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Data Interpretation Tips for CAT 2019 Solved DI Questions with Answers

Data Interpretation For CAT

Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning are the foremost sections from which CAT Examination is asked. In CAT exam, Data Interpretation Tips for CAT are mandatory as there will be 1/3rd weightage of Quant and Verbal each and 1/6th of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Most of the examination has produced questions from LR and DI section. To qualify the exam paper, you are required to secure good marks in same topics. Get DI Questions with answers from here for better preparation.

Data Interpretation Shortcuts for CAT, Questions and Solved Examples Online can be checked by the contenders as well as Data Interpretation Tips for CAT 2019. Over last 10 years, questions from LR and DI are the center of focus in various examinations also IIFT, NMAT, XAT, SNAP and CAT. To acquire more details about Data Interpretation for CAT, please scroll down this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Data Interpretation For CAT

How To Prepare For Data Interpretation For CAT?

By following below mentioned Tricks of Data Interpretation for CAT, you will get help to crack the exam and grab admission in your willing college!!

  1. Calculation Based:

Data Interpretation For CAT is required to be solved very carefully. While solving each set which deal with percentage increase/decrease or nominal increase/decrease, you have to be very careful. You have to work on basic concepts and control over basic calculation and approximation.

  1. Counting Based:

Contenders are required to be focused and patience while solving this set. They have to be ensured that not a single mistake happens. You are required to solve the instance which meets the questions’ needs.

  1. Logic Based:

Sometimes you will be unable to find the exact data when you get data in ranges or with conditions. But one can definitely be asked to find a number which can be inwards at if there is a need of maximizing or minimizing the number.

  1. Structure Based:

These include some specials sets. They are, generally, time consuming sets and hence are very unlikely to be a part of any other exams with an exception of XAT.

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Data Interpretation Solved Examples Online:

A team of 5 players Arpit, Bimal, Chatur, Dinu and Elan participated in a ‘Freaket’ tournament and played four matches (1 to 4). The following table gives partial information about their individual scores and the total runs scored by the team in each match.

Each column has two values missing. These are the runs scored by the two lowest scorers in that match.None of the two missing values is more than 10% of the total runs scored in that match.

Runs scored by player
Arpit –10053
Chatur – –110 –
Elan60 –78 –

1) What is the maximum possible percentage contribution of Arpit in the total runs scored in the four matches?

  1. 7%
  2. 9%
  3. 1%
  4. 2%

Answer:  Option 1


Maximum possible runs scored by Arpit in Match-1 = 27

Maximum possible runs scored by Arpit in Match-3 = 19

Maximum possible percentage contribution:

(27+100+19+53)/ (270+300+240+200) x100% = 199/1010×100%
= 19.7%

2) If the absolute difference between the total runs scored by Arpit and Chatur in the four matches is minimum possible then what is the absolute difference between total runs scored by Bimal and Elan in the four matches?

  1. 32
  2. 37
  3. 27
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer:  Option 2


Maximum possible total runs scored by Chatur in the four matches = 27 + 30 + 110 + 20 = 187.

In such a case minimum possible total runs scored by Arpit in the four matches = 23 + 100 + 13 + 53 = 189.

Difference = 189 – 187 = 2 (minimum possible) subsequently total runs scored by Bimal in the four matches = 88 + 65 + 19 + 52 = 224.

Also, total runs scored by Elan in the four matches = 60 + 30 + 78 + 19 = 187

Absolute difference = 224 – 187 = 37

3) The players are ranked 1 to 5 on the basis of the total runs scored by them in the four matches, with the highest scorer getting Rank 1. If it is known that no two players scored the same number of total runs, how many players are there whose ranks can be exactly determined?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 3
  4. 5

Answer:  Option 3


Individual ranges for total score:


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Data Interpretation Questions For CAT:

Question1. Vincent has a paper route. Each morning, he delivers 37 newspapers to customers in his neighborhood. It takes Vincent 50 minutes to deliver all the papers. If Vincent is sick or has other plans, his friend Thomas, who lives on the same street, will sometimes deliver the papers for him.

  1. Vincent and Thomas live in the same neighborhood.
  2. It takes Thomas more than 50 minutes to deliver the papers.
  3. It is dark outside when Vincent begins his deliveries.
  4. Thomas would like to have his own paper route.

