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HCL Technologies Interview Questions | Technical – All 6 Round Interview Ques with Ans

HCL Interview Questions

If you are one of them who have desire to work with HCL Technologies Limited then you need to qualify the Interview Round. Here, we have brought the HCL Interview Questions which will help the individual to crack the Interview easily. Interview is a golden opportunity for applicants to exhibit the skills. Through Interview, employers try to understand your career goals, skills, strengths, passion etc.

For various Officers, Manager and other high Posts, HCL Technologies Limited directly conducts the Personal Interview only. Get the HCL Interview Questions and Answers for all 6 Round from this page.  HCL Technologies Limited is an Indian Multi National Information Technology Services Company. HCL Technologies Limited hires dedicated and result oriented individuals for various Positions.

To hire applicants, this organization conducts two rounds namely Written Test and Personal Interview. Scroll down this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com to know more about HCL Technical Interview Questions and HCL HR Interview Questions for all 6 Rounds. Have a look below!!!

HCL Interview Questions

HCL Round 1 Interview Questions:

HCL Technical Interview Questions:

Question 1: What is meant by “Class access modifiers”?

Question 2: What is deadlock? How do you avoid it?

Question 3: What is a thread?

Question 4: What exactly happens after each system call in sockets, both at the client and at the server?

Question 5: Give two main differences between “Truncate” and “Delete”.

Question 6: Define “Access specifiers”.

Question 7: What are BLOCK statements in SQL?

Question 8: What is an “Abstract Class”?

HCL HR Interview Question:

Question 1: What is your biggest regret in life?

Question 2: Give us two of your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Question 3: Illustrate a few of your qualities which fall in line with HCL’s vision statement.

Question 4: What do you think about HCL?

Question 5: What interests you most about this position?

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HCL Round 2 Interview Questions

HCL Technical Interview Questions For Freshers:

Question 1: What do you understand by abstract classes?

Question 2: Differentiate between postfix and prefix operators.

Question 3: What are some negative aspects of computer networking.

Question 4: Tell about strtok & strstr functions.

Question 5: Differentiate between – TCP header and UDP header

Question 6: What is peep stack?

Question 7: What is a foreign key?

Question 8: How many ways can a variable be initialized into?

HR Interview:

Question 1: What are three things that your friends will say about you?

Question 2: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Question 3: What do you think are the qualities that define a Team Leader?

Question 4: How do your strengths overpower your weaknesses?

Question 5: How ambitious are you? Would you compete for my job?

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HCL Round 3 Interview Questions

Technical Interview:

Question 1: Discuss the different protocols associated with each layer in the TCP/IP model.

Question 2: Tell us something about your academic project.

Question 3: What will happen when using pass by reference?

Question 4: Which programming language did you use to make your project?

Question 5: What was your contribution in the project?

Question 6: What is function of ROLLUP and CUBE?

HR Interview:

Question 1: What motivates you to work for HCL Technologies?

Question 2: Do you plan to pursue an MBA immediately after completing your engineering?

Question 3: Describe various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that you’ve participated in.

Question 4: What is your aim in life?

Question 5: What is your short term goal?

Question 6: How do you think your friends will define you?

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HCL Round 4 Interview Questions

Technical Interview:

Question 1: How do you implement tree mirroring?

Question 2: What do you understand by cloud computing and where is it pre-dominantly used?

Question 3: Why is the prime motive behind companies using private cloud?

Question 4: Can procedure in a package be overloaded?

Question 5: What is the maximum no. of arguments that can be given in a command line in C.?

Question 6: What do you mean by threads in Operating System?

Question 7: Write a program to print ASCII code for a given digit.

HR Interview:

Question 1: Why should you be hired for this role?

Question 2: Would you forego this job if you get a better opportunity?

Question 3: Which TV series do you like the most? Enlist some major characters of this series.

Question 4: Under what circumstances you will leave this job?

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HCL Round 5 Interview Questions

Technical Interview:

Question 1: Give 10 points of differences between C & C++.

Question 2: What is the reason behind using constructors and destructors?

Question 3: Explain the OOPS concept?

Question 4: Can class objects be passed as function arguments?

Question 5: Explain pointer. What are function pointers?

HR Interview:

Question 1: What would you say is your strongest quality?

Question 2: What qualities do you think will be required for this job?

Question 3: What interests you about our product (or service)?

Question 4: How would you add value to our company?

Question 5: Name a few game software making companies.

HCL Round 6 Interview Questions

Technical Interview:

Question 1: Which subject do you like the best?

Question 2: What is exception handling?

Question 3: Disadvantage of indexed sequential file

Question 4: What is order of B+tree?

Question 5: What is the method to declare member of a class static?

HR Interview:

Question 1: What would be your most preferred work within HCL?

Question 2: Do you think you’ll be able to compete with students from IITs and other premier institutes considering that you have such a low CGPA?

Question 3: Which type of songs do you enjoy the most?

Question 4: If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? Why?

Question 5: Do you work well under pressure?

HCL Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1: Tell me about yourself?


  • Good morning all.
  • It’s a great pleasure to be here.
  • First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.
  • My name is Preeti which means love which I fulfill in great extent.
  • My birthplace is Delhi but my family belongs to Odhisa which is the place of lord Jaganath.
  • I am persuading B.tech from Krishna engineering college and done my schooling from CBSE board.
  • I have 4 members in my family including me. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife and I have 1 younger brother who studied in 12 standards.
  • My hobbies are listening music, painting, and designing, reading novels and chat with people

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Question 2: Why should I hire you?

Answer: I am honest and I will prove myself, I just want to be a good platform for that. Then I never told my intelligent just show to others so I hope it’s a good platform to me.

Question 3: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


  • My strengths are, I have dedicated my five years of college and schooling, doing NCC. Where I found myself coordinating well with my seniors.
  • And have developed a positive attitude towards everything, and the real essence of hard work and dedication have been taught me by Ncc.
  • My weakness is I want everything on time and should be done properly because I get irritated if the things are not going properly. Anyways I have been controlling that by doing meditation.

Question 4: What are your goals?

Answer: My goal is to contribute my experience & skills to take organization next level towards grow. Building experience by learning every day, from everyone & every situation

Question 5: What are your career options right now?

Answer: I am a fresher I would like to get an opportunity for your organization.

HCL Technical Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

HCL BPO Interview Questions

Question 1: What is a BPO and how does it work?

Question 2: Are you comfortable with the night shifts?

Question 3: What is off-shore outsourcing?

Question 4: What is the difference between in-bound and out-bound call centers?

Question 5: Why do you think BPO is the right career choice for you?

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HCL Interview Questions For Experienced On Java

Question 1: What is the difference between a constructor and a method?

Question 2: What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java, and when is it used?

Question 3: Describe synchronization in respect to multithreading.

Question 4: Which containers use a border Layout as their default layout?

Question 5: Why do threads block on I/O?

HCL Interview Questions For Experienced On Embedded C

Question 1: What is a local block?

Question 2: Should variables be stored in local blocks?

Question 3: When is a switch statement better than multiple if statements?

Question 4: Is a default case necessary in a switch statement?

Question 5: Can the last case of a switch statement skip including the break?

Final Words:

Hope the above given HCL Interview Questions will help the applicants a lot. Individuals can subscribe our free email section for getting latest details directly in your mailbox. As mostly Indians are on face book so you can follow us on Face book and Google Plus also. We will send you all information on your face book timeline. Candidates can also bookmark the web portal that is www.recruitmentinboxx.com by pressing Ctrl+D option.

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