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How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exam | Tips To Minimize Negative Marking

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exam

These days, Negative marking is a common trend in almost every competitive examination. Negative marking is procedure of deducting marks from the incorrectly marked answers. How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exam is frequently asked question that everyone wants to know.

Here on this page of www.recruitmentinboxx.com, we are provided Tips To Minimize Negative Marking in Exam. There are many ways through which applicants can minimize the negative marking in exam. Normally not in exams at school or college, but also in many government or private jobs competitive exams, Negative Marking will be there.

How to Defeat Negative Marking In Exam?

Therefore applicants must learn to improve their speed so that they can shine in the exam. Negative marking occurs when a candidate marks the wrong answer in question & 0.25 marks are deducted from the total score of the candidate for every wrong answer. So for every 4 wrong answers, candidate loses 1 mark.. Check Complete details on How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exam:-

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exam

Check here Tips to Minimize Negative Marking and we assure that if you too imply them success is yours…..

First you have to do is to avoid guessing blindly as it just doesn’t work. So, say NO to guessing blindly until you are very sure of answer. Guys, it happens to so many people so don’t let it happen to you and otherwise you’ll end up not being shortlisted for the next phase.

Analyze answers and mark them then evaluate the one you think is correct answer and you know what the thing Practice always pays off. So practice this approach and you will see your hitting rate improve overtime…

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In Depth Analysis and Work with Time Management, As one knows his/her strong domains, allocate time as to how much time is to be devoted to particular.

Start with a relaxed mind, doing this activity will give you a good start in the examination. Be calm for a minute as being panic you may get distressed and when you’re calm and peaceful your mind starts thinking well and you get a solution easily…

At the beginnings, don’t try to speed up as this may results in creating confusion all things up. Look, we can’t change the truth related to exams and the feeling we all had in examination hall, so you have to be attentive, but it’s up to you that how good you start….

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Make proper notes to memorize important terms, formulas and tricks that you may have resultant during your practices. They help a lot at the time of execution in the exam hall as due to lack of time it’s almost impossible to think of any new techniques to solve those questions.

Read all questions properly before starting answering and after getting an overview then only start answering is a good option especially for those candidates who simply start solving question paper as they get it in hands. So, solving entire question paper may be not well but this habit will allow you to at least attempt all questions….

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Read and understand questions: carefully, then only answer. Always try to pay concentration to questions and to get a clear picture of a question you need to read a carefully and understand then go ahead to choose the correct one…..

Avoid Answering in the Last Minute: This is very necessary for applicants to utilize the last minute for revision. So, applicants should properly use every second of exam and try not to solve questions in the last minute in the hurry which can lead to mistakes.

Be Careful while Solving on Rough Sheets

  • Applicants should be very careful while solving the questions on rough paper or sheet. Evaluate for correct options and then mark the answer properly.
  • Also, be considerate as you may have solved the question properly in your rough paper but you may mark the incorrect option while answering on the screen.

Do not waste time in thinking about the right answer. Move ahead & return at last. Time allocation as it is more important. The main reason why we favor calculative risk is– although the negative mark is 25% or 33%, you will be awarded 100% mark for correct choices.

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Final Words:

Don’t get stuck with any one question, as you are required to answer them within 135 minutes leaving 36 seconds spent on per question. If you are well prepared for exam, then you do not need to worry about negative marking.

Just concentrate to your goal and do hard work to score good marks in exam/test. Feel free to ask by dropping the comment in below provided comment box regarding How to Reduce Negative Marking in Exam. You can bookmark the web portal that is www.recruitmentinboxx.com by pressing Ctrl+D option.

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