Answer: 1

Question2. The Pacific yew is an evergreen tree that grows in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific yew has a fleshy, poisonous fruit. Recently, taxol, a substance found in the bark of the Pacific yew, was discovered to be a promising new anticancer drug.

  1. Taxol is poisonous when taken by healthy people.
  2. Taxol has cured people from various diseases.
  3. People should not eat the fruit of the Pacific yew.
  4. The Pacific yew was considered worthless until taxol was discovered.

Answer: 3

Question3. Erin is twelve years old. For three years, she has been asking her parents for a dog. Her parents have told her that they believe a dog would not be happy in an apartment, but they have given her permission to have a bird. Erin has not yet decided what kind of bird she would like to have.

  1. Erin’s parents like birds better than they like dogs.
  2. Erin does not like birds.
  3. Erin and her parents live in an apartment.
  4. Erin and her parents would like to move.

Answer: 3

Question4. Tim’s commute never bothered him because there were always seats available on the train and he was able to spend his 40 minutes comfortably reading the newspaper or catching up on paperwork. Ever since the train schedule changed, the train has been extremely crowded, and by the time the doors open at his station, there isn’t a seat to be found.

  1. Tim would be better off taking the bus to work.
  2. Tim’s commute is less comfortable since the train schedule changed.
  3. Many commuters will complain about the new train schedule.
  4. Tim will likely look for a new job closer to home.

Answer: 2

Question5. When they heard news of the hurricane, Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans. Instead of traveling to the island beach resort, they booked a room at a fancy new spa in the mountains. Their plans were a bit more expensive, but they’d heard wonderful things about the spa and they were relieved to find availability on such short notice.

  1. Maya and Julian take beach vacations every year.
  2. The spa is overpriced.
  3. It is usually necessary to book at least six months in advance at the spa.
  4. Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans because of the hurricane.

Answer: 4

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Data – Interpretation weightage in different MBA exams:

Total Qs in
Data Interpretation
Bar Graphs4
Pie Charts4
Mixed Graphs44-5
Data Sufficiency1-22-3
Total Qs in
Data Interpretation
Bar Graphs5-64-5
Pie Charts3-44-5
Mixed Graphs
Data Sufficiency6

Best Book For Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning For CAT:

Contenders who are going to appear in CAT Exam 2019 must check the below mentioned helping books to secure marks in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation For CAT section. For the convenience of the contenders, we are providing links and cover page photo of the Best Book for Data Interpretation for CAT which can be proved helpful for you in searching of it.

Data Interpretation Books For CATData Interpretation
For CAT Books Link
How to Prepare for Data
Interpretation for CAT
By Arun Sharma
Logical Reasoning and
Data Interpretation for
the CAT By Nishit K Sinha
How to prepare for Logical
Reasoning for CATBy Arun Sharma
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative
Aptitude for CAT 2/e By Sinha
Data Interpretation and Logical
Reasoning for the CAT By Time
How to Prepare for Quantitative
Aptitude for CAT By Arun Sharma
Verbal Ability And Rc For
Cat By Arun Sharma
Trishna’s Quantitative Aptitude
and Data Interpretation
for the CAT and … By Time
Cracking The Test Of Reasoning
& Data Interpreta.
Data Interpretation for the CAT
and Other MBA Examinations: By TIME
Word Power Made Easy: The
Complete Handbook for Building
a Superior Vocabulary By Norman Lewis

Get here: CAT Exam Preparation Books

Data Interpretation Syllabus For CAT:

Contenders can check below mentioned Data Interpretation For CAT and Logical Reasoning Syllabus to get idea of the topics from which examination paper will be designed, so why are you still waiting now? Go ahead and check it soon!!

Data Interpretation For CATLogical Reasoning
  • Graphs (Line, Area)
  • Interpretation And Analysis Of Data Based On Text
  • Charts (Column, Bar, Pie)
  • Tables
  • Paragraph
  • Venn Diagram, Etc.
  • Direction Sense
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Puzzles
  • Binary Logic
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Coding- Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Logical Sequence
  • Data Structure
  • Assumption
  • Premise
  • Conclusion
  • Linear And Matrix Arrangement, Etc.

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