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CTET Sample Papers 2019 Last 10 Years Solved Questions Paper Download

CTET Sample Papers

Career in education is uniquely challenging, yet especially rewarding! To fulfill your dream of government teacher, crack CTET Exam 2019 scheduled on 07 July 2019. We have bought CTET Sample Papers Solved of Last 10 Years. So, download CTET Questions Paper In Hindi.

CTET Date 2019 Released!

केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड (सीबीएसई) ने सीटीईटी परीक्षा 2019 की तारीख का ऐलान किया! सीबीएसई सीटीईटी परीक्षा 7 जुलाई, 2019 को होगी। ये जानकारी सीबीएसई सीटेट की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट ctet.nic.in पर दी गई है। 

CTET Exam Date 2019:

EventsExam Dates
Online Application form commence fromMarch 2019
The last date of application fee Submit via
E-Challan/Credit Card/Debit Card
Online Correction Date of Application
Application form Status  will be
available from
Admit card date ReleaseJune 2019
Entrance exam  Date07-07-2019
Result date AnnouncedAugust 2019
Certificate & Marks statement
issued date

CTET Application Form Last Date 2019:

Contenders must login to ctet.nic.in to fill CTET Application Form 2019 from March 2019 onwards. Read all the basic instructions explaining the application process. Remember, you must submit online form prior deadline.

CTET Last 10 Years Solved Questions Paper Download!

CTET Sample Papers 2019 for Last 10 Years Solved are on this page. By taking help from CTET Previous Year Questions Paper, you may know difficulty level of paper. Go through this page to know more about it.

CTET Sample Papers

CTET Sample Papers 2019 Download:

CTET Exam will take place on 07 July 2019 at various test locations. To sit in exam, you need to prepare well for same by knowing CTET Syllabus  and CTET Exam Pattern. Now, hit on below links to access CTET Sample Papers With Answers PDF.

Last 10 Years Solved CTET Sample Papers 2019 PDF:

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CTET Previous Year Question Paper

Q.1- Which is not a teacher – centered instruction?

  1. Modeling
  2. Lecture
  3. Individualized instruction
  4. Demonstration

Answer: 3

Q.2- In a listening-speaking assessment activity, indicate how you will assesses the following exchange

Teacher Have you matched any English film lately? Tell your friend about it.

Student 1 of course, especially animations

Student 2 me too, I like them a lot.

  1. Student 1 Incorrect response, Student 2 Incorrect response
  2. Student 1 Correct response, Student 2 Correct response
  3. Student 1 Incorrect response, Student 2 correct response
  4. Student 1 Correct response, Student 2 Incorrect response

Answer: 1

Q.3- Constructivism is a theory where students

  1. Form their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences
  2. Construct their own learning aids , thereby gaining hands on experience
  3. Study a variety of dissimilar samples and draw a well-founded conclusion
  4. Are facilitated by the teacher and use a variety of media to research and create their own theories

Answer: 1

Q.4- Iconic mode of learning is based on a system of using

  1. Different types of graphs
  2. A variety of activities
  3. Symbols
  4. Images and diagrams

Answer: 4

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Q.5 Language acquisition

  1. Refers to the process of learning a native or second language because of the innate capacity of the human brain
  2. Is a technique intended to simulate the environment in which children learn their native language?
  3. requires the memorization and use necessary vocabulary
  4. Involves a systematic approach to the analysis and comprehension of grammar as well as to the memorization of vocabulary

Answer: 1

Q.6 What is the meaning of child development?

  1. Development in the length, breadth and fatness of the children
  2. Development of the mental and intellectual ability
  3. Overall development of the child
  4. Development of the child

Answer: 3

Q.7 In this contemporary environment, one is the successful teacher who-

  1. Wears modern dresses and comes in the class
  2. Comes with mobile or i-pod in the class
  3. Creates the situation to learn something
  4. Have skills to make an effective contact with students

Answer: 4

Q.8 What do you think about the students during teaching them?

