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GUJCET Question Paper 2018-19 Previous Year Sample Papers in Gujarati pdf

GUJCET Question Paper

To qualify the Gujarat Common Entrance Test, candidates should check the GUJCET Question Paper. GUJCET 2018 is a state level entrance examination which is conducted to provide the admission in engineering and degree/diploma pharmacy courses.

Here we have provided GUJCET Papers of the previous year, so candidates can download the GUJCET sample papers PDF. They may also get the GUJCET papers in Gujarati with solution for a better preparation.

GUJCET Papers In Gujarati:

GUJCET covers the subjects of Physics/ Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology. We have given some questions of these subjects on this page; candidates can have a look..!! They can also download the GUJCET exam papers in Gujarati.

To know the more details about the GUJCET Question Paper 2018 -19, aspirants should read this page which is created by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com.

GUJCET Question Paper

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GUJCET Papers In Gujarati 2018

Q.1 which of the following organic groups are found in naturally occuring amino acids?

  1. Guanidinium ion
  2. Indole
  3. Imidazole
  4. All of these

Ans. 4

Q.2 Polyprotic acids such as H3PO4, can act as acid-base buffers

  1. Only in combination with polyprotic bases
  2. If their concentration is kept low
  3. at pH values around neutrality
  4. at pH values around any of their pKa’s


Q.3 The pH of a solution is determined by

  1. Concentration of salt
  2. Relative concentration of acids and bases
  3. Dielectric constant of the medium
  4. Environmental effect

Ans. 2

Q.4 The reactions of molecules

  1. are the reactions of the functional groups
  2. are independent of the functional groups
  3. require an enzyme in all cases
  4. all of the above

Ans. 1

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Q.5 Which of the following indicates that the pK of an acid is numerically equal to the pH of the solution when the molar concentration of the acid and its conjugate base are equal?

  1. Michaelis-Menten equation
  2. Haldanes equation
  3. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
  4. Hardy-Windberg law

Ans. 3

Q.6 Molecules in which the atoms are held together by __________ bonds have the strongest chemical linkages.

  1. noncovalent
  2. covalent
  3. ionic
  4. hydrogen

Ans. 2

Q.7 Salt dissolves well in water as water molecules

  1. Form hydrogen bonds with the positively and negatively charged ions
  2. Make nonpolar covalent bonds with the positively charged ions only
  3. Surround the ions because of their charge but do not form hydrogen bonds
  4. Share electrons with the ions to make polar covalent bonds

Ans. 3

Q.8 Buffer solutions

  1. will always have a pH of 7
  2. are rarely found in living systems
  3. cause a decrease in pH when acids are added to them.
  4. tend to maintain a relatively constant pH.

Ans. 4

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Q.9 A Bronsted acid becomes __________ upon losing a proton.

  1. Highly reactive
  2. Its conjugate acid
  3. Its conjugate base
  4. a hydronium ion

Ans. 3

Q.10 Most of the important functional groups in biological molecules contain

  1. oxygen and/or nitrogen and are acidic
  2. oxygen and a phosphate
  3. nitrogen and a phosphate
  4. oxygen and/or nitrogen and are polar


Q.11 The phospholipids present in cytoplasm membrane of the archaeo-bacteria is

  1. phosphoglycerides
  2. polyisoprenoid
  3. polyisoprenoid branched chain lipids
  4. none of the above

Ans. 3

Q.12 The oldest eukaryotic organisms are considered to be

  1. diplomonads like Giardia
  2. archaea
  3. fungi
  4. animals

Ans. 2

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Q.13 The phospholipids present in cytoplasm membrane of eubacteria is mainly

  1. phosphoglycerides
  2. polyisoprenoid
  3. phospholipoprotein
  4. none of these

Ans. 1

Q.14 Which were the investigators lived at the same time?

  1. Koch and Pasteur
  2. Darwin and Woese
  3. Van Leeuenhoek and Ricketts
  4. Berg and Hooke


Q.15 The unifying feature of the archaea that distinguishes them from the bacteria is

  1. habitats which are extreme environments with regard to acidity
  2. absence of a nuclear membrane temperature
  3. presence of a cell wall containing a characteristic outer membrane
  4. cytoplasmic ribosomes that are 70S

Ans. 2

Q.16 Mycoplasmas are different from the other prokaryotes by

  1. Presence of chitin in cell walls
  2. Presence of murrain in cell walls
  3. Presence of proteins in cell walls
  4. Absence of cell wall itself

Ans. 4

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Q.17 Evolutionary relationships between groups of organisms are determined using which of the following type of information?

  1. Comparisons of nucleotide sequences
  2. Comparisons of biochemical pathways
  3. Comparisons of structural features
  4. All of the above


Q.18 Which of the following is not true for eukaryotic cells?

  1. Nucleus is bounded by nuclear membrane
  2. Chromosomes contain histones
  3. Chloroplasts and mitochondria contains 70S ribosomes
  4. Gas vacuoles are present

Ans. 4

Q.19 Which of the following is not true for prokaryotic organism?

  1. Nucleus is not bounded by nuclear membrane
  2. Chromosomes does not contain histones
  3. 80S ribosomes are distributed in cytoplasm
  4. Cell wall contains peptidoglycan as one of the major component

Ans. 3

Q.20 Gram staining was introduced by

  1. Christian gram
  2. Alfred Gram
  3. Robertcook
  4. Louis Pasteur


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GUJCET Exam Papers

This test consists of 120 questions in a paper. Each question carries 1 mark. For each correct response the candidate will get 1 mark. For each incorrect response 1/4 mark will be deducted. Maximum marks are 120. This test is of 3 hours duration. Candidates should check the GUJCET Question Paper from here.

Final Words:

Candidates can download the GUJCET Question Paper 2018 -19 from this page which is made by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. For more updates about the GUJCET papers of last 10 years you can bookmark this page.

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