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Is The GIF Full Form Different In Facebook And Whatsapp – .gif Images Full Form

GIF Full Form

We are back with an interesting topic!!! GIF is in trend in present days but few people don’t know the GIF Full Form. Don’t worry we are going to tell you the exact meaning & full form of GIF. So please have a look:

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is an 8 bit format. It means the maximum number of colors supported by the format is 256. There are two standards of GIF: 87a and 89a. This Format supports animation and it is mostly used in animations for presentations. GIF was created by software originator Steve Wilhite On 15-09-1987, while he was working at the BBS (Bulletin Board Service) Compuserve Company. Usually people shares the GIF images on face book and Whatsapp.

GIF Full Form

Method for Sharing GIF images on Whatsapp and Facebook is different. If you don’t how can you share these types of images then today you must fetch all the details regarding the same. You will be surprised to hear that you can also create your own GIPHY.

GIF Full Form

Make your Own GIF:

Yes you can also make your own GIF. It is very easy to make GIF File for Facebook / Whatsapp and social networks. Here below we have presented guidelines, that you can follow for create GIF:

  • First of all you have to download the application “GIPHY” on your device (Handset or Computer), it allows creating and sharing GIF files on social networks.
  • Afterwards you have to choose images; you want and then press Upload tab for uploading.
  • Now you need to drag and drop the selected images till they get arranged properly.
  • At last you have to select Adjust options, until your GIF’s speed looks normal.
  • Your File of GIF will be generated without any error.

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Full Form Of GIF Video:

As you know in upper stated content we told you the full form of GIF now you should get to know about the GIF videos. So GIF videos are those, which is a video without sound. You can share these types of videos to any one on the social media as facebook/ wehatsapp/ Instagram and can have fun with it. These videos are actually funny and also send to others for making fun. If you want to send videos to anybody then you must download it and share with your friends and family. These animated videos are in trend on the social networking sites.

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How can you share GIF on Whatsapp and Facebook?

The sharing procedure of GIF files is different in their own ways. Here we are going to tell you the different ways of sharing GIFs on social network sites.

How to share Giphy GIFs on Facebook?

Finally FACEBOOK has started the posting of GIFs in comments. This will be helpful for users to respond their friends comment on any post.  Now look at the steps you have to follow for sharing GIF in comments:

  • For adding Graphics Interchange Format, As usually you have to tap on comments box.
  • Now at the bottom, you can see number of icons at right hand side such as smiley face for emojis, a camera icon for photos and a sticker icon and Now, the third one at the left is a GIF icon
  • You must hit GIF icon.
  • After hitting the icon of Giphy a pop-up window will appear, that will show you the trending GIFs you can scroll through to see more.
  • Above that you can see a search option, where you can type keywords of any particular GIF, you are searching for.
  • Select the GIF and hit on send button. It will automatically update to the comments.

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How to Share GIF in Whatsapp?

There is a different way of sharing GIF in whatsapp. Check the steps mentioned below and follow for sharing:

  • Access your internet data and pen Whatsapp on your handset.
  • Now you must select the contact you want to send Giphy.
  • Afterwards on the bottom left you can see a Smiley Icon, you need to tap this.
  • There you can see lots of emojis you must hit on “GIF” available at the bottom.
  • There you will see many GIFs, which are in trend you must select from them or search for more by enter the keyword.
  • Select the GIF you want to send and tap “Send” icon.
  • Your GIF will be sent to the particular person.
  • If the GIF you want to send already exists in your phone then you can select it from your gallery.

Other Full Form of GIF:

You Know?? There are too many full forms of GIF computer. If no, then must check it below:

  • Graphics Interchange Format (File Extensions)
  • Graphical Interchange Format (File Extensions)
  • Guaranteed Investment Fund (Stock Exchange)
  • General Image Format (Ocean Science)
  • Global Impact Factor (Journals)
  • German Israeli Foundation (Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Good Integral Function (Mathematics)
  • Geospatial Innovation Facility (NASA)
  • Growth and Innovation Framework (General)
  • Global Innovation Fund (Funds)

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Final Words:

We hope that all the information mentioned above in this article will be helpful for you. You may get more helpful and useful article on our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com as we share our experiences with us time to time. Feel free to share your queries with us by drop your comment in comment box; we’ll respond to your query as soon as we can.

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