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15 Best Cheap Diwali Decoration Ideas To Light up Your Home | Easy Tips

Best Cheap Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali is here and if you’re among those crazy people who want Easy Tips to celebrate and decorate this greatest moment of year, then take here Best Cheap Diwali Decoration Ideas To Light up Your Home! Diwali’ is all about decoration and with great enthusiasm; people have been preparing Diwali this year, so here we are sharing awesome Best yet Cheap Diwali DIYA ideas to decorate your home.

On the day of Diwali, people place diyas outside and even in their homes and pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. Diwali is known as the festival of lights and is regarded as the victory of evil over darkness. Before Diwali, the nights are dark but on auspicious festival, but in the dark nights diyas, lighting candles or kandils, making the entire week memorable.

15 Best Cheap Diwali Decoration Ideas

On festival of light every year, people clean their house and also get many waste things, so here are few ideas to make best things from those waste things.  Check out most cool tricks and ideas to for decorating the home or office this Diwali:



Instead of plain brown, add your own to special touch and fragrance to the diyas by decorating them with flowers instead. Bring diyas and buy some artificial flowers, decorate them using, beads, glasses, sparkle and flower.


You can make diyas of your choice by rolling out the dough and shaping it, can paint them or add glitter to create different. Using up flour mixed with plaster of paris, fevicol you can make you own designed diyas and even candle like structure too.


It is a theme that never gets old. Fill bowls of water and stick some floating candles in it. Add some decorative items and the bottom or color the water for something different. Uses up, a glass bowl, decorate them and put lighting candles in side it… You can decorate candle and blows or containers too.


You can make your house look great and smell even better by decorating it with assorted flowers. Hanging stuff, made up of artificial flowers is a good option to beautify your entrance doors of room or main gate!


The traditional rangoli gets a twist as you can add different elements such as diyas, earthen pots, tissue etc to it. You can also get creative with the designs you are making. Beautifying, floor with colors and making various designs will make your home colorful!


Follow the Oriental style of paper lanterns this Diwali for that delicate, exotic yet beautiful decoration. You can also for the Kaipoche look with the Gujarati lanterns. This is quite awesome way of decorating home, hanging steamers, and lanterns made up of colorful paper.


This festival of lights, do something different with a variety of decorative lights available in the market. Bring Diwali Lights and light up your home!


Use paper bubbles and create a chain for bulbs that you can use to hang around the walls. These paper bubbles can be easily made at home using some paper and glue. This one is easy to make and great to decorate!


A very popular concept is to make lights using a balloon and some twine. Hang them around the house for an artsy feel. Don’t you think this one is wow? Obvious like me you too, these balloon twine lights are actually easy to make!


Hanging a toran outside the house is auspicious as well as decorative. Choose a toran or make one keeping in mind the theme you are following for the home decoration. You can use several types of stuff, to decorate as shown in image.


This Diwali instead of throwing out those old sauce and jam jars, decorate them with some gold and silver paint and go for a Morrocan theme. Go Google for idea to make Recycled Lanterns, you’ll find it easier!


Serve up the diyas on a platter made of wooden board and decorations. These platters can be placed anywhere – on the table or on the floor and will look very different. You must be having steel plates and plastic one too, use many decoration items to beautify plates.


Either picks up some interesting wall hangings or makes your own and hangs them artistically around the house. Draw painting glasses, wall hanging like posters and framed ones too.


If you like DIY projects then get creative with old paper cups. Paint them and cut them out into floral shapes that can be stuck together. Add a light bulb to it and create a chain. Look it’s really beautiful, decoration items made up of thermacol cups, isn’t beautiful!


Many prefer simple decoration with candles; Spice up your regular candles by decorating them with dry leaf so that they look beautiful lit or unlit. Buy candle, you can get so many sizes, get some colored stuffs like pins, beads and lot more. Decorate your candles as you like and show your creativeness well!

Well, these are few easy tips for Diwali decoration ideas, many of them are DIY projects you’ll enjoy making them. So, this Diwali decorate with heap yet best Diwali stuff! Stay Connected with us (www.recruitmentinboxx.com) for getting more updates.

Happy Diwali!

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