  1. They may be a reformer and a founder
  2. To be a politician and do work for the progress of country
  3. Their merit/ intelligency might be developed so that they can get best success
  4. They might become a learned and might be famous in their work region

Answer: 3

Q.9 To enhance the listening capacity in children teacher should-

  1. Make recitation (reading in harmony) by the student
  2. Point out mistakes during reading
  3. Make questions for students
  4. Explain the importance of listening

Answer: 1

Q.10 According to John Locke, a scholar of 18th century the main objective of education is-

  1. Virtue, thought, welfare and knowledge
  2. Health, sense, skills and virtue
  3. Personality, virtue, knowledge and health
  4. Development, thought, virtue and skills

Answer: 1

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Q.11- Multilingual character of Indian society should be seen as

  1. a hindrance in teaching-learning process
  2. a resource for enrichment of school life
  3. a challenge to teacher’s capacity to motivate students to learn
  4. a factor that makes school life a complex experience for the learners

Answer: 2

Q12- Diagnosis of the gaps in the learning of students should be followed by

  1. appropriate remedial measures
  2. intensive drill and practice.
  3. systematic revision of all lessons
  4. reporting the findings to learners and parents

Answer: 1

Q13- ‘Self-regulation’ of learners refers to

  1. their ability to monitor their own learning
  2. creating regulations for student behavior
  3. rules and regulations made by the student body
  4. self-discipline and control

Answer: 1

Q.14- Which of the following statements is true about ‘learning’?

  1. Errors made by children indicate that no learning has taken place.
  2. Learning is effective in an environment that is emotionally positive and satisfying for the learners.
  3. Learning is not affected by emotional factors at any stage of learning.
  4. Learning is fundamentally a mental activity.

Answer: 2

Q.15- the main purpose of assessment should be

  1. to point out the errors of the learners
  2. to measure the achievement of learners
  3. to decide if a student should be promoted to the next class
  4. to diagnose and remedy gaps in learning

Answer: 4

Q.16- which of the following is not an appropriate tool for Formative Assessment?

  1. Assignment
  2. Oral questions
  3. Term test
  4. Quiz and games

Answer: 3

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Q.17– Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

  1. 2 : 5
  2. 3 : 5
  3. 4 : 5
  4. 6 : 7

Answer: 3

Q.18– Find the largest five digit number that is divisible by 7, 10, 15, 21 and 28.

  1. 99,840
  2. 99,900
  3. 99,960
  4. 99,990

Answer: 3

Q.19- Anita had to multiply two positive integers. Instead of taking 35 as one of the multipliers, she incorrectly took 53. As a result, the product went up by 540. What is the new product?

  1. 540
  2. 1440
  3. 1520
  4. 1590

Answer: 4

Q.20- How many different factors does 48 have, excluding 1 and 48?

  1. 12
  2. 04
  3. 08
  4. 10

Answer: 3

CTET 2019:

Central Teacher Eligibility Test is abbreviated as CTET. Central Board of Secondary Education is organizing CTET on 07 July 2019. Those having passion to be employed as govt teacher may apply for same prior March 2019.

Read Notification Complete Details: CTET Application Form

CTET Sample Papers 2019:

Practice questions from CTET Questions Papers With Answers. This will help you in raising speed to solve questions. Besides this, CTET Previous Year Sample Papers will help you to know your weak points.

Hit on above links to access CTET Sample Paper In Hindi or CTET Previous Year papers. Stay tuned with us for more updates about exam & many more.

Press Here to Check CTET Sample Papers 2019 Official Link

Contenders can download the PDF of CTET Sample Papers 2019 by going through the above mentioned direct link while you can press this Official Link also. Apart from CTET Sample Papers, contenders can acquire details about CTET Questions and Answer, CTET previous year question papers year wise, CTET syllabus, exam pattern and study material etc by connecting with our portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com

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