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Gujarat University Syllabus 2022 BA/MA/BSc/MCom Sem Wise pdf Download

Gujarat University Syllabus

Latest and updated Gujarat University Syllabus for All Courses is available on this page. Students of Gujarat University can obtain the semester-wise Syllabus for upcoming University Exams from here. Download Gujarat University Exam Syllabus PDF for BA, MA, B.Sc, M.Com and other programmes. 

The fresh Gujarat University Syllabus 2022 provided here will be applicable for upcoming Semester and Annual Examinations to be organized for various undergraduate & postgraduate courses offered by the University. Those who are going to appear in these exams must download the Gujarat University UG/PG Syllabus.

Download GU Syllabus 2022

Every year Gujarat University conducts UG and PG semester/annual examinations for all registered candidates for their assessment and promotion to the next level. You must have proper knowledge of Gujarat Uni Syllabus to prepare for University Examinations effectively.

Students can view and download Gujarat University Syllabus 2022 by going though the direct links placed below or by following the guidelines well stated below on this page well developed by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

Gujarat University Syllabus

Gujarat University B.A Syllabus (History Sem – II, IV and VI)


Paper NoTitle Of Paper
CC 111Ancient India: History, Archeaology,
And Culture(5th Century B.C To 650 A. D.)
CC 112World History (1815 To 1870 Ad)
(5th Century B.C To 650 A. D.)
EC-I. 112World History (1815 To 1870 Ad)
EC-II. 113Indian Culture And Heritage


Paper NoTitle Of Paper
CC 211History of India – 1526 to 1757
CC 212World History– 1919 to 1990
EC-I. 211History of India – 1526 to 1757
EC-I. 212World History– 1919 to 1990
CC 213History of India – 1757 to 1885

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Paper NoTitle Of Paper
CC 311Social and religious
reform movements in
modern India
CC 312The Founders of India
Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal
Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose
CC 313Historical Essays (Optional)
CC 313Indian Constitution (Optional)
CC 314History of USA (1860 to 1945 AD)
CC 315Elements of Historical Method – 2

B.A Indian culture – Indology 6th Semester Syllabus

Unit I:

  • Importance of Yog in
    Modern life.
  • Yoga and health
  • Yog and food

Unit II:

  • Yog : Definitation and history : Tradition Types of Yog (Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog, Raj Yog, GyanYog)
  • Introduction of AstangYog of Patanjali

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Unit III:

  • Breathing techniques and pranayam Introduction of Main Aasanas:
  • Head Stand : Sirsasana, Shoulder stand: Sarvangasana,
    Plogh: Halasana, Fish: Matsyasana,
    Forward Bend : Pascimottanasana, Cobra: Bhujanasana, Locust:Salabhasana,
    Bow:Dhanurasana,  Half Spinal Twist: ArdhaMatsyendrasana,
    Crow:Kakasana, Standing Forward Bend:
    Padhastasana, Triangle: Trikonasana
  • The Sun Salutation and Corpse pose : Savasana (Note : Theory and Practical)

Unit IV:

  • Introduction of Chakras
  • Bandhas and Mudras
  • Shatkriyas

Gujarat University Syllabus For Bsc

Syllabus for First Year B. Sc.: Semester – I

Physics Syllabus:

Unit 1:

  • Vector Analysis: Introduction, Applications of Vector Multiplication, Triple Scalar Product, Triple Vector Product
  • Differentiation of Vectors, Fields, Directional Derivative, Gradient, Some other expressions involving
  • Green’s Theorem in the plane, The Divergence and the Divergence theorem. Gauss’s law, The curl and Stoke’s theorem.

Unit 2:

  • Waves: Traveling Waves Speed of propagation of waves in a stretched string longitudinal waves in a bar
  • , Plane waves in a fluid, transmission of energy by a traveling wave.
  • Sound waves Introduction, Intensity & intensity level, Loudness & pitch radiation from a piston, diffraction, radiation efficiency of a sound source. Newton’s and Langrang correction
  • UltrsonicsMagneostrictionmethod,Piezo-electric oscillator, Piezo-electric detectors
  • Measurement of velocity of ultrasonic waves, diffraction effect & its application to determine the velocity of the waves, the ultrasonic waves & its use.

Unit 3:

  • Optics Farmat’s principle and its applications: Farmat’s principle of least time, laws at reflection, laws of refraction. Interference in thin films: Thin film, Plane parallel film
  • Interference due to transmitted light, Haidinger fringes, variable thickness (wedge-shaped) film
  • Newton’s ring. Matrices: Types of matrices, Inversion of a Matrix, Rank of a Matrix, Diagonalization (3X3 only) . Matrix Method in Optics : Introduction, The matrix method, Unit planes, Nodal point planes, A system of two thin lenses.

