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What Is The Difference Between Curriculum and Syllabus? Complete Guide

Difference Between Curriculum And Syllabus

Many people confused about the Difference between Curriculum and Syllabus…!! Here we are providing complete guide what is the difference between curriculum and syllabus?  When we talk about education then there are two concepts that come in our mind which are Syllabus and curriculum.

Syllabus indicates the topics and subjects that should be covered for the study, on the other hand curriculum defines the chapters and overall content that should be taught in the course. Syllabus is descriptive in nature and curriculum is a prescriptive in nature.

What Is Difference Between Descriptive Or Prescriptive?

A descriptive grammar is systematic study of a language that is used by the writers. Descriptive grammar indicates the structure of the language.  Prescriptive grammar is combination of rules and example which are dealing with the structure of the language.

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Difference Between Curriculum And Syllabus

What is the Curriculum?

Curriculum defines the lessons and chapters that should be taught in the school or during the course. As per the dictionary Curriculum explains the term of knowledge and skills that are expected to learn by the students. Teacher teaches the lessons, assignments and a project in the school which is includes learning standards or learning objectives.

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What is the Syllabus?

A syllabus refers the academic course that explains the expectations and responsibilities. The syllabus ensures that the topics and information that should be covered by the students during the training or course. There are some important areas to an academic syllabus which are:

  • Instructor information
  • General course information
  • Course objectives
  • Course policies
  • Grading and evaluation
  • Learning resources
  • Course Calendar

Types of Syllabus Include:

  • Notional-Functional syllabus
  • Grammatical syllabus
  • Lexical syllabus
  • Situational syllabus
  • Text-based syllabus
  • Skill-based syllabus
  • Task-based syllabus
  • Learner-generated syllabus
  • Mixed syllabus
  • Online course syllabus

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What is Textbook?

Textbook is usually designed for the use of classroom and a true textbook is one which is specially designed to presenting a course of a study in a single subject. Textbook plays very important role to provide information and skill to the teacher as well as the students.

Some textbooks are not good to explain the real topics and it just focus on notorious topics. Textbook need to be planned advanced. Best textbook are those which are taught properly instead of famous textbooks.

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Difference Between Curriculum And Syllabus In Tabular Form:

We have explained Difference between syllabus and curriculum in below table, you can go through it to know the every information in detail, please have a look..!!

Basis For ComparisonSyllabusCurriculum
MeaningSyllabus is the document that contains all the portion of the concepts covered in a subject.Curriculum is the overall content, taught in an educational system or a course.
OriginSyllabus is a Greek term.Curriculum is a Latin term.
Set forA subjectA course
Set out byExam boardGovernment or the administration of school, college or institute.
TermFor a fixed term, normally a year.Till the course lasts.
UniformityVaries from teacher to teacher.Same for all teachers.
RelevanceEach teacher may have different syllabus for one course.All the teachers have the same curriculum for the institute.
BenefitHelps students to cover the topics.Helps institutes to maintain standards.

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Key Difference Between Syllabus and Curriculum:

  • The syllabus is described as the summary of the topics or units that must be covered or must be taught in the particular subject. Curriculum refers to the overall content, taught in an educational system or a course.
  • Syllabus can be varies according to teacher and curriculum remains same for the entire teacher.
  • The term syllabus is a Greek origin, whereas the term curriculum is a Latin origin.
  • The curriculum has a wider scope than the syllabus.
  • Syllabus is descriptive in nature, but the curriculum is prescriptive.
  • The duration of a syllabus is for a year only, but curriculum lasts till the completion of the course.
  • Syllabus is set of a particular subject. Unlike curriculum is a particular course of study or a program.
  • Syllabus is designed by the teacher and curriculum is decided by the government or the school authority.

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