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Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs – Which One Is Better For Growth?

Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs

The most confusing dilemma while starting a career is to choose between Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs. Now a day, most of the job seekers prefer government job rather than private jobs as Government jobs are secured as compared to Private Jobs.

After completing studies every individual are not sure about “Which One Is Better for their Growth “either government jobs or private jobs? For their convenience, we are going to provide the pros and cons of government and private jobs. So, that you can compare them and make your doubts clear.

Govt Jobs or Pvt Jobs: Which One Is Better For Growth?

Both the jobs are full of advantages and disadvantages. But in between them you need to choose the one which suits you the best, the most important thing is your interest which matters the most.

The Comparison of Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs is mentioned at below section, contenders need to scroll down the page which is well prepared by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs

Government Vacancies:

At present, various top most industries are being set up fast; and enormous openings are available in the private sector. However, in government sector, organization offer limited vacancies, so government jobs are more competitive.


In government sector, proper facilities are given to their employees. Facilities like internet, telephone subscription, LTC, travelling expenses and many others are given in Government jobs.

Many facilities are also given in private sector but they are in less numbers as compared to government sector jobs. In private jobs, only few of the facilities are good in nature in comparison of govt. jobs.

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Work Schedule:

In Government sector, both in training period or after getting finally recruited, there is a fixed time period and usually their shift is of 7 hours. While on the other hand, in private jobs, more focus is on getting the work done by the employees and hence there are no rigid rules about working time as well as schedule.

Job Security:

This is the main advantage of Government jobs, as in this sector you will be probably set for lifetime. In government sector, employees do their work tension free as compared to private sector employees.

In Private jobs, one can be kicked out of the company anytime. No position in private sector is safe; employees always have the fear of losing the job every time.

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Holiday Facilities:

In government jobs, employees get more holidays and leaves in comparison of private jobs. Certain leaves, medical leaves, Government holidays are given to govt. employees. In private sector jobs, if you will take more holidays then you will get less salary.

Salary Increment:

In government jobs, there is no correlation between your performance and your pay scale. You will get increment in your remuneration on regular time period.

In private jobs, the promotion or salary increment is directly depends on your work performance. If your work is not up to the mark then the chances of your promotion are very less.

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Government employee gets more respect in comparison to private employee. The position and power of govt. sector employee is always high as compared to others. There are not too much high positions in any particular department in private sector job.

Work Stress:

The government employee lives a stress free life in comparison of private sector employee. As there is no workloads, deadlines, bosses scolding etc. in government jobs.

Private jobs are full of work stress, bosses scolding and deadlines. Private sector job is very hectic and you have to finish your work in given time period.

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Technology and Work Ethics:

In government jobs, the technology and work ethics are really very poor in nature. Due to corruption, the department is not able to get the real amount of funding.

In private sector jobs, work ethics and technology system are upgraded in nature. They use latest technologies and gadgets. Also they have the change to settle in abroad as it depends up on their work performance and experience.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Government and Private Jobs

Government Sector Jobs

Advantages of Government Jobs

  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Benefits like pension
  • Job security
  • Time-off
  • Lots of holidays
  • Comparatively low pressure
  • Long span job

Disadvantages of Government Jobs

  • Slow growth
  • Less salary
  • Capped earning potential
  • Low level of control
  • Lazy work environment
  • No appraisal for hard work
  • Tough selection procedure

Private Sector Jobs


  • Faster selection procedure
  • Higher Pay
  • Opportunity for quick growth
  • Appraisal for hard work
  • Fast-paced work style
  • Good working environment
  • Your work determines your growth


  • Tough competition
  • No job security
  • Great workload
  • Work time is quite high
  • No pension or any such benefit
  • Very few holidays

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We hope that you like the above information about Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs. With the help of this information you can easily compare them and make a conclusion about “Which One Is Better for Growth”?

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