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How to Create Good Exams Study Habits | 10 Effective Study Habits for Students

How to Create Good Exams Study Habits

With good study habits, you’ll be able to manage time & reduce your stress.  How to Create Good Exams Study Habits might be hard but students may follow 10 Effective Study Habits for getting good marks in exam.

By setting up a study routine, you will be able to learn your course material. All you need is to make changes in studying habits. So, let’s read out ways concerning How to Create Good Exams Study Habits.

Effective Study Habits for Students:

What’s the secret of getting success? Students overlook on the academic journey & thus face difficulty later on.  We’ve compiled list of 10 Effective Study Habits for Students which will prove to be productive & useful.

Designate a daily study time & develop study space to foster learning.  By referring best study material, you may score well in your exam. Go through How to Create Good Exams Study Habits from this page designed by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

How to Create Good Exams Study Habits

1. Establish a Study Zone:

One of the best ways for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits is to set a study zone.

Study Zone, all it depends where you fit in, either in quite places or somehow noisy but be sure you feel comfortable and concentrated to study It depends on you that, which one do you like? If, your house hasn’t enough space, you must going to the library or a coffee bar and using headphones.

You may establish a study zone at your home also if have a spare room. For establishing, you’ll have to require a desk that’s big enough to spread your books, laptop, paper and supplies.

Whenever you have planned to study, one thing to keep in mind that your room light should be perfect because it plays the vital role, it should be according to your eyesight. Moreover, lighting should not make you feel fatigue in order to keep you awake, effective and enthusiastic

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Be sure  about surroundings, TV, traffic area, smart phones moreover in and out  of that room ; these all distractions would not allow you to study ,so be away from all this.

2. Prepare Great Notes:

Next way about How to Create Good Exams Study Habits is to prepare notes of all important topics.

Are you finding good notes? If you want to develop skills, you must review your notes. Always remember, write down those things only which are important, don’t need to take notes of everything. These notes are beneficial and helpful to you for the study purpose and remember important information

You may prepare note taking more useful for studying later on and also make your own style of note taking. This style is most effective for you. If a teacher repeats something and you have notes that you were write down, you may show at this time. Your note taking style suits on your learning style and work. You should compare your notes with other student, it’s an effective style.

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For preparing notes, you must read about the topic. Students can grab main themes that are first reading the introduction text, summary paragraphs, photo captions, subheadings, graphics and study questions at last.

3. Review Your Notes:

Another way for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits is to review notes. After preparing notes, you must review all your notes.

3After preparing notes, you must take a review once before going to bed; it will be helpful to increase knowledge into your brain. After the class, it is a good idea to review your notes and make any edits compulsory.

Tricky and smart way when your computer get crashed in night suddenly, in this you should have a back up of all your notes on a zip drive .before jumping to anew lesson you should always read notes from the last read topic.

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4. How to Manage Your Study Time:

Time Management is very important. You must make a proper plan for exam days. Prepare timetable by allotting time for each subject. You may mark dates on the calendar in your planner, calendar for the same. It is another way for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits.


From here, you can get many ideas, how to manage your Study Time. Should put this in a habit to go for a personal study at least for 1-3 hours (with breaks) along with attending lectures at school or college. Firstly, you should start with the difficult topics and subjects. Those subjects are difficult for you then shorter study sessions will work better.

You may also use auditory and visual learning styles; it’ll useful to remember what you learned more clearly. In your study schedule you should give at least 5-10 min breaks , and in your break time , you can do the best which you like the most to do  as it will make your mind fresh and concentrated towards the study again.

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5. Consider Joining a Study Group:

Through studying in a group, you will be able to share notes, thoughts and ideas. Via working in a group, you will know about all your strong as well as weak points.  Besides this, you will also understand concepts.


If you prefer to consider joining a study group, so it will help you remember class material better. In study group, you may get your answers of those questions, which you have to problem for solving them. You may ask questions to clarify difficult points, and hear questions.

There are minimum 5 members in your study group and also have your study group numbers to a decent size. For study group, find people as dedicated as you are. The benefits of joining a study group is that, you may ask and discuss about every topic. While travelling , you should keep your study group online to one spot as for one spot it would not work fine for everyone

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6. Get Enough Rest and Sleep:

Try to take break about halfway through your study sessions. It will boost your performance. You can eat snack or go for short walk also. It is among another way for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits.


Don’t waste your whole day and permit yourself to get enough sleep. Set you are alarm and get up at time in the morning. If your body isn’t allowing then, you have to go to bed early. You require being fresh and sharp because it’s a good study habit.

You must dedicated for rest and de-stressing because for keep yourself fresh at the study time, you can’t take coffee and tea 24/7 it’s become harmful for your health. Sleeping is must , if you want to study with a healthy mind , give relax to your mind

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7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Don’t hesitate for help. If you face any sort of problem, then ask for help from experts. In case you are struggling with the right study material, ask for same.


At time to study, don’t hesitate to take help from someone. For taking help, you may go to tutors, professors, and classmates. If you have any query to solve any concept and need help, you must ask help from anyone. You can take help to manage your study time, preparing great notes and many more ways.


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8. Use Laptops and Smartphones Wisely During Class:

Another way for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits is to make use of Laptops and Smart phones in an effective manner.


Laptops and Smartphone’s are nowadays purposely used by the students to make or to prepare notes. If you are using a laptop for note-taking in class, then make sure you are still able to focus and pay attention. Laptops and phones play main role to bring down your grade.

In the class room in the presence of teacher, you are texting, or checking your email, you will probably do the same when you are studying. It’s not a good habit to use Laptops and Smartphones during the class.

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9. Know Your Dominant Learning Style:

Everyone is having different style for learning.  Try to use it in its own way for better purpose. Tailor your study approach on the basis of style which suits you best.

9There are so many different types of learning. Each person learns according to own style and below, we are describing different ways, have a look….

  • Those are Solitary learners, prefer to learn alone
  • Those are belonging to Social learner’s category, able to learn with other people or in groups
  • Verbal learners having desire using words in writing and speech
  • Auditory learners prefer using music, sounds or both.
  • Those are Logical learners wish to use reasoning, logic and systems

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10. Organize your class materials:

Another way for How to Create Good Exams Study Habits is to get study material in properly. Refer best books for best preparation. Plan your preparation for exam accordingly.

10For easiness, you should organize your notes and handouts into separate folders. According to this style, when you’ll need your study material, you can easily find for each exam.

In this step, you can use Color-coding; it’s also helpful to you to keep different topics separate.

Some Useful Study Tips:

  • Before studying, you should avoid eating a heavy meal. Always eat small and frequent meal. If you eat heavy meal, it makes you sleepy and become difficult for you.
  • After sometimes, you should take a short walk. Dancing, walking, Stretching will be helpful to set your mind to learning.
  • When, you are writing assignments, don’t forget to include important details such as page numbers, test dates, due dates, pointers and others.

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All strategies about How to Create Good Exams Study Habits will help you a lot. Stay connected with us at www.recruitmentinboxx.com for receiving more updates about latest vacancies & others.

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