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Career Options In Arts | Best Options for You With an Art Degree – After 12th/Graduation

Career Options In Arts

Today there are many misconceptions regarding Art Stream. Usually people think that there are not many or successful Career Options In Arts, only a person can do in Arts Career is being a Teacher or Professor. This fact is contradictory as there are many Career Options those having an Art Degree.

If you are also one looking for Career Options In Arts then you must check out this article. Best Options for You With an Art Degree – After 12th/Graduation are available here.

With an Arts Background, there are many career options that one can choose like teaching, nursing, social work, law, politics, business, television, radio artist, content writing, acting, designing, singing and many more. If we talk about the real world then most of our political leaders, business owners as well as the big names of Indian banner have completed their education in Arts Stream. The reason of choosing Arts Stream is that it provides a wide variety of subject choice to study

Best Career Options For Arts Students:

There are vast varieties of career options such as Bachelor/Masters in Arts, Bachelor in Education, English, Economics and Bachelor in Political Science which you can choose according to your skills or interest.

Arts field includes the investigation of subjects like Literature, History, Languages, Geography, Political science, communism and so forth. Best Career alternatives in Arts stream are ceaseless.

Career in Arts Stream:

There are numerous Career Options In Arts After 12th and Graduation.Those individuals who need to influence their vocation in Art stream they may avail whole details regarding Art Streams after 12th and Graduation with the assistance of this article of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

If student has completed his/her 12th in Arts field then there is a variety of courses he/she can pursue. After completion of Graduation candidate can go for many career options. Here we have stated both Career Options in Arts for 12th Students i.e. the courses they can pursue further and some Career options for Arts Graduates.

Career Options In Arts

Career Options In Arts After 12th:

If you have completed your 12th with arts streams then there are many Graduate Courses you can opt. the list of top Graduate Courses After 12th for students With an Art Degree are:

Name Abbreviated as Duration
B.A.Bachelor of Arts.

Some specialization areas are-
B.A. Psychology, B.A. History, B.A. Archaeology,
B.A. Economics, B.A. Journalism and Mass
Communication, B.A. English, B.A. Hindi,
B.A. Malayalam, B.A. in other languages (state wise),
B.A. Sociology, B.A. Politics, B.A. Geography,
B.A. Indian Culture, B.A. Social Work etc.

3 years.
B.B.A.Bachelor of Business Administration.3 years.
B.M.S.Bachelor of Management Science.3 years.
B.F.A.Bachelor of Fine arts.3 years.
B.H.M.Bachelor of Hotel Management.3 years.
B.E.M.Bachelor of Event Management.3-4 years.
Integrated Law courseB.A.+L.L.B.05 years
B.J.M.Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications.2-3 years.
B.F.D.Bachelor of Fashion Designing.4 years.
B.El.Ed.Bachelor of Elementary Education4 years.
B.P.Ed.Bachelor of Physical Education.1 year.
D.El.Ed.Diploma in Elementary Education.3 years.
B.SW.Bachelor of Social Work.3 years.
Animation and Multimedia course.1-3 years.
B.RM.Bachelor of Retail Management.3 years.
Aviation courses (Cabin Crew)1-3 years.
B.B.S.Bachelor of Business Studies.3 years.
B.T.T.M.Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management3-4 years.

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10 Career Opportunities For Art Students


Painter artists, usually just called painters, charge their paintings to business or private collections, show them in art galleries or museums, or are hired to paint portraits or other works. Painters might also teach art classes in schools, conduct private workshops or classes, or restore antique paintings. The most successful painters will be those who have the ability to paint a variety of artistic styles or techniques.

Graphics Designing Artists and Animators:

The BA in animation and visual arts is a three year program. Selecting a career in this field wants creativity and skills of drawing arts. This career provides various career opportunities both in India as well as abroad. This job involves making full length animations, marketing banners for sites, animated movies or advertisement clips. There are various types of experts within the animation disciplines and they all want to cooperate for successful results.

Mass Communication and Journalism:

Mass Communication and Journalism is a program for student wishing to pursue a career in journalism. They contract with news and reporting all type of concerns like that of politics, social issues as well as economic conditions. With this degree, one can join some media News Anchor or sub-editor, group as reporter. Communication is not only high paying but also fetch in a huge deal of job fulfillment and expression of imagination

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Acting Modeling and Dance:

Acting Modeling and Dance both are diploma and degree courses presented in acting and dancing. People with natural style in acting/dancing and superior skills in performing art are capable to do well in this career. The scope and opportunities in this discipline are very strong as the film and television industry is one of most popular and affluent industries in India.

Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing involves lot of originality, obsession for clothing, deep understanding of business and marketing aspects of fashion world. This is career is quiet demanding depending upon your ability and capacity you may attain the heights of glamour world. You must have great taste of personality and dressing sense.

Hotel Management and Hospitality:

Hotel Management and Hospitality is two or three years short term professional course that may be pursued after the 12th. The job vision in this career would comprise management, customer service, housekeeping, receptionist, accounting, sales and marketing, etc in Hotel industry. They all work in supportive manner to provide warm environment and hospitality to its consumers. They are desired to be a soft spoken, humble.

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Do you enjoy taking pictures of people, things, or places? Possibly you enjoy flipping around your camera and trying new angles and lighting methods to capture an unbelievable picture? If so, you can think becoming a photographer. Depending on how far your obsession and capability go, you can even be qualified for TV, film, or production work.

Interior Designing:

Interior designing comprises originality, creative and artistic skills to beautify an interior space according to client wishes and given theme. Interior Designers offer designing solutions so as to best operate the space and providing it an attractive look. So person has to be very imaginative, imaginative, disciplined and able to communicate as well as understand client wants clearly.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing):

BPO is also known as Business Process Outsourcing and it is a course which consists learning the accents as well as languages of the target consumers. Their job profile would include customer service or business development/sales to abroad or domestic clients over phone. The remuneration in this field is normally good and average range falls between 15K to 70K rupees per month depending upon customer process and experience.

Jewellery Designer:

Jewellery designers often design and create jewellery by using a huge variety of materials, which mainly consists gold, silver and precious stones. They constantly design and plan pieces that may have great sentimental importance or symbolic meaning may be wearable or are attractive artifacts in their own right. Designers should be able to relate well to their customers in order to understand design conditions, as well as master the creative and practical skills wanted to create a product.

Choosing the best career option can make your life and career easier, but some students don’t know which career options is best for them after 12th arts stream. There are many career options are available for arts students most popular are listed above.

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