Unit 4:

  • Introduction, Attenuation of light in an optical medium, Thermal equilibrium, Interaction of light with matter
  • Einstein coefficients and their relations, Light amplification
  • Meeting the three requirements, Components of Laser, Lasing action, Principal pumping schemes, Type of lasers
  • Semiconductor laser, Laser beam characteristics, Applications

BSc. Electronics Semester – I: ELE – 101

Unit – I Components and Instrumentation
Unit – II Diodes and their Applications
Unit-III General amplifier characteristics
Unit-IV Digital Electronics

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BSc. Electronics Semester – II: ELE – 102 (Practicals)

Group – I:

  • Measuring and testing of electronic passive components
  • Study and testing of electronic active component (Diode, Transistors, ICs)
  • To familiarize with various laboratory instruments (Analog and Digital multimeters, AC mV meter, Power supply, Signal generator, AFO, RFO, Function generator, Oscilloscope, Power meter)
  • Conversion of Galvanometer into multirange DC and AC Voltmeter
  • Dielectric constant
  • Voltage doubler
  • Voltage Multiplier


  • Half wave rectifier with and without C, L and π-filter (Load regulation and ripple)
  • Full wave rectifier with and without C, L and π-filter (Load regulation and ripple)
  • To study Zener diode as a shunt regulator.
  • Characteristic of different coloured LED
  • To find resonance frequency and Q of a given series resonant circuit by varying frequency of ac source.
  • Wein bridge
  • CE Amplifier (Load Variation)

BSc. Electronics Semester – II: ELE – 103

Unit-I Transistors
Unit-II Four Terminal Active Network
Unit-III Network transformations
Unit-IV Digital Electronics

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BSc. Electronics Semester – II: ELE – 104 (Practicals)


  • Characteristic of photo diode
  • Common Emitter Characteristic
  • Study of maximum power transfer theorem
  • Bridge Rectifier with and without C, L and π-filter (Load regulation and ripple)
  • To obtain frequency response of CE amplifier
  • RC High pass filter
  • RC Low pass filter


  • Thevenin’s theorem
  • To find resonance frequency and Q of a given parallel resonant circuit by varying frequency of ac source.
  • Conversion of a given network into T-network and π network
  • AND OR NOT and Ex-OR gate using IC 7400
  • To verify the De Morgan’s Theorem
  • Study of truth tables of 2, 3 and 4 input Ex-OR gate and its uses as parity checker and controlled inverter.
  • Binary to gray code and gray to binary code

M.A Syllabus Gujarat University


407 History of India [1757-1857]
408 Social and Economic History of India [1526-1800]
409 Contemporary World
410 History of Freedom Movement in India [1858-1947]
411 Women in Indian History [19th  20th Century] (Optional)
411 Epigraphy and Numismatics of India (Optional)
412Meritime India [1500-1800] (Optional)
412 Ancient Indian History and Archaeology II (Optional)

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M.A., History Sem-IV

507 Research Methodology
508 Environmental History of India
509 Application of History in Tourism (Optional)
509 History of South East Asia (Optional)
510 Freedom Movement in Gujarat [1857-1947]
511 History of Ahmedabad
512Project Report (Optional)
512 Studies in Indian Paintings and Iconography (Optional)

Guajarati University for M. COM.SEMESTER : 01


Economics (Economics of Developing Countries -01)

  • Meaningand Indicators Of Economic Development And Economic Growth – National Income And Per-Capita Income And Physical Quality Of Life Index (Pqli) As Indicators Of Development
  • Strategy Of Development – Balance Growth Strategy – Unbalance Growth Strategy – Big-Push Strategy
  • Concept Of Human Development – HDI –HRD – HPI – HGI As Indicators Of Human Development
  • Administration – Difference Between Administration And Management – Transparency And Accountability

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  • Importance Of Monetary And Fiscal Policies In Developing Countries– Objectives Of Tax Structure – Deficit Finance And Its Economic Effects
  • Market Economy – It’s Limitations – Importance Of Planning – Public Private Partnership (PPP Model)
  • Foreign Trade And Development – Inward Looking And Outward Looking Trade Policy – Foreign Aid
  • Working Of International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) And World Trade Organization (WTO)

Students have to cover all the Gujarat University Syllabus stated above to get qualifying marks in examination.

Direct Links to Download Gujarat University Syllabus PDF:

Here we have stated the direct links to download course-wise Gujarat University Syllabus 2022 PDF. You can hit on an appropriate link for downloading the course as per your choice.

Name of the CourseDownload Link
B.A. Gujarati Syllabus_Sem- 1 to 6 Year_2019-2022Download PDF
B.Sc Biotechnology sem 1-2Download PDF
B.Sc Bio ChemistryDownload PDF
B.Sc Environmental Science Sem 1 to 2Download PDF
B.Sc Zoology Sem 5-6Download PDF
B.Sc Botany Sem 5-6Download PDF
B.Sc Physics Sem 5-6Download PDF
B.Sc(Computer Science)-VIDownload PDF
B.Sc Mathematics Sem 1 to 6Download PDF
B.Sc BOTANY Semester 3-4Download PDF
BSC PHYSICS Sem – 3 & 4Download PDF
BSC ELECTRONICS Sem – 3 & 4Download PDF
B.Sc Statistics sem 5 & 6Download PDF
Bsc Zoology Sem 3 & 4Download PDF
B.Sc Botany Sem 1 to 6Download PDF
B.Com AccountancyDownload PDF
B. Com. (C. C- Sem 1 to 6)Download PDF
B ComDownload PDF
M.A. Gujarati Syllabus_Sem- 1 to 4Download PDF
M.com Business Economics Sem-1Download PDF
Revised M.Com SyllabusDownload PDF
LLB 3 Year sem-1 to 6Download PDF
B EdDownload PDF
B.Arch SyllabusDownload PDF

How to download Gujarat University Syllabus?

Students can download the Syllabus of GU by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all you need to visit the official portal of university that is www.gujaratuniversity.ac.in
  • Now you must follow “STUDENT” tab, available in menu bar at the top of home page.
  • From the drop down list you are required to select “Downloads >> Syllabus”
  • On the next page you can see the linked courses names, you have to choose suitable course.
  • By hitting the appropriate link PDF file of appropriate syllabus will be displayed on your digital screen, you need to check it very carefully.
  • At last save the file to your desktop or take a print out of it for future use.

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