Psychology (offered by SDE)-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Scheme and Syllabus-Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2014 Admissions-Orders issued.Download PDF
Complimentary Course for B Sc. Psychology-Human Physiology-CBCSS UG 2014- -Scheme and Syllabus-Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2014 Admissions-Orders issued.Download PDF
BSc Psychology Programme -CUCBCSS UG 2014 – Scheme and Syllabus w.e.f 2017 Admissions – Including Complementary Courses for BSW ProgrammeDownload PDF
Calicut University Syllabus Of B.Sc. STATISTICS
B.Sc Programme in Statistics-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Scheme and Syllabus-Implemented w.e.f 2014 Admissions-Corrigendum issued.Download PDF
B.Sc Programme in Physics-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Core and Complementary Courses-Scheme and Syllabus-Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2014 Admissions-Orders issued.Download PDF
B.Sc Programme in Geography-under Choice Based Credit Semester System (UG)-Revised Syllabus for 2014 admissions onward-Approved-implemented-w.e.f 2014 admission-Orders issued.Download PDF
BSc Programme in Geography-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Revised Syllabus-Approved-implemented-w.e.f 2017 admission-Orders issued.Download PDF
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc Computer Science Programme-CUCBCSS UG 2014-Scheme and Syllabus- revised w.e.f 2017 Admissions-Approved Implemented-Orders issued.Download PDF
CUCBCSS UG 2014Download PDF
B.A/B.Sc Programme-B.Com/BBA Programme-LRP Programme (B.Sc Computer Sclence, BCh,,BMMC, B.Sc Electronics-Common Course Hindi-Communication Skills in Hindi-2014 Admission-Code numbers modified-Course No.(07) 1, (07) 2 and (07) 3-Approved-Implemented-Orders issued.Download PDF
B.Sc Programme in Computer Science–under CUCBCSS UG 2014–Scheme and Syllabus approved-implemented w.e.f 2014 admission onwards-Orders issued.Download PDF
B.Sc Forensic Science
CUCBCSS UG 2014Download PDF

Calicut University Syllabus For PG Courses:

Calicut University MA Syllabus
Calicut University MSW Syllabus
Calicut University MSc Syllabus
MSc Programme in Biochemistry-University Teaching Department-under Choice based Credit Semester System (PG)Download PDF
M.Sc Programme in Physics-CCSS PG-Department of Physics of the University-Modified Scheme and SyllabusDownload PDF

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Calicut University Distance Education Syllabus:

Refer to the table placed below to access the University of Calicut Syllabus for Distance Education Programmes:

Calicut University UG Syllabus (Distance Education)
B.A HistoryDownload PDF
B.A Political Science-2007 Admission onwardsDownload PDF
BA/BSc Hindi (part I&II 2008 Admission -SDE
Download PDF
BA/BSc Malayalam (Part II &III-2008 Admission
SDE Candidates)
Download PDF
B.A. Malayalam Part III , Paper IIIDownload PDF
B.A Sanskrit (Distance Education/Private Mode
2011 admission)
Download PDF
B.A Mass CommunicationDownload PDF
BA Economics Programme – syllabus for the additional
paper replacing the Project Study in the Fifth/Sixth
Semester of BA Economics (SDE) for 2011-12 admission
Download PDF
BA Tamil Programme – syllabus for the Course replacing
the project Study in the fifth/sixth Semester of BA Tamil
(SDE) for 2011-12 Admission
Download PDF
B.A Sanskrit Programme – syllabus for the Course replacing
the Project Study in the Fifth/Sixth Semester of BA Sanskrit
(SDE) for 2011-12 admission
Download PDF
Calicut University PG Syllabus (Distance Education)
M.A. Political Science under the School of Distance
Education, University of Calicut-Scheme & Syllabus
-2016 Admn-Clarification on Pass Requirements
Download PDF
MA PhilosophyDownload PDF
M.A. Political Science-School of Distance Education-
Scheme and Syllabus – implemented – anomalies clarified
Download PDF
Master of Science (M.Sc) Programme in Statistics
(offered by SDE)- Rules, Regulations and Syllabus-
Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2015 Admissions
Download PDF
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies-
Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus for M.Com course
under Credit Semester System (Regular and SDE)
Download PDF
MA Malayalam Unified Syllabus applicable for Department
of Malayalam, University of Calicut, Affiliated Colleges and
School of Distance Education – implemented with effect from
2014 Admission
Download PDF
M.A Gandhian StudiesDownload PDF
M A ArabicDownload PDF
M A History (2008 admission onwards)Download PDF
M.A English – Distance EducationDownload PDF
M.A Tamil -Sem – Non Semester – Revised with effect
from 2009 admission onwards
Download PDF
M.A Sanskrit Syllabus Semester Scheme / Distance
Education /Private Stream / two papers of Sanskrit (sub)
with effect from 2009 admission
Download PDF
M.A Economics Degree Course (1997 Admission onwards)Download PDF
M.A HindiDownload PDF
M.A SociologyDownload PDF
M.Sc MathematicsDownload PDF
MA Sanskrit Sahitya (Special) – Non Semester course –
through School of Distance Education   – revised with
effect from 2014 admission onwards
Download PDF
MA Sanskrit Language and Literature (General) – Non
Semester course – through School of Distance Education
-revised with effect from 2014 admission onwards –
Download PDF
MBA – Regulations and Syllabus under CUCSS Distance
Education mode – approved- implemented- ratified by the
Academic Council- orders made absolute
Download PDF
MBA Regulations & Syllabus Under CUCSS Distance Education
Mode – Implemented With Effect from 2012 Admission
Download PDF
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies – Regulations
-Scheme and Syllabus of MBA Programme (CUCSS) under
School of Distance Education -revised with effect from
2013-14 Admission
Download PDF

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Procedure to Download Calicut University Syllabus:

  • Log on to the official website of the University of Calicut – www.uoc.ac.in.
  • Scroll down and reach the middle section of the homepage. You will come across a section named ‘Resources’.
  • Select the “Syllabus” option under the aforementioned section.
  • The page to download Calicut University Syllabus 2023 will be opened.  Here you will see the list of syllabi for different courses available.
  • Follow the suitable link for which you are willing to access the syllabus.
  • The PDF file of the Exam Syllabus will be opened on your screen.
  • Download the syllabus PDF to your system. You may also take a printout of it for future reference while preparing for the exam.

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