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How To Prepare For SSB Interview? Complete Guide 5 Days Interview Process

How To Prepare For SSB Interview

Are you in search of How to Prepare for SSB Interview? If yes then you can check here. We have placed some preparation tips for you on this page. You can also find out the Complete Guide of 5 Days Interview Process on the below section of this page.

To get recruited inthree forces- Army, Air Force and Navy, applicants have to clear the 5 rounds of interview, which would be conducted by the selection panel as on the specified dates. So you need much preparation for 5 Days Interview Process.

How to Prepare For SSB At Home

Contenders can prepare for interview by following the steps of How to Prepare for SSB Interview, prescribed below on this page, which is well furnished by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

How To Prepare For SSB Interview

Service Selection Board is set up by the Ministry of Defense, which organizes ‘Service Selection Board’ (SSB) interview to evaluate potential candidates for recruitment in all the three forces- Army, Air Force and Navy.

On the basis of applicants performances in interview candidates are evaluated for recruitment. In interview interviewer give more attention on intellect, personality, compatibility, mentality and physical preparation of an applicant.

Attributes Required Passing SSB:

  • Good Write Speed
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Awareness about Your Duties And Rights.
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Positive Attitude Towards Action
  • Interest to Serve In Armed Forces.
  • General Awareness.
  • Physical Fitness.

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Here below you can get the tips and strategies for well preparation of interview have a look:

How To Prepare For SSB Without Coaching:

1: Know SSB’ Tests And Procedures Inside Out:

As you know that SSB interview is not one day stuff it is not like a simple interview. Many of candidates make this mistake by consider it a simple interview, and don’t prepare for interview as much as they need.

So you don’t do this mistake you should check the procedure of interview from the below section of this page and prepare for interview as according to the process.

2: Do Test-Wise Practice:

After knowing all the procedure of interview you need to practice for interview test wise it will really helpful for you. Practice is main part of preparation. Always remember more practice more achievement. So you need to make a habit of good practice.

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3: Don’t Ignore Current Affairs:

You have to be updated. Don’t ignore the current affairs happening around you. This is what many candidates ignore. They’ll practice for all those tests, but leave behind Current Affairs. Having good general awareness and knowledge of current affairs is an added advantage.

4: Brush Up Your Technical/ Academic Knowledge:

Sometimes interviewers go for such technical questions. If you are passed out 12th standard, the interviewer will ask questions related to your studies. For example, I was asked this question- ‘What is Bernoulli’s equation?’.

If you are an engineering graduate, then prepare for similar questions related to your course. So, brushing up your knowledge is very important.

5: Be Honest, Simple and ‘Be Yourself’:

You need to be Honest, Simple and the most powerful trait is to ‘Be Yourself’. You must have these qualities during personal interview. At the time of answering questions you have to be honest and answer correct. Don’t try to act smart. Be your normal self.

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Complete Guide Of 5 Days Interview Process

The selection committee invites candidates through SSB call letter for 5 days interview, the process of 5 days interview is as follows:

  1. Screening Test
  2. Psychological Test
  3. Group Testing Officers Test (GTO)
  4. Interview
  5. Result

Applicants should report at the SSB interview before one day, because the candidate has to go to his/her allotted center. Aspirants have to present their academic documents for verification. After that, a number is given to the candidate. Through which he will be known or identified during this entire process.

You must prepare yourself, trust yourself, trust your abilities with positive thinking, because you have left the crowd of millions and have reached here.

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# First day- Screening Test

  1. Intelligence Test: It assesses the intellectual, verbal and non-verbal and logic skills of the candidates.
  2. Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT): In this process applicants will be shown an imagefor 30-second and said to describe it as a story. For this, every situation of the picture has to be kept in mind. For writing a story applicants will get 4 minutes.
  3. Discussion on Story: The time for this part is 30 minutes. All the candidates of the group are divided. Each candidate describes his personally written story.

After this, I second part all the candidates have to make a common consensus on the topic of discussion between them and a subject of the story. After that the successful candidate is asked to be ready for the next process.

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# 2nd Day- Psychological Test

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): In this part, 12 pics are shown for every 30 seconds. Candidates are asked to write a story. What is the reason why this situation was created, why and what will be the result. It takes 4 minutes to write it.
  2. Word Association Test (WAT): In this, a series of 60 words is displayed for 15 seconds. Candidates must write first thought come to mind.
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT): This section contains about 60 regular life situations about daily activities. Those who are featured in a book and the candidates are asked to write their reactions by completing the sentences; they will realize these situations, think and act.
  4. Self-Description Test (SDT): In this, candidatesare asked to write five separate paragraphs on each instruction about the opinion of his parents, guardian, teacher, friend and senior officials.

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# 3rd Day- Group Testing Officers) GTO

  1. Group Discussion (GD): In this sessionthere will be discussions about the two most popular social and current events. This is an informal group discussion and there is no debate. 20 minutes is given for each subject. There is no obligation to make any definite meaning.
  2. Group Planning Exercise: It has five parts, the interpretation of the ideal, the story read by GTO, 5 minutes for the reader to read it, 10 minutes for the written solution and 20 minutes for the group discussion. And it is necessary to reach the conclusions.
  3. Progressive Group Task: It is an external work, with increasing levels of difficulty, four obstacles have to be crossed in 50 minutes. Structures, materials and loads are given to the group by the helm.
  4. Group Obstacles Race: In this work, the group has to go against each other in six obstacles.
  5. Half Group Task: Groups will be divided into two parts. In the same way obstacles are also given that the group is working. It is not allowed to see the other.
  6. Lecturer: This is a personal work. And the candidate needs to say a small thing to the group. To talk, the interpretation card gives 3 minutes of preparation for the preparation of one of the 4 subjects.

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# 4th Day- Group Testing Officers(GTO)

  1. Individual Obstacles: A set of 10 obstacles is made to deal personally. For this, every candidate has 3 minutes.
  2. Command Task: Each candidate is nominated as Commander. In which the progressive group given is an obstacle similar to the working time. For this time 15 minutes is given.
  3. Final Group Task: Progressive group work is an obstacle similar to that which is given 15 to 20 minute’s time.

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# 5th day- Final Result

This is a personal interview. Evaluators seek trust and expression of candidate like unfavorable situations, a positive attitude and honesty in life seek it. And later the final result is declared. Successful candidate is profoundly medical, taking 3 to 5 days.

So, we hope that all the details mentioned above about 5 Days Interview Processis cleared to you. You must prepare better for all the rounds of interview to get selected.


After gathering the steps of How to Prepare for SSB Interview, you may prepare for exams as according to it. You may stay in touch with our web portal www.recruitmentinboxx.com to get latest updates as we update our pages time to time.  You may also subscribe our free mail service to get updates directly to your mailbox.

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