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ECE Interview Questions and Answers | Top 20 Frequently Asked Ques pdf

ECE Interview Questions

Interview session is not any easy task to crack everyone. Sometimes, candidates know everything about the topic but he/she got nervous, however sometimes we can’t explain the topic well. So, before going to appear in interview you need to prepare well. Therefore, on this page we are providing some Basic ECE Interview Questions for those aspirants who are going to appear in any ECE or Electronics & Communication Engineering Interview. For your ease, we are providing top 20 frequently asked Technical Interview Questions For ECE and Answers on this web page. Candidates can also download Tcs Technical Interview Questions For ECE, Qualcomm Interview Questions For ECE, ISRO Interview Questions For ECE and other FAQ’s in PDF format via internet.

Due to good job opportunities, Electronics and Communication Engineering branch is one of the highly choosing stream by the students to pursue engineering. On the other hand, the competition has been increasing day by day. So, the interviewer asked most typical questions to engage most eligible candidates. Aspirants can get ECE Technical Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free Download via online mode. Contenders who are going to attend ECE Interview are advised to read ECE Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers as furnished below on this web page which is well created by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

ECE Interview Questions

Here, we are providing some Electronics & Communication Engineering Interview Questions with the answers which frequently asked in the interviews. We are providing all Basic Interview Questions For ECE Students and as well as Technical Interview Questions For ECE Freshers With Answers. These ECE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers is helpful to crack the interview in first attempt. Candidates are advised to try to solve the mentioned below question and evaluate their performance for the interview. So, applicants need to check mentioned below Interview Questions For ECE.

Basic ECE Interview Questions And Answers:

Question 1: Which capacitor-store higher amount of energy?

  1. Air capacitor
  2. Paper capacitor
  3. Mica capacitor
  4. Plastic film capacitor

Answer: 3

Question 2: Refractive index of glass is 1.5. Find the wavelength of a beam of light with a frequency of 1014 Hz in glass. Assume velocity of light is 3 x 108 m/sec in vacuum.

  1. 4 μm
  2. 3 μm
  3. 2 μm
  4. 1 μm

Answer: 3

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Question 3: The most commonly used semiconductor material is

  1. silicon
  2. germanium
  3. mixture of silicon and germanium
  4. none of the above

Answer: 1

Question 4: In which of these is reverse recovery time nearly zero?

  1. Zener diode
  2. Tunnel diode
  3. Schottky diode
  4. PIN diode

Answer: 3

Question 5: If 60 J of energy are available for every 15 C of charge, what is the voltage?

  1. 4 V
  2. 60 V
  3. 15 V
  4. 25 V

Answer: 1

Question 6: What is the product-over-sum result of 150 and 6800?

  1. 150
  2. 7
  3. 006
  4. 6800

Answer: 2

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Question 7: The electrical energy consumed by a coil is stored in the form of:

  1. an electrical field
  2. a force field
  3. an electrostatic field
  4. a magnetic field

Answer: 4

Question 8: In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD?

  1. The middle digit of a stream of numbers
  2. The digit to the right of the decimal point
  3. The last digit on the right
  4. The digit with the most weight

Answer: 4

Question 9: What is the basic difference between AHDL and VHDL?

  1. ADHL is used in all PLD’s.
  2. VHDL is used in all PLD’s.
  3. ADHL is proprietary.
  4. VHDL is proprietary.

Answer: 3

Question 10: If a signal passing through a gate is inhibited by sending a LOW into one of the inputs, and the output is HIGH, the gate is a(n):

  1. AND
  2. NAND
  3. NOR
  4. OR

Answer: 2

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Question 11: A silicon diode measures a low value of resistance with the meter leads in both positions. The trouble, if any, is

  1. the diode is open.
  2. the diode is shorted to ground.
  3. the diode is internally shorted.
  4. the diode is working correctly.

Answer: 3

Question 12: Zener diodes with breakdown voltages less than 5 V operate predominantly in what type of breakdown?

  1. avalanche
  2. zener
  3. varactor
  4. Schottky

Answer: 2

Question 13: Which transistor bias circuit arrangement provides good stability using negative feedback from collector to base?

  1. base bias
  2. collector-feedback bias
  3. voltage-divider bias
  4. emitter bias

Answer: 2

Question 14: How do fixed resistors usually fail?

  1. slowly over time
  2. by increasing their value
  3. by becoming an open circuit
  4. by increasing their value and becoming an open circuit

Answer: 3

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Question 15: When an input delta of 2 V produces a transconductance of 1.5 mS, what is the drain current delta?

  1. 666 mA
  2. 3 mA
  3. 75 mA
  4. 5 mA

Answer: 2

Question 16: A “U” shaped, opposite-polarity material built near a JFET-channel center is called the:

  1. gate
  2. block
  3. drain
  4. heat sink

Answer: 1

Question 17: The two basic types of signals are analog and:

  1. digilog
  2. digital
  3. vetilog
  4. sine wave

Answer: 2 

Question 18: ASCII stands for:

  1. American Serial Communication Interface
  2. Additive Signal Coupling Interface
  3. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  4. none of the above

Answer: 3

Question 19: Which type of signal is represented by discrete values?

  1. noisy signal
  2. nonlinear
  3. analog
  4. digital

Answer: 4

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Question 20: A data conversion system may be used to interface a digital computer system to:

  1. an analog output device
  2. a digital output device
  3. an analog input device
  4. a digital printer

Answer: 1

ECE Interview Questions PDF:

The above mentioned interview questions for ECE Interview are most suitable in ECE Freshers Interview. This collection of Electronics & Communication Engineering Interview Question Consists of most basic and most important questions which are commonly asked in all the Interviews. These questions have been prepared by contacting many top level HR Persons.  Candidates are going to appear in upcoming interview are required to practice these questions well and try to satisfy the interviewer with their answers. Aspirants are also advised to download various ECE Basic Interview Questions And Answers Pdf and ECE Technical Interview Questions And Answers Pdf through online mode. On internet, huge numbers of ECE Basic Interview Questions are available. So, appliers can download Interview Questions For ECE Freshers With Answers Pdf with their answer and prepare well for the upcoming interview.

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Significant Note:

On this web page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com we have provided the ECE Interview Questions, we hope that Technical Interview Questions For ECE Freshers will help you to crack the interview easily. Visitors are advised to bookmark this web portal by pressing ctrl+d to collect all updates ECE Interview Questions And Answers as well as get ECE Interview Questions With Answers Pdf Free Download.

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