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How To Prepare For Interview – 12 Unique Tricks to Crack Any Interview

How To Prepare For Interview

Do you have any job interview in your schedule? Is yes then you are definitely searching for How to Prepare for Interview right?? Okay so I am here to guide you for and interview. I am going to discuss about 12 Unique Tricks to Crack Any Interview on this page.

So the tricks I have mentioned below are in a number of steps you should follow before and after the interview. In interview the interviewer analyze your skills, knowledge and experience for the job.so you need to be confident about your all activities.

Tips To Crack Interview

If you got an invitation for an interview, i8t means that on paper you are right person required by the organization. Commonly 80% of aspirants rejected at the stage of application shortlisting and you must be happy as you have cleared the first stage of recruitment.

Well in most of organizations Interview is the final selection procedure, in which it has been decided that, who is suitable for the job and who is not. So you must follow the steps of How to Prepare for Interview, provided below by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

How To Prepare For Interview

How to Prepare for Interview for Freshers: what should you do?


Below is a list of things you have to prior interview. Please have a look:

  • Research the company’s profile and background.
  • Think of questions to ask your interviewer
  • Practice with a friend
  • Anticipate questions from the interviewer.

These above mentioned things you should definitely do for interview as it will be work at the time of interview.

What To Do At The Day Of Interview?

There are a lot of things you have to do at the day of interview. Have a look on list stated below and prepare for interview as accordingly:

#1: Preparation

  • You have your Resume. Kindly Re-read your resume once
  • Select the decent clothes to wear at the time of interview
  • You need to Rehearse for interview
  • Work out a strategy for dealing with stress
  • You should fetch all the details of vacancy, employer’s literature – what they are and what they want
  • Know where the interview will take place

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#2: Dress-for-work

When you go anywhere for Job workplace, your dressing sense is a sign of your professionalism. Sometimes your wardrobe is also used to judge competence. As a rule of thumb, you must dress up for interview the way you would for the job itself.

Men and women both should choose decent colors (blues, browns, and grays, black) which make a professional impression. You are suggested to avoid using perfume, after-shave, or scented lotion.

  • Women can wear smart knee-length skirt suit in a dark color, along with sheer, non-patterned hosiery, closed toe shoes and subtle makeup. It would throw good impression on interviewer.
  • Men should wear white shirt, dark-colored suit and tie and dark-colored shoes to show their professional impression.

# 3: Practice Interview Etiquette

You must practice for interview for better performance in real interview. You can organize a fake interview with your friend ask him to be interviewer and you will be the employee. It will guide you how to perform in interview.

You can also do practice by standing in front of mirror. You need to speak all that thing you have to tell in interview as about yourself you can prepare. It will make you speaking skills better.

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# 4: Practice with Interview Questions:

In worldwide you can search the most asked questions in interview and you must practice those questions regularly. Most of questions are same in interview such as about yourself, salary expectations, experience, about previous job etc. so prepare these type of questions well.

# 5: Plan what to bring:

At the time of going for interview, you should have all the needed documents along with you. As interviewers can ask you about your documents. Have a look below:

  • You should have Extra copies of your resume on quality paper
  • You can keep a notepad or professional binder and pen with you
  • You should have a list of references
  • Information you might need to complete an application
  • A portfolio with samples of your work, if relevant

# 6: Don’t Use your Mobile Phones at the time of interview:

Always remember… Don’t noodle around on your phone or electronic device while waiting at the reception area for interview. You can leave your phone in your car.

Even though it’s practically acceptable, playing around on your phone can communicate boredom and frivolousness (even if that’s not the case). While waiting for interview you can Stick with a book or review your notes.

# 7: Show politeness to everyone during the interview:

Applicants should show courtesy to every one means from reception staff to the interviewer. You can never know that who is contributing in hiring process so you should make your first impression better in front of all.

You should look every one and it must be eye content along with the smile. Looking people in the eye is a sign of alertness, and smiling is a signal of your friendliness nature.

# 8: Be honest

We all think that an interview is right time to exaggerate. So during interview you must give answers in flow and it all answers should be correct. As we know that Honesty is the best policy. So answer honestly.

A company can also do perform on your background checks so if you give answer wrong and they found it, then it should be harmful for you.

# 9: Keep things simple and short

Your answers must be simple and short. While you are telling about yourself, it can be very difficult to do well. You are trying to convince those, who don’t know about you, your qualification and experience.

So it is better that the interview will understand you in few words. So stick to what you know well, and keep things short and simple.

# 10: Pay attention to non-verbal communication:

At the time of interview you must be attentive. You must be mindful. You should keep in mind that waiting room behaviors may be reported. You Don’t need to stare, but maintain good eye contact, while addressing all aspects of an interviewer’s questions.

# 11: Be Confident:

Confident is a best thing. You should be confident for all your answers as it will throw a good impact on interviewers. You should focus on all questions and give answers frequently and confidently.

# 12: The Final Stage

At the time of ending the interview, you must know when the interview is over – read employer’s body language. At last you should thank him/her for his/her time and Learn from the experience – ask for feedback if necessary.

What not to do in a job interview?

Here are the things NOT to do in your next job interview. Please have a look:

  • Appear disinterested.
  • Dress inappropriately.
  • Appear arrogant.
  • Talk negatively about current or previous employers.
  • Answer a cell phone or text during the interview.
  • Appear uninformed about the company or role.
  • Avoid providing specific examples.

End Note:

We hope that all the steps of How to Prepare for Interview mentioned above will be helpful for you. You may stay in touch with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates.

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