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How To Prepare For Board Exams 2019 Tips/Strategies To Score Above 90%

How To Prepare For Board Exams

For students as well as for parents, Board exams play an important role in their life because the grades which students secure in Board exams decide the future prospects of them. As the Board exam date is approaching, all students are increasingly worried about the exams and every student has the same question in mind that How to Prepare for Board Exams? So, all the individuals are suggested to start their preparation in advance for Board Exam. 

As well know that there is a lot of pressure on students who are going to appear in the board exams either for 10th class or for 12th Exams. As the Board Exam passes near, students go through mental stress, tension, and anxiety. Board exams are very important for all the students and their career depends on result. Students also do not want to leave any deficiency in preparing for securing good marks. So go through this page and get 10 Tips to Score above 90% Marks in Board Exam.

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How To Score Above 90% marks in Board Exams?

Today’s method of study is not the same as before, when we used to study, there were very few sources of information and there was no such book. But now it is very easy to get information of any subject.

Now there are many sources are available for studies as books are available in market to understand any topic and secondly the use of the internet has increased. Still students are much tensed about their examinations.

How To Prepare For Board Exams

Due to short time remaining for examinations, Students have not enough time left to prepare for their exams. So go you have to prepare from now by following the steps of How to Prepare for Board Exams provided below by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

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10 Tips to Score 90% Marks in Board Exam

# 1: Make a Time Table:

A Better Time Table Is Important For Preparation. To secure better marks in board exams, it is important that you give importance to all the subjects. It is important for you to first figure out how many hours of education you have to meet day by day.

Once this is done, you should prepare your time table by giving equal time to all the subjects. Also, take time to revise the time table which will give you the opportunity to repeat the things read according to each day.

# 2: Make Notes for Every Subject:

While preparing for board examination, you should prepare the notes of the subject which you are reading according to the time table. Notes mean, whatever you consider important in the course of your studies, you must note down in the copy. This will help you to repeat all these things at the time of examination.

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# 3: Wake Up early in The Morning:

Instead of studying at Late night you should study early in the morning and keep an eye on this also, do not sit constantly and relax, taking a bit of comfort in the middle of it, it prevents us from getting unnecessary pressure on our body and mind.

# 4: Use of Codes:

During the preparation of the exam, when you read, there are many things that you do not have to understand but only to remember. In such way when you and making your notes, then the first letter of their name will be meditated Keeping in mind.

You can define an easy name and keep it in your brain so that you can remember the things, and again when you read it, then it will be best done in your mind. It often happens when biology remembers the scientific names of different things; This trick is gvery usefull for students.

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# 5: Staying A Little Less Social:

Exam preparation and exam time It is not that it is going to last for a long time, it is just like a small season, in which your hard work can give you great happiness in the days ahead, therefore it is necessary. In time you should avoid facebook, whatsapp.

# 6: Practice of Writing during Preparation:

Often we pay more attention to the theories while preparation of exams. But sometimes our method proves harmful to us. We should do practice of writing while preparing for the subject, remembering Theory and practicing it as well.

By doing it you will be able to remember that thing, and the speed of your writing will also increase, which will keep you ahead of others.

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# 7: Discuss the subject with friends:

It is also very useful to discuss the things of study with friends for a better result in the examination. By doing this you will know how much you have read correctly. During the discussion, you also get the opportunity to hear the things of others which many times prove beneficial for you.

# 8: Practice Of Old Questions During Preparation:

To prepare better, it is important that you know, which type of questions are being asked in examination. For this, you can see the question papers of the last few years, which are easily available from the official portal of respective boards or educational websites.

# 9: Use the correct use of internet:

During the preparation of the exam, the Internet can be used properly in the way of the experiment, as I mentioned above you have trouble in any topic, you can take the information related to it from the internet.

But in preparation time the problem is that when you use the internet, you have a desire to check Whatsapp or facebook and once you find it then it becomes a chain, so at this time you are away from them.

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You can also ask questions like Quara, and you can ask questions and you can get answers from the experts if you can use whatsapp positively, by controlling your mind so that you stay in touch with your teachers.

And if you face any kind of problem, you can ask them to make a group with your children studying so that you can share your questions and answers.

# 10: Take care of your Health:

If we are healthy then our mind will be healthy. It is very important to take care of your health along with your studies so that you can eat good food along with studies and don’t forget too few walk after eating and getting up early in the morning and do some exercise, it keeps freshness and freshness throughout the day.

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Wondering about the board exams, all students have a strange fear in their minds, and when any fear is created in anybody’s mind, then the work gets worse, and this often happens with students who are going to appear in board exams.

Every year, all students study with a lot of heart and as the board exams are near. All the students are afraid of their exams. Students there are no need of worry. Just be relaxed and get to know some good tips of how to prepare for 12th board exams in 15 days that are helpful in preparing for exams.

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Must do in Board Examination:

All the students must do these things while going to appear in for board exams such as read the notes carefully, prepare from previous year question papers & sample papers, take healthy breakfast to remain energetic, be confident and optimistic at the time of examination, set a time table and follow it on regular basis.

Don’t do these things in Board Examination:

  • All the students are advised to stay away from using guess paper and do not feel panic on exam days.
  • Be relaxed and do not take stress.
  • Must take rest after 2 hours.
  • Study from your own notes and be calm.

What To Do Before Board Exams?

On the day when our board is to be examined, then take care of these things for the preparation of that day too.

  1. Carefully keep your Admit Card / Admission letter before going for your exam
  2. If there is a pressure to write in the exam, then keep your 4-5 pen in the appropriate pen in your box, which is sharp to move and the necessary accessories such as pencils, rubber, scales, heading pens and other essential items in the box We must keep the need at the time of the examination
  3. Often board exams, we have to go to another school and take the exam, then we should declare that at least half an hour before the examination begins.
  4. Before going to the examination hall, make sure to check all your belongings and admission letters and do not take any unnecessary paper with you, on which something is written.
  5. When the exam paper is about to begin, reduce the conversation with the people and keep repeating your questions in mind and carefully listen to all the instructions mentioned in the examination and follow them.

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We hope the above mentioned steps of How to Prepare for Board Exams, will be helpful for you. Stay tuned with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates as we update our pages time to time